Lush One Recaps Dizaster Vs. Arsonal, Charron Vs. DNA At KOTD's "World Domination 4"

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Lush One Recaps Dizaster Vs. Arsonal, Charron Vs. DNA At KOTD's

Exclusive: King of the Dot's Lush One talks about the first day of "World Domination 4" and calls Charron's match with DNA a defining battle of this generation.

The Drake-sponsored "World Domination 4" event wrapped up its first day yesterday (August 23) in Toronto. King of the Dot's Lush One detailed some of the first day's festivities for an exclusive with HipHopDX. 

A surprising battle took place after Shotgun Suge was unable to attend the event. New York battler DNA stepped in to face-off against Suge's opponent, Charron, providing an unexpected match-up.

"I would call DNA vs Charron one of the defining battles of our generation," Lush said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "Easily the best battle of the night." 

Similarities between Charron and DNA helped make the match-up more intense, said Lush One. 

"They are nearly doppelgangers of one another, as far as their approaches go and repertoire as writers and freestylers," Lush said. "Yet, [they are] worlds apart stylistically. It was super intense and the build up from Suge not coming added to the intensity of the moment. I was stunned." 

The night's main event featured former King of the Dot champion Dizaster against Arsonal. 

"Diz had the hardest hitting personals and moments of the battle," Lush said. "But Arsonal had undeniable consistency, which was hard to over power. They both disrespected each other's space but neither seemed particularly fazed. There were moments I could tell Organik wanted to separate them for fear of a physical altercation, but at the end of the day, they are both professionals so the verbal abuse was sufficient enough." 

During the evening, Daylyt also faced off against Loe Pesci. In their battle, Daylyt took out an umbrella and reportedly stuffed his hands in his pants before rubbing them on Pesci's face. Daylyt also reportedly slapped Pesci with a ski mask. Daylyt has become known for controversial behavior at events after stripping during a battle, wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit at a match and dressing up as Batman in another. 

KOTD's Organik discussed the event with HipHopDX yesterday (August 24).

"Our goal with 'World Domination 4' is to unify the world on a competitive platform for Battle Rap," Organik said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "'World Domination' is the Olympics of Battle Rap. We're turning our hobby into a respected art form worldwide. This event allows the best in the world to come together and display their skills on one of the most respected stages in the world, King Of The Dot." 

While PPV access for the event can still be purchased, "World Domination 4" also has another day of battles set to take place today (August 24) with headliners Pat Stay and Arcane facing off for the King of the Dot Champion title. The press conference for "World Domination 4" can be seen below. 

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