Pusha T Details Kendrick Lamar Collaboration "Nosetalgia"

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Pusha T Details Kendrick Lamar Collaboration

UPDATE: Video of Pusha T's collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, "Nosetalgia," is released.

Pusha T's upcoming album, My Name is My Name, is slated to feature Kendrick Lamar.

"He's on a record called 'Nosetalgia,'" Pusha said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "We gave two perspectives [on the song]. [Kendrick Lamar] was giving more, looking from the inside of his home and how his family and his crusade through the drug epidemic affected him. I was giving you the junior high, high school start, showing you what it was and where I was at."  

Beyond detailing the thematic elements of his Kendrick Lamar collaboration, Pusha T also revealed that My Name is My Name, set to be released October 8, will showcase his more conscious perspective. 

"I speak from the perspective of a conscious dopeboy," Pusha T said. "At the end of the day, it's sort of like giving people my perspective, letting them know my true thought process. I don't really know if people look at me as a conscious person. I think they hear a lot of gratuitous raps, they hear a lot of braggin', but I feel like this bein' my solo project, I can honestly give you my full perspective." 

Pusha T Describes My Name Is My Name's Song About Snitching 

Another example of Pusha's perspective comes in "Sorry Nigga, I'm Trying to Come Home," a selection off My Name is My Name which Pusha says is likely its "most poignant." 

"I have a song produced by Pharrell called 'Sorry Nigga, I'm Trying to Come Home,'" Pusha T Said. "The acronym for that is S.N.I.T.C.H. I personally don't really want to hear anymore one-dimensional street raps. This is probably the most poignant record on my album. It's the realest record. It just speaks from the perspective of knowing people who've turned over in the game. No rapper talks about that. Every rapper makes you feel like...they don't know anybody [who has become a police informant] or [that] anybody in their crew hasn't turned over...Everybody else gonna make you think that, 'Yeah, we was doin' this. We was doin' that, and we got rich and there was no hiccups.' And there's been hiccups." 

In August, Pusha T told Esquire that he believed My Name is My Name would be the best album of the year.  

"Well, I've heard a lot of them," Pusha T said. "And mine is better. [Laughs]...I just know what I'm looking to bring to the music game, and it's a certain level of energy. I've made the perfect album that I want to put in my car and ride to." 

Photography By Adam Stanzak For HipHopDX


UPDATE #1: Def Jam has released a YouTube video stream of "Nosetalgia." The song, which can be streamed on HipHopDX, can also be streamed below.

(September 16)

UPDATE #2: A video for "Nosetalgia" has been released. It can be viewed below.

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  • TDE Bitch
    Message to DRAKE. Stop being a salty, sensitive lil bitch taking shots at Kendrick in interviews and man up. Pusha T was named in "Control" too, but you don't see him acting like a bitch over it.
  • Anonymous
    MMG is still in the running....even thought that may hurt some people's feelings and make their faces turn beet red. Ross has been on 3 of the most popular Top 40 hits in HipHop this year staying relevant while he maneuvers on an entrepanurial level. Wale (MMG) has the 5th best selling HipHop album of 2013 with a Gold selling single (Bad)., on tour with J. Cole getting his bread Meek Mill is still the hottest rapper in the streets and constantly on tour due to peeps love of his club bangers and high energy songs. Stalley just released his first retail E.P and his mixtape has been getting heavy critical acclaim. Ross can pretty much cash out and promote his artists, he's made the HipHop Forbes list for the last 5 years and never had to go platinum to do it and this is an era where since Ross debut in 2006 the only new rappers to go Plat are Macklemore, Kendrick, Nicki, & Drake which shows you the direction of the culture in terms of sales. Self Made 3 was not going to do numbers in a year where Big Sean, 2-Chainz, and Juicy J could only do 70K with solo projects that had strong singles but the game is more white oriented and more hipster oriented and artists who cater to those demographics seem to be at the top of the charts. The only people attributing MMGs dip to Ross UOENO lyrics or his image are white geeks online who lurk HipHop forums for G-Unit singles and the new Skylar Grey songs. Hiphop is shifting gears, just look at the singles charts and the fact that the only African-American born artist to sell platinum since 2006 is Kendrick Lamar.
    • Anonymous
      3 of the most popular top 40 hits? lol what does that even mean? wouldnt the most popular top 40 hits be the ones that were in the top 20 or so
  • Anonymous
    Drake would have given the song more depth and grit.
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  • Joanne S. Gibson
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  • Anonymous
    dope track, fuck pusha t.
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  • Anonymous
    this album gonna flop hard
    "The industry is a robber, my mental be really bothered Not talkin to any callers, escape the clutch as a povert-ty Close to my Momma, ain't really close to my Father The more I became a baller, the more I seen him get Fathered Cause I don't trust you enough to let you inside of my mind And even if I let you in, couldn't handle what you would find I done been through serious times, and don't care if you think I'm lyin I was grown at the age of nine, wanted to get you out of a bind I spent my savings to save you, tryna get you up out of jail Had to sign that little paper, promisin you wouldn't jump ya bail But then what you do, jump ya bail-they want you, and want me as well Then the day it happened to me, yeah I hated it-it was hell And you had to know that I hate it, I hate it-I'm irritated It's loud and it's getting crowded, my space is gettin invaded No nachos but it was some vatos who said they don't speak no English I'm telling e'm make some room, and they lookin like "what you mean" And it ain't no such thing as team, when the janitor wanna take ya spot You the one that's on the bench watchin I'm the one who's takin the shot And I seen the hate on ya face, the moment you seen it drop Even people that's really close try to take ya down from the top What about that little fan, tried to say that I had a baby A baby, I ain't even met her so it ain't even a maybe Plus her skin is caucausian-she tryin to reach me daily A groupie, won't be a lady-she's obviously tryin to play me It's obvious she was crazy-only thing she could do Is go find a stupid rich rapper that's out there that she could screw And now she feelin so stupid, and it shows what I said was true If I plan to go sleep with a white girl, then I wouldn't go sleep with you So I keep sayin his name, and he say I say it in vain He say the only time I call is when it's some pain Tried to mess with my little sis and I threw some salt in ya game Cause I knew you was old enough to be one of our parents mayne But a shame on you, a shame-you the only person to blame When a twenty five person gang, tried to jump me and take my chain I was the only person not wet, by the punches thrown in the rain And I couldn't hold any grudges, I said I forgive you mayne It's true that he had a temper, my Father wasn't bein gentle At night I would wake up to knockin, my Momma tryna get in the window Turn on the TV, tryna act like I'm tryna play the Nintendo The house done burned down forever and no longer sentimental They livin and lovin life till his girl done fell off that bike And he happened to still survive but his future don't look as bright I admit that I got mad at ya and wish we both could fight When I knock on them Pearly Gates, just don't tell me to take a hike"
  • dentaldamboy
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  • SDK
  • OVO
    NWTS > than this garbage album.
  • dentaldamboy
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