Eminem "Berzerk" Video Preview Aired On ESPN

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UPDATE: Eminem previews his video for "Berzerk" on ESPN. Additionally, the song will be played throughout ABC's "Saturday Night Football" season.

A preview of Eminem's "Berzerk" video will air on ESPN tomorrow (September 7). The sneak peek of the video is slated to air during halftime of tomorrow's college football game between Notre Dame and Michigan. 

"Berzerk" is the first single off of the Michigan rapper's forthcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. 

Additionally, the song "Berzerk" is set to play during "Saturday Night Football," according to ESPNmediazone.com

"['Berzerk' will play] throughout the telecast in various capacities, including highlight packages and coming in from, and out of, commercial breaks," Universal Music said, according to a report by SPIN.

The track will also play during "Saturday Night Football" from September 14 through December 7.

Eminem premiered his "Berzerk" single August 26. Like the video for "Berzerk," Eminem previewed the single with a sneak peek. The rapper provided the sneak peek during the MTV Video Music Awards. The song was later released for a stream with a video that featured a boom box and a brief appearance from Eminem.

"Berzerk" is available for stream here.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is scheduled for a November 5 release.

(August 6)

UPDATE: Eminem revealed a preview of his "Berzerk" video on ESPN. The preview features Kendrick Lamar and Rick Rubin, among others. It can be viewed below. 

Eminem also did an interview during the telecast on ESPN. In the interview, Eminem confirmed the release date for The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which is slated to be released November 5. He also said that the album will be "kind of a revisit to the first Marshall Mathers LP." 

"That's pretty much all I could probably say about it," he said. In the clip, Eminem also praised ESPN's Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit.    

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  • ultrasdf
    Eminem new alum is leaked guys Get it here: www.tinyurl.com/mmlp2leak
  • Anonymous
    ESPN are hip hop whores.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Em, dude you are just not Slim Shady anymore..please STOP.
  • Anonymous
    perfect rapper: 1. Eminem's Body 2. Asap Rocky's face 3. Danny Brown's smile + tooth 4. Drake's voice = rap heaven
  • Anonymous
    am i the only one who thinks this berzerk song is total ass???? im a big eminem fan, but this fucking sucks god i hope it doesnt make tmmlp2
  • xx009
  • xx009
  • Anonymous
    He's trying way too hard to be a weirdo now. Dude has been serious in all of his past appearances, now he's trying to act like his old self. I guess he scored a good deal though, more people are going to be his shitty song because they'll hear it when they're watching football.
  • Anonymous
    Dear Hip hop god, please forgive those who believe anyone with the name Gucci, which is a clothing line created by European wealthy white people, has the authority to consider that impersonation to be of "real" quality. I ask of this oh overlord of words and hooks, ah-man.
    • Anonymous
      get help
  • Gucci The Realest wants freedom of speech
    Fuck hhdx for deleting my posts! You faggots accept the ja rule army and ymcmb army but dissing the gucci mane army! i think you pussies from dx cant handle the truth because you like faggot rap by drake and other lying faggots. The Truth about Eminem: he hates gay people but did a song with elton john he hates pop rap but is now a poprapper himself he dissed britney spears but is now doing songs with pink and rihanna he claims about he killed people but he hasnt interscope records created the whole eminem image Fuck DX! The truth hurts bitches im dissing your favorite rapper eminem.
    • IsHulle!!!
      Sooo Sad... Idiot
  • Anonymous
    i dont understand who still listens eminem in 2013, he is crap
    • Anonymous
      A lot of people.
    • Anonymous
      that berzerk track is so wack
    • Anonymous
      little dumb venerable innocent children who know no better
    • DEE
      you're obviously a bunch of idiots with no taste in music, go listen to Miley
  • Come On
    His hair is Blonde agin Slim Shady is Baaaaacck finally didn't like that last album recovery a whole lot. he's better this way everyone knows that.
    • Anonymous
      maybe true, but that berzerk track wtf???
  • Gucci The Realest
    Okay the truth about Eminem: - He hates gay people but did a song with Elton John; - He hates popartist like Britney Spears and NSYNCH but did songs with Rihanna and Pink; - He hates meanstream rap but became a meanstream rapper; - He talks about killing people but never did it; - His whole image was created by Interscope Records before 1998 Eminem was a different mc and not the whitetrash mc doing drugs and killing people; - he dye his hair blond and thats gay. Well you dont see Gucci mane do this bullshit. So again: Gucci Mane is the realest rapper ever!
    • Anonymous
      gucci just goes on twitter and airs out his niggas like a fucking female
  • Anonymous
    listin to 50cent new song is dope 50cent - warning you
    • Anonymous
      its called don't turn on me
    • Anonymous
      should be 50 is done wack as fuck
  • YEBO
    • um
      Illmatic> Your favourite Eminem album> Stillmatic/ It Was Written/ Hip Hop Is Dead> Any other Nas album> Your favourite 2pac album> GKMC
  • COCA
    • Anonymous
  • 101
    Eminem raping horses??? LOOOOOL that fucking comment just made my year, funniest ever on this eminem dick riding site all o'Yall just love his wet dripping cock in your mouths yeah. Enjoy sucking and get your filthy ears of real musicians such as kendrick, earl & kanye. We'd love to not get you dick riding stans on real dope un-wack music
  • Eyezzzzz opennnn
    That's MK Ultra!! mind control, did you see eminem in the beginning of video, he was looking offscreen being programmed by his handlers!!! Satanry, him. Rick Ruben, jayz, dre, these are some great artists who are into evil shit
  • Anonymous
    it's hhdx! no quality control here, just spam, trolls, and haters all live long day.......
  • Stan
    EMINEM is a dope Mc talking about raping Horses and shit. You gay white boy shit
  • jasonnns
  • Anonymous
    that 1st photo looks pretty satanic
  • bccoastin
    this is what I missed about Em. He got his humour back. plus he looks comfortable again being in the spot light, good for him. the video looks dope. him looking around in the beginning of the video......lol funny ass shit. my opinion u cunts
    • Anonymous
      ^^How classy of you to call people "cunts". Fuck your opinion bitch.
    • bccoastin
      ur right. maybe not the right word but sure does describe a lot of ppl on here. but real talk for u to even respond to my opinion means u gave some what of a fuck. so gtfoh with that class shit
    • LochiE
      All good! 'Cunts' is a general slang term here in New Zealand hah. Eminem is a good cunt i.e is all good
    • Anonymous
      i'd use the American version of "cunt": most people on this site are fucking cunts.