Chris Brown Accused Of Assaulting Woman, Club Staff Defends Singer

posted Monday June 24 ,2013 at 09:20PM CDT | 56 comments

Chris Brown Accused Of Assaulting Woman, Club Staff Defends Singer

UPDATE: The owner of Anaheim's Heat Ultra Lounge says that the woman accusing Chris Brown was a nuisance, forcing staff to call local police. He claims Breezy is "a gentleman."

Chris Brown has undergone a court-ordered year of domestic violence counseling and 50 hours community service following his 2009 attack on then-girlfriend Rihanna following the Grammy Awards. The sentence, which also includes an ongoing five years of probation, may not have rehabilitated the Sony Records star, as new allegations emerge. reports that following Brown's headlining performance at Power 105 Powerhouse on Saturday (June 21), he was involved in an altercation with a female at Anaheim, California's Heat Ultra Lounge. Deanna Gines told the celebrity news site that Brown "shoved her to the ground." Gines, asserting that the shove was the deliberate, filed a police report against the multi-platinum star.

The Anaheim Police Department did confirm to TMZ that a report was made, but did not confirm the victim's name.

Gines also claims that based on her injuries sustained in the fall, she may require surgery—due to torn ligaments in her knee. She provided a picture to TMZ of herself in crutches.

Chris Brown's rep, Nicole Perna, responded to TMZ with, "I'm unaware of the incident, as is Chris' lawyer and his entire team.  He was in a great mood after Powerhouse." She added, "None of this makes sense."

If convicted of any crime, especially assault—which he was charged with in 2009, Chris Brown could face years in jail. Earlier this month, Brown dodged jail-time when his probation officer did not give him a violation for his January brawl with Odd Future's Frank Ocean.

UPDATE: The owner of Heat Ultra Lounge is publicly defending Chris Brown. Although the owner's name was not printed in the story, alleges that he contacted the site to clear Brown's name. The owner claims that Deanna Gines was asked by security to leave the club. Further, he claims that police were called due to her disruption. "Heat staff and security did what they had to do," said the man. "[Chris Brown] was a complete gentleman."

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  • GBtha G
    I saw dat female yo n i must say dat bitch looks underage so dat muthafuckin golddigga shouldnt've been @ dat show.them bitchiz misbehave everywhere they go 2 so let em get what tha fuck they deserve.dont call chris brown a mad guy yall stupid muthafuckaz!
  • Anonymous
    How the mighty have fallen.
  • lol
    usually id side with the celeb bec theres thirsty bitches EVERYONE lookin for a ballers money. but w his track record of hittin woman and turnin up unnecessarly on valet drivers i wouldnt be surprised i think dude needs 1 good ass beatin from a male
  • Anonymous
    Thirsty hoes want a taste
  • 7H7HH
  • jj
    He should stop going out too dam much
  • GBtha G
    hahaha bitch chris brown should jus stay @ home watchin some porn since it cant out one day it could obamas wife 2 get hit if given a chance.hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • foreal
    Who to believe, who to believe? This is what happened. Chris softly bumped into this waitress. She falls to the ground and screams in an exaggerated manner. She calls some shady lawyer who says... "Call this doctor, he is a good friend of mine" Doctor then provides her with a leg cast, which she then post online. After the picture, she takes the cast off and plays a little basketball. Puts the leg cast back on to keep up the act. It is hard to pick a side. People are so shady and out for a quick buck that she could be making the whole thing up to get some quick cash.
    • Anonymous
      Actually, the posted pic shows the cast on the wrong leg, the shit people do. smh.
  • Come On
    Just chickenhead trying to make a buck and get her 15mins Chris didn't do shit he's not stupid he's still trying to put the Rihanna thing behind him. I call straight Bullshit on this one forsure.
  • Anonymous
    just kill chrissy b
  • bevis n butt head
  • Anonymous
    this update, im scrolling down to see who all were quick to assume he did wrong. And honestly, come on? Chris may do some dumb shit but he isnt dumb enough to assault a woman while in a crowded area where plenty of witnesses are around
  • Anonymous
    Just put this guy behind bars already. I'm tired of these stories and this shell of a man putting hands on women already.
    • Anonymous
      stop following gossip then
  • Charles Barkley
    Chris Brown ate Sisqo's soul
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    sounds like shit on this one. he beats girls he cares about.
  • bevis n butt head:
    all day nigga all dayyy UHUHUHUHUHUHUH
  • bevis n butt head
  • bevis n butt head
  • bevis n butt head
  • Anonymous
    with this update we get to scroll down and see the clowns who jumped to conclusions
    • Niglet
      Haha so true!
  • bevis n butt head
    • Higger Nater still a loser nigga
  • Anonymous
    HE'S AT IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!,!,!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Detective O'malley
    Oh? You just gon' sit up there laughing and smiling at this shit huh Christopher? I'm onto your game and hot on your trail. Your woman pushing days are numbered tough guy.
  • 0chain
    Hope he beats her again for snitching. Godspeed Brown Chris
    • dentaldamboy
      snitching? so what you're saying she was doing illegal shit too n reporting Chris Brown to get a lesser sentence huh? LEARN THE FUCKING DEFINITION IDIOT
    • Anonymous
      You sir are a jackass.
    • dentaldamboy
      only namecalling but substance. who is the jackass now hahahahahahahahha
  • Anonymous
    This is just a stunt to boost record sales...he has a cd coming out. She will retract her comments watch.
    • The Game
      fuck you nigga what u know about dissing niggas before the album coming out. 600 Bars motherfucka n u on it
  • Anonymous
    he misses beating rihanna
  • JP
    I swear CB look like the dude from Meteor Man the movie in that pic lol.
  • Anonymous
    We @ Team Breezy know Chris would NEVER hurt a women!
  • -
    like a young ike turner
  • ETK
    LOL Chris Breezy needed to get his fix. puttin hands on a broad is gonna fill his yearly quota that fuckboi
  • Burmy
    Dude's still on probation, ain't he? At the very least, it'll be a PAROLE VIOLATION. Enjoy prison, CB.
    Chris Brown is clearly a faggot, first Rihanna now this broad. He obviously hates women.
    • Chris Brown
      no you're wrong
  • Bobyahed2dis
    Chris Brown beats up women while Drake beats up women's pussies. This dude ruined his career by going to war with Drake and now because of it he's gonna be out of show biz. YMCMB and MMG are the realest conglomerate's in rap!!
    • Anonymous
      yessir, soicyboi and dentaldam > you.
  • Anonymous
    Here we go again this nigga goin to jail