Gucci Mane's Brother Says The Rapper's Twitter Account Was Hacked

posted Tuesday September 10 ,2013 at 03:30PM CDT | 49 comments

Gucci Mane's Brother Says The Rapper's Twitter Account Was Hacked

Gucci Mane reportedly dropped from Atlantic Records, no longer with longtime manager, Kevin "Coach K" Lee.

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane left the social media world in a frenzy yesterday (September 9) and over the weekend, after letting loose a series of malicious Tweets aimed at Nicki Minaj, Waka Flocka Flame, Iggy Azalea, T.I., and a number of other artists.

It now appears that the person behind the slew of Tweets may not have been Gucci Mane after all. Yesterday, a man claiming to be Gucci’s brother announced that the rapper had been hacked and suggested that he was sabotaged.

The Tweet sent from Gucci’s alleged brother was also ReTweeted from the official Twitter account of the Trap House III creator.

Additionally, reports that Gucci’s Twitter rant follows news that the rapper may have been dropped from Atlantic Records and is no longer with his manager, Kevin “Coach K” Lee.

“He’s not with Atlantic anymore,” said a rep for Atlantic Records, according to “Not sure how the deal ended, it may have been a time thing…It looks like it just wasn’t working out with Coach—which based on the tweets and his behavior, one could see why.”

Following Gucci Mane’s social media diatribe, a number of artists including Nicki Minaj and Tyga fired back with comments of their own. Both artists have since deleted all Tweets made about the rapper.

Since the release of Trap House in 2005, Gucci Mane has gone on to release a number of studio albums including Hard To Kill, The State vs. Radric Davis, and his most recent LP, Trap House III. Released on May 13 of this year via 1017 Brick Squad, Trap House III included guest features from 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Chief Keef, and more.

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  • Anonymous
    It was over the moment he put that ice cream cone on his face.
  • He needs help
    ice cream cone on the face n time in a mental hospital nigga mite of typed all that shit but didn't realise it at the time so technically his other personality did it .....anyway I don't have a clue what he saying in his raps most the time .PCP smoking sitting in a room naked with a glock n list of enemies type nigga
  • Anonymous
    His shit was not hacked. He fucking lost his mind so his people checked him into rehab and tweeted that it was hacked and deleted all them tweets.
  • Anonymous
    I hear of this happening to this dude like every other week... secure your twitter account homie! its really not that difficult.....
  • Anonymous
    Ice Cream Cone on his face= fake ass/ homothug. Account hacked, hein? Yeah, a bridge for sale, any takers?
  • jimjim
    puffy hacke d jay z hacked you hacked i hacked we all hacked yo momma hacked yo dad hacked white boy hacked blackboy hacked shut the fuck up ok
    Gucci's twitter was hacked? oh yea I believe him alright. Sure it was Gucci, sure it was.
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  • brandon
    Thats a lie because why am i listening to diary of a trap god... That was posted during his "" Hacked tirade... I don't really care just glad hes living his truth and giving out free bricks!
  • 614grind
    Why don't Gucci make his own statement?
    • Anonymous
      exactly. of all the people he called out you think one of them woulda called him up on the phone and then found out it wasnt him and posted that on twitter I think his peoples checked him into rehab and now they're trying to save face!!!
  • COCA
  • dentaldamboy
    Gucci Mane and Young Throwback beat the shit out of every member of the Ja Rule army.
  • Samuel L. Jackson
    English, motherfucker, do you speak it?!
  • j
    lol, the nigga even spelled "eh" wrong
  • Anonymous
    He prob ask his lil son how to spell sabotage, thats too deep a word for the person tweeting yesterday and today.
  • Anonymous
    hahahahahahahahaha can any of these faggots even speak properly?
  • jiggynigga
    this dude cant even own up
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, Either Gucci and his "brother" were in the same remedial English class or Gucci is in fact Young Throwback.....
    • Anonymous
      I wonder this myself
  • Anonymous
    Young Throwback sounds retarded.
  • Anonymous
    But tht shit look like his spelling
    • Big Dan
      Why you gotta beat me to what I want to say huh? Yeah, dude got high, started posting nonsense, it backfired and now he was hacked. I'm sure.
  • Anonymous
    is it just me or has this loser said some shit over twitter and then later said he got hacked like 12 times now? quit lyin man
    • Anonymous
      naw gucci usually stands by his tweets
  • Tha R
    All these bitch-asses talking that punk shit that they Twitter got hacked.
  • Anonymous
    Wish this faggot face would get hacked
  • kenajj
    ice cream face is illiterate.
  • lool
    noone saving your career today buddy
  • Anonymous
    This nucca tweets like he speaks. Kids, stay in school. do NOT end up like this embarrassment. I swear, 4 year old speaks better english
  • Anonymous
    Rocko said he went to his spot and shit and spoke to him this dont add up i didnt even know Gucci had a brother why aint I ever heard of this nicca?
    • Anonymous
      because its the 'I been hacked' card
    • Anonymous
      who are you that they gotta report family members & shit so you know?
    • atlantasow
      Everybody been knew about young throw back being gucci bro they both look just alike hell waka was beefing with him in like 09 !
  • Gucci the Realest
    My account's been hacked. In reality, Gucci has respect for all the niggas and never suffered a rape attempt.
  • Chris Etrata
    I can't understand a word Young Throwback is saying. Brah hacked twitter? We sabotage Brah? Gucci's messed up? Its actually proof that Gucci himself wrote the words.
    • Anonymous
      Good thing Gucci's brother isn't the president. Imagine how painful those speeches would be.
  • anon
    yea i figured.
  • Anonymous
    bullshit we all know he fucked nikki swag
  • Ja Rule Army
    where Gucci the General the Realest or whatever the fuck he go WHAT YOU GOT TO SAY NOW
  • Anonymous
    haha. its always hacked wen hes sober
    • Yo!
      ikr? The ol' 'hacked account' cover up. Sounds like somebody was too fucked up and put his feels on twitter. Lame ice cream cone face is lame.
  • Mr_Harper
    Miss me with this bullshit. That sounded like sum shit Gucci/WOP would say on every tweet! & You suppose to be a real nigga =/ Quit flodgin'. We Don't Believe You!
    • Anonymous
      yeah folk, I don't know that nigga, but that was that nigga...Ask Flok
  • bullshit