Murs Addresses Racism Following Donald Sterling's Lifetime Ban From NBA

posted Wednesday April 30 ,2014 at 11:45AM CDT | 11 comments

Murs Addresses Racism Following Donald Sterling's Lifetime Ban From NBA

"You try to just support your family," Murs says, "move on and hope all these old racist motherfuckers die."

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Murs had heard many "negative things" regarding Donald Sterling, the longtime owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. So when he heard Sterling's racist remarks, which were recorded during a phone conversation and published online Friday (April 25), he says he was not surprised.

There is also another reason why Murs says he was not surprised to hear racist remarks being made by Sterling, who was banned from the National Basketball Association for life yesterday (April 29) due to his racist comments. 

"A lot of people of color had trouble getting into ownership in professional sports," Murs, who is gearing up to release his Strange Music debut album Mursday, says in an interview with XXL. "So I always assumed there ware some type of racism at that level in the game. It took Michael Jordan so long, it took Bob Johnson just to get involved, and there is nobody in the NFL or MLB [who is a franchise owner]. Older White men all come from a pre-Civil Rights America. I don’t think those teachings they learn as children or young adults just disappear when they get money. They probably get reinforced, more reassured and less cultured as they got older. I guess I wasn’t surprised...I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure that he’s not the only one who feels that way; he’s just the only one who got caught." 

Murs says he's had his own encounters with racism. In New York City, New York, Murs says "you can't get a cab." Moreover, he says he was once stopped by a police officer while in Iowa, driving at 71 miles per hour in a zone with a speed limit of 70 miles per hour. 

"The cop was chasing someone speeding, so I got out the way for him," Murs says. "He saw I was Black and got behind me. This my wife's first experience. I grew up with the [Los Angeles Police Department] so I’m really confrontational with the police and straightforward. So he said, 'Do you know why I pulled you over?' I said, 'Yeah, because I’m Black.'"

The police officer asked Murs why he felt he was stopped because of his race. 

"I told him, 'I’m going 71 in a 70 and I have to be five miles over the speed limit for you to even write a citation,'" Murs says. "I’m well-informed, and I know my rights. He made me sit in the front seat of his car and talked to me, saying, 'You people need to get this chip off your shoulder.' Us people? I think because I put it out there for him, there wasn’t too much he could do. But yeah, that’s just one incident of many. So I also think, probably a lot of players in the NBA, at this point, you’re used to it. You try to just support your family, move on and hope all these old racist motherfuckers die." 

Soon after NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that Sterling had been banned for life from the National Basketball Association, several rappers responded to the punishment, as reported yesterday. Below are some of the rapper responses. 

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  • Anonymous
    "'Do you know why I pulled you over?' I said, 'Yeah, because Im Black.'" LMAO
  • @Not Impressed
    A ban for life at 81 can last a week and if he sells the team he makes the fine back and then some. How do you find that impressive?
  • Anonymous
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  • Not Impressed
    What more does Killer Mike want? He's getting banned for life from everything, has to pay the maximum fee and the league is trying to get him to sell the team. That's a win in my eyes. I'm not impressed
    • Anonymous
      What impresses u then, white boi???
    • mark
      whose winning? he sells the team,lay low for 6 months after making millions and Doc Rivers and the team look like the cowards they are cuz they still suited up! Ali gave us the blueprint too bad these blacks nowadays are too skurred to follow......
    • Rakim Allah
      you fuckin racist!
    • Anonymous
      Not Impressed is just a racist cunt .Fuck off to stormfrount you stupid bastard and go somewhere you will be wanted
    • Anonymous
      Mark you are white and weird . Just S.T.F.U, thank you please come again !
    • Wings
      Killer Mike wants some KFC.
    • Anonymous
      I think Mike's saying in the grand scheme of things the ban isn't going to make life better for black people anywhere. He was banned as a business/PR move out of necessity, not because anyone involved really gave a shit about black people's well being.