Redman Details Origins Of "Got My Mind Made Up" Collaboration With Tupac

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Redman Details Origins Of

Redman says "Muddy Waters" is his favorite solo album, praises A$AP Ferg for being able to work a crowd.

Rappers Method Man and Redman were among a handful of artists featured on Tupac Shakur’s All Eyez On Me record, “Got My Mind Made Up.” While speaking with WHO?MAG TV, Redman shared the details on how their collaboration with the late rapper came about.

In regards to “Got My Mind Made Up,” which also features Kurupt and Daz Dillinger, Redman says he and Method Man never got to work with Tupac directly. The New Jersey rapper revealed that what would later become the duo’s addition to Tupac’s record was first sent to Tha Dogg Pound. He added that upon Tupac’s release from the Clinton Correctional Facility in 1995, he needed new material for All Eyez On Me.

“We never got to work with him,” Redman said. “That was for Tha Dogg Pound and company, which is true. We did. We did that for [Tha] Dogg Pound. Yeah, when he came home he just needed material. So, he took songs that was already done to get his album done. And he just went in and did his verse on his own.”

Prior to speaking on Tupac and “Got My Mind Made Up,” Redman was asked to name his favorite solo album. He went on to name his 1996 LP Muddy Waters, referring to the album as “an enlightenment” compared to previous projects.

Muddy Waters,” he said. “I don’t know, it was like an enlightenment from my Dare Iz A Darkside album. I was dark as hell on that album. I was getting into new money on Muddy Waters. Yeah, I was getting into some more money. I was like broke as hell on Dare Iz A Darkside. I was still kinda broke on Muddy Waters. But I was like more of a thousandaire. You know? Close to a millionaire. I was like 200 grand from being a millionaire.”

Redman also spoke on the Harlem-based rap crew A$AP Mob during his interview with WHO?MAG TV. He offered praise to A$AP Mob emcee A$AP Ferg and commended the rapper on being able to work a crowd, a feat Redman says he witnessed firsthand during Ferg’s performance in Colorado.

“They get it,” the rapper said. “Big up to A$AP. The whole A$AP clan, man. They showed mad love to us, man. We respect ‘em. Like they even gave it up like they said they watch us. They learn from us. And I actually [seen] A$AP Ferg work a crowd in Colorado. Like they was hype, but he knew he had some extra reaching to get them in tuned with his show. And he reached out there and he was rocking. He got into the crowd like we would do. And he pulled them all in like we did. So yeah, they definitely learn, man.”

Nearly two decades after the release of Muddy Waters and Redman will reportedly soon release a follow-up to the album. He offered an update on the project, which he first announced in 2012, during an interview with MTV last month.

"I'm coming out with a Muddy Waters 2," he said. "It's gon be called Even Muddier. I'm not trying to top the Muddy Waters album. What I'm doing by naming it Muddy Waters 2 is to let you relive that '90s kind of sound and experience. It's not gonna be sounding too much New Wave. Not too much high hats, you know the fast high hats? None of that... I'm using samples, so that's why I'm calling it Muddy Waters 2. Even fuckin' muddier."

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  • imho
    theyre coming out with 20 interviews and no music.. wheres that raw black 1/2, muddy waters, tical shit? 4/21 and redmans last cd were good af too.
    • Anonymous
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    • lox
      Methodmans best album is 4/21 the day after that shit bangs his worst was that judgement day tical 2000? fuckin horrible. Redmans albums are usually pretty solid Muddy Waters is his best no doubt
    • blah uno
      @lox dude I respect your opinion, but to say tical 2000 was horrible is crazy. there are a shit load of big tracks on that album. at least that album still had the sound of the wu not like 4/21 album which I thought was a good album as well.
  • Anonymous
    Blackout 1 and Muddy Waters are his 2 best albums
  • Anonymous
    Muddy Waters is a classic.
  • Anonymous
    yo what the fuck happened to meths mixtape
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