Jay Z, Beyonce & Solange Knowles' Bodyguard Criticized By UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock

posted Tuesday May 13 ,2014 at 02:15PM CDT | 21 comments

Jay Z, Beyonce & Solange Knowles' Bodyguard Criticized By UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock

UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock on Jay Z/Solange Knowles altercation: "The bodyguard should never have put them on the elevator together. You're waiting for a time bomb to go off."

Ken Shamrock, a former UFC champion and WWF wrestler who now works in private security for high-profile people with Pro-Tect Global, has criticized the bodyguard who was in the elevator with Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange Knowles when Solange assaulted Jay Z

"It's pretty clear that something went off [between Jay Z and Solange] before the fight," Shamrock says in an interview with TMZ. "The bodyguard should never have put them on the elevator together. You're waiting for a time bomb to go off. And when it does, you're stuck."

Shamrock also critiqued another moment from the footage. 

"Rather than getting in between Jay and Solange, he was pressing the elevator buttons," Shamrock says. "It seemed to me he didn't know what his job was."

Shamrock also acknowledges that the situation was a difficult one and that "it's easy to judge from afar," according to TMZ. 

To view video of the footage, click here

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  • MoneyMike
    Hmm, It was a public elevator and the security guard does not have ANY right to say who can get on or off. I don't blame the security guard. It is not easy to be in the middle of any family feud.
  • WooDro
    i think he's totally right. That security guard was pushing buttons and not paying attention; walked out of the elevator and left Jay and Solange in there alone. He absolutely sucked as a body guard. YOu're fired...
    • Anonymous
  • Emperor gucci
    Big gucci will kill shamrock. Big gucci is the emperor of all real niggas
    • BlackMagic
      Please Ken would break Gucci's leg's any day of the week just for the shits and giggles
    • Anonymous
      ROFLLL gucci wouldnt break 2 eggs
  • OUCH!
    Eat dog food once AGAIN shamrock!
  • dentaldamboy
    As an accountant for YMCMB, I can personally confirm that Birdman doesn't need a security entourage. He walks around strapped and is both feared and respected everywhere he goes.
  • cBv
    Ken Shamrock needs a job
    • ThX
      He works security now himself, so he kinda has one.
    • cBv
      what a shitty job...get a better one
    • Massa
      All you stated was that he needed a job, not a "good" one. Make up your mind boy.
    • Max
      CBV...do you have a job? Doesn't seem like it...
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      love to see u say that shit to Ken`s face instead of behind the safety of your keyboard, u little fucking worm. Btw he gets paid really well as a bodyguard
    • jay
      actually ken got rich doing this shit... he's not your regular bodyguard, he only works with high profile celebrities through his own security firm...
  • Anonymous