A$AP Ferg Disses Kendrick Lamar In Hot 97 Freestyle

posted Tuesday August 20 ,2013 at 10:00PM CDT | 76 comments

A$AP Ferg Disses Kendrick Lamar In Hot 97 Freestyle

A$AP Ferg tells ScHoolboy Q to "better school ya boy."

The responses to Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control (HOF)" continue to pour in.

On the track, Kendrick challenged a slew of emcees, rhyming, "I'm usually homeboys with the same niggas I'm rhymin' with / But this is Hip Hop and them niggas should know what time it is / That goes for Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electron[ica], Tyler[, the Creator], Mac Miller / I got love for you all but I'm tryin' to murder you niggas / Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas [and that] they don't want to hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas / What is competition? I'm trying to raise the bar high." 

The latest to take a swing at Kendrick was A$AP Ferg, who joined in on an A$AP Mob cypher on Funkmaster Flex's show on Hot 97.

"in a dark room in Harlem, thinkin bout shots / Aand how it barely grazed me and it coulda hit Rock / And a couple of other niggas but they dont roll wit my flock / Makaveli from Harlem, how u wanna be Pac?" rhymed Ferg, alluding to Kendrick's claim that he was the "king" of both coasts.

Next came references to Kendrick's Black Hippy compatriot ScHoolboy Q, Sherane, a person referenced on Kendrick's good kid, m.A.A.d city album, and Top Dawg Entertainment, a label to which Kendrick is signed:

"Wanna be a jiggy nigga from the East Coast, right? The Beast Coast, right? / I know u feelin the feet close right? / A heat to ya face and ya teeth all tight / Flex got beats? we gon beef all night / ScHoolboy you betta school ya boy, hit you wit the ruler boy / I'm the new 50 Cent, I will fuckin' Ja Rule ya, boy / Sh-sh-sh-shabba Ranks, before I hit you with the toola boy / Hit 'em wit the chopsticks, I will fuckin' Thai food ya boy / I don't sell rocks, nigga I smoke 'em / Fuck around on crack and that's no jokin' / The weed had me laced, I started West Coastin' / The shit was too potent, now im ready to poke somethin' / Rock, wanna know somethin?, Sherane got good brain / a couple Harlem nikkas had that b*tch up in a chicken wang / you Top Dawg? I heard you in the lick of things a hollywood bully where you..."

The cypher marked Ferg's second response to Kendrick's verse, after mentioning it in a GQ interview.

Watch the cypher below:

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Comments 76 Posts

  • Anonymous
    This was alright..... Rocky was decent at best. Better then the rest of them. And touching Kendrick really. No one he named really can hang. Its sad.
    • edgy
      do you know anything about rap at all
    man these guys suck, embarrassing for NY!
    • NateNa$ty
      Fuck u
  • Anonymous
    Wrong... LL went thru this and he was from NYC!!!
  • Anonymous
    you aint no damn trap lord if you're boss wears a skirt!!! nigga knows he aint the king of anything but he got an album coming out that no one cares about so he needs all the promo and headlines he can get!
  • Jay
    Damn Ferg, that was tight!
  • 614grind
    I like Kendrick, I really do...but nobody is afraid of him. Niggas couldn't wait to trade bars with him. No king gets that kind of backlash on the mic.
    • Anonymous
      It's hip hop, everyone is gonna go at the crown... People went at Jay-Z for years, people went at Biggie during the 90's, and people went at each other when nobody wore it. It's not about being afraid, it's the art of the genre.
  • Anonymous
    these young rappers just woke up NY's sleeping giants....A NY MC will soon be responding to these wack rappers and killing their career.......
    • Anonymous
      word? which ones?
    • Y0mKrddvv
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    • Anonymous
      French Montana
  • Anonymous
    A$AP WACK!
  • Anonymous
    what the fuck are his groupies doing behind him? Seem like some back up dancers to me.
  • Anonymous
    Did this faggot just say "bitch ass boom bap"? You stupid nigga. Boom Bap is NEW YORK!!! these young niggas need to do their homework.
    • pschase
      yo, that line jumped out at me too! boombap is that sound, the core of it is even in all the new shit. how can you be from Uptown / BX and even say that
  • tmz
    drake diss response to kendrick lamar ! http://tinyurl.com/muffsm4
  • Dibbdah
    Black Hippy should just go on the beat and destroy the game.
    • 614grind
      They ain't nice enough to do that. Kendrick is a beast and the other dudes are real good but those dudes don't have the streets like that. To shut it down like you're talking about, you gotta have that stamp from the people.
    • Gametime
      hahaha not mentioned? Listen to Control again, He do mention Rocky you fool
  • Anonymous
    What are my thoughts? Ferg just went tf in!!!!
  • So Icy Boi!
    ASAP Ferg ethered Kendrick Lamar's ass... diz is an instant classic diss song. K. Dot lost da battle against talented rappers like ASAP Mob or Meek Mill... he can be happy Drake and Lil Wayne didnt answer. it wud hurt for Kendrick so hard. swag
    • Anonymous
      kendrick just hit a million albums sold ferg aint sold 2 copies yet!!
  • Anonymous
    yesterday i heard some guys that never heard of him before describe his music as "a person with absolutely no talent decided to be the next usher"
  • The Hater
    Rappers and their irrelevant sidekicks ASAP Rocky: ASAP Ferg Jay-Z: Memphis Bleek 50 Cent: Tony Yayo Nicki Minaj: Scaff Beezy Soulja Boy: Arab Drake: 40 Timbaland: Magoo Nas: Jungle Lil Wayne: Birdman Ghostface Killah: Trife Da God Nelly: Murphy Lee Eminem: Royce Da 5'9
    • Anonymous
      Royce Da 5'9, ASAP Ferg (sucks) and 40 are more relevant than Soulja Boy. and 40 is a producer. smh
    • Wot Da Foq
      Royce isn't his sidekick, Royce could body Em if he wasn't trying so fucking hard to cling onto his dick and stay on his label with the rest of fucking Slaughterhouse (even though they are dope MCs). Mr. Porter is more like Eminem's sidekick.
    • Wot Da Foq
      And who the fuck are Trife Da God, Murphy Lee, Magoo... (Ghostface Killah himself isn't relevant enough for this list, not in terms of talent, but the list is full of really mainstream people)
  • mar500
    u know half of these rappers are on cocaine, dont even know what their doing half the time.
  • Fuck Outta Here
    WTF is wrong with NY hip hop right now that these clowns are at the forefront? How is it that lyricism is finally coming back into the game with new school artists except from where lyricism was originated?
  • Anonymous
    ASAP Twelvy seems to be the best outta them lyrically and Rocky has the easiest style to vibe too. The rest of these dudes is ass lol
  • jimjim
    this what youget when you let these young mofos in the game aint nothing fly about these niggs and im from the east coast
  • Anonymous
    Ferg got a couple nice tracks, he ain't shit lyrically though
  • dentaldamboy
    Im suspect
  • Puncan
    ASAP Rocky, your wife Fergy just signed her own death certificate
    • RIAA
    • BAhahahah
  • So Icy Boi!
    I forgot about Trinidad James... I replace Scarface wit him. swag 10. Trinidad James 11. Scarface
  • So Icy Boi!
    best MCs of all time: 1. Lil Wayne 2. Rick Ross 3. Drake 4. 2 Chainz 5. Meek Mill 6. ASAP Rocky 7. Wiz Khalifa 8. Future 9. Riff Raff 10. Scarface swag
    • TDE
    • Wot Da Foq
      This is a shit list man, where's Soulja, Nicki, Birdman and all them at?
    • Kaveshan
  • Anonymous
    Rocky and Ferg are boyfriends and those other unknown niggas will never appear on major albums... mixtape niggs corny ass niggas
  • Gucci The Realest
    ITS GUCCIIIIIIIIIIII TIMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE Guci Mane realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross - Fuck ASAP Fag some fake ass dirty south wannabes from new york
    • yo
      hell naw ahaha