Drake's "Nothing Was The Same" To Feature Jay Z On "Pound Cake" Outro

posted Wednesday September 04 ,2013 at 11:00AM CDT | 93 comments


UPDATE: Jay Z is set to drop two verses on Drake's "Nothing was the Same," with both verses landing on the outro, tentatively-titled "Pound Cake." The album is also set to feature Lil Wayne and Hudson Mohawke of TNGHT.

Drake's upcoming album, Nothing was the Same, scheduled for a September 17 release, will feature Jay Z and Lil Wayne. 

News of Drake's collaborators was reported by Rolling Stone today (August 16). In the article, Drake also talks about taking a new musical approach with his upcoming collection. 

"This album is about growth," Drake says in the Rolling Stone piece. "When I play it for people, they ask, 'Who's that rapping?' I'm like, 'That's me.'"

Drake's Nothing was the Same will also include "Connect," a song that has not been leaked yet.  

"That one hits you in the heart," Drake says. "It's painful and beautiful at the same time."

TNGHT's Hudson Mohawke, who recently worked with Kanye West on Yeezus, will also appear on the album. 

Drake announced the release date for Nothing was the Same with a promotional clip for the project. In it, Drake celebrated a Grammy award with a drink.

September 17 from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Although it was known that Jay Z was slated to be featured on Drake's Nothing was the Same, new developments have surfaced about Jay's role on the project. According to Billboard, Jay Z has two verses on the album, both featured on the tentatively-titled "Pound Cake." The track is set to be the album's outro, according to Billboard. 

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Comments 93 Posts

    I downloaded Nothing Was The same in 320kbps from tinyurl. com/drakeleak This album is so dope !
  • StaceyLockheart
    Guys his album has leaked. It is confirmed http://drizzynothingwasthesame.blogspot.com/
  • #beenill#
    please leave Lil Wayne off the fuckn album.
  • dentaldamboy
    Drake showed me this letter from Jay Z Yo Drake: Man I need your help. I need to be relevant again. Before you point out to HGMC sales, the samsung ceo was a huge stan and wanted a million copies. Unfortuantely, Beyonce took my earned money. As for the additional copies, me and beyonce bought 400k of them. In reality, it's my biggest bomb. I want to be on your album and I'll pay 10 million for it. Thank you Jay Z P.S. Timberlake is also desperate to be relevant again.
    • Anonymous
      You made this shit up.
    • dentaldamboy
      I got this letter from drake. I was sorting out finances for ymcmb when drake walked in and showed me this letter.
    • Anonymous
      More shit you made up in your head.
  • jerry
    cant wait for another boring jay z verse with a slow flow that sucks
  • sxxx9
  • sxxx9
  • sxxx9
  • dadukestin
    drakes an easy target but he stays one of dopest, freshest, and orginal new mainstream rapper. in my opioion he is the new Nas and J cole is the new Jay-z of this generation.
    • Anonymous
      Wrong, dickrider.
  • black power
    im glad that all the best rappers are black haahahah we dont have to worry about anything right wiggas
  • Drake runs rap
    The king of rap had to put jay z on a song cus that overrated irrelevent camel was begging drake so he can try to be cool again by being on a masterpeice album. Drake gave jay z the outro so people wont have to listen to a full song with that camel. Drake is gonna go platinum first week and be the king of rap. DRAKE IS THE FACE OF RAP DRAKE RUNS RAP PERIOD
    • Anonymous
      How you gonna say Drake runs rap? Minaj out sells this joke. Visit a true hip hop site...for a true artist. www.eminemalbum2014.com
    • Anonymous
      Keep making up lies, stanley.
  • Anonymous
  • Trez
    24th or 17th? I'm so confused .
    • Anonymous
      www.eminemalbum2014.com yeah me too
  • Anonymous
    Classic, just off the strength of the Jay verses.
  • heart
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  • Martha J. Taylor
    what Ruth answered I'm shocked that a student can profit $8518 in one month on the internet. more helpful hints... www.cafe44.com What you want him to say about his album. Yeah it's ok ...... of course he's going to say it's the best. And he is good so i expect a good album. Everybody looking for a classic. Me i don't care just make an album ppl can listen too!
  • Anonymous
    release date september 24th only 20 days away tracklist please?????
  • RULETALK #191
    Drake is a Homosexual
    • Anonymous
      so is gay rule
  • dentaldamboy
    Jay Z knows he's flopping so he has to pay drake to get any relevancy. Drake for life!!
    • Anonymous
      te smell of shit off your breathe
    • Anonymous
      You're wrong, dentalbitch. Jay Z is not flopping and is always relevant. Drake is a huge Jay stan, he even admits it in song. Drake wants Hov.
    • Anonymous
      Trolls like you are not helping Drake or anybody else you support gain new fans by having to put down other artists to big up your favorites, first it shows hints of insecurity, second it makes people hate them even more, even if they are good.
    • dentaldamboy
      Then how come his last album flopped and his singles are nowhere to be found? Jay Z wants Drake.
    • Anonymous
      Dumbass. His last album went platinum before it was released and it currently sold 937k, Holy Grail reached the Top 5 and Tom Ford made it into the Top 40. Hov ain't flopping at all. He doesn't want Drake, Drake wants Jay Z.
    • dadukestin
      dude! your taking this guy way to seriosusly haahah
    • dentaldapoor kid
  • Anonymous
    1.5 mill first week.
    • Anonymous
      You wished, stan.
    • Anonymous
      lol he aint no eminem
  • Come On
    Can't wait for this any longer come on wit it now!!!!! this is going to be the best album of the Fall definitely, and challenge for album of the year for sure!!
  • RMAC
    ...."started from the bottom" was a garbage single (hated chorus, simple ass verses, no bueno at all)"hold on we going home" is decent.....for an r&b song........hoping these 2 singles aren't a reflection for the rest of the album.....I WANT TO HEAR BARS FROM HIM...... FYI.......TAKE CARE IS STILL DOPE AS F***, FRONT TO BACK.....