Timbaland Says Aaliyah Records With Drake & Chris Brown "Don't Work"

posted Tuesday July 23 ,2013 at 01:56PM CDT | 128 comments

Timbaland Says Aaliyah Records With Drake & Chris Brown

Timbaland appears to call out posthumous Aaliyah collaborations with two artists he's also worked with. Tim also hints to a reunion with Nas, following a 14-year hiatus.

Last month Chris Brown released the single "Don't Think They Know," which featured posthumous vocals from R&B sensation Aaliyah. The RCA Records digital single follows "Enough Said," a 2012 track Drake recorded, also made with unheard Aaliyah vocals tracks.

The late singer's mentor, Norfolk, Virginia producer/artist Timbaland recently spoke his opinion on these tracks to Revolt TV. "In music, people always say, 'I would do a song with Aaliyah.' It would never work," said Tim, who produced the bulk of Aaliyah's 1996 sophomore album, One In A Million, and two singles from her 2001 self-titled third LP. "A lot of these rappers out here are awful. Chris Brown got a record [with Aaliyah]; it won't work. Drake could do a record with Aaliyah; it ain't going to work." To the Roc Nation Records artist and founder of Mosley Music Group, there is only one logical pairing. "Aaliyah music only works with its soul-mate, which is me."

In 2012, Tim, along with another of Aaliyah's mentors and fellow VA artist, Miss Elliott, spoke out against a reported Drake-executive-produced Aallyah LP. Incidentally, Timbaland has worked with both Drake and Chris Brown, on Thank Me Later and F.A.M.E., respectively.

Additionally, Timbaland confirmed a music reunion with one of his former emcee collaborators. "I told [Jay-Z], the person who gets me from Hip Hop, now, their album's gonna be phenomenal. And that's Nas." In 1999, Tim worked on both Nas' albums, I Am... and Nastradamus. On the latter, Tim laced the single "You Owe Me."

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  • Horwill
    You a bastard...let the fans judge by themselves...you're not God...WTF
  • Fat bastard
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  • Rick Ross
    Were signing Aaliyah's hologram to MMG.
  • Aaliyah
    You ain't my soul mate nigga. I ain't never let you squirt inside me.
  • Come On
    I agree I think both songs were dissapointing and the Chris Brown song was definatley not good enough to be a single it seemed forced...and it made absolutley no noise on the charts which is why I think his album was delayed and the Video they did made for the single made no sense considering it had nothing to do with the song, and the Drake one was just not good either one last thing on this let her R.I.P please.
  • RR
    That Chris Brown/Aaliyah song is actually pretty damn good...
  • Anonymous
    Never liked the recent Aaliyah collabos. Timbo worked well with her but R. Kelly's shit with her was hot too and he is the one that put her on.
  • Anonymous
    This nigga is full of himself. Fall back nigga that Chris Brown joint was hot.
    • Anonymous
      Timbaland is basically saying chris brown single with the late aayliah is not selling well. It peaked @ #81 on the billboard 100 and since fell off the charts. no one said the track is wack! I like it too.
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    I use to fuck with Timbo back in the day when Missy and Aaliyah was poppin...but now he's doing them boring beats for pop stars...Nas u my nigga but if u get this guy to produce your next album instead of Premo, i got to cut u loose as my favorite artist!! Please dont go that route!!
    • Anonymous
      NAS and Timbo done made classics...
  • Anonymous
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  • One
    Yes, timbaland. We know you are the only one who can make songs with Aaliyah. Others could do it but no one has done it perfectly. I wouldn't want a R&B singer that just came up over the course of 5-6 years dealing with Aaliyah tracks when they can't even come close to her numbers.
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