RiFF RaFF Forgives Hot 97's Ebro But Compares Him To Dog Feces

posted Wednesday June 19 ,2013 at 03:45PM CDT | 69 comments

RiFF RaFF Forgives Hot 97's Ebro But Compares Him To Dog Feces

After comparing Hot 97's program director Ebro to dog feces, RiFF RaFF says he forgives him and that he hopes to have singles pushing through the station eventually.

RiFF RaFF says he forgives Ebro after a heated interview at Hot 97 late last month. Before doing so, RiFF compares Ebro, the station's program director, to "dog shit" and says that he "ruined" the interview. 

"Hot 97 is the biggest Hip Hop or Rap station in damn America. That's how I've always seen it," RiFF told VladTV, before describing the situation with Ebro at last month's interview. "Out of nowhere, here comes this weird ass dude with a beard and a hoodie on, walking and sitting down by me. I'm like, 'Is he supposed to even be a part of this? This about to be a legendary-ass interview. You sure you want somebody with a fucked-up-ass vibe in here while RiFF RaFF about to interview and give a classic-ass interview? You want this bullshit here?' He sitting down askin' all these random-ass questions, back-to-back-same questions, ruined the whole fuckin' interview." 

Later in the conversation, RiFF compared himself to "a banana berry smoothie" and Ebro to "dog shit," making the unfavorable analogy before saying he forgives the program director. 

"It was my time to talk and he came in there and ruined the whole vibe of the whole place. That's basically what happened. It's like if you have a banana berry smoothie and then you throw some dog shit in there, it doesn't matter how good the banana berry smoothie is, RiFF RaFF, that dog shit, Ebro, is gonna fuck some shit up. So, I think it just had a shit-taste in the end. But at the end of the day, we're gonna have singles pushin' through Hot 97 so, Ebro, I forgive him. I forgive you, bro. He's alright."

On his end, Diplo explained that Ebro did not come "out of nowhere" but that "he was just trying to get a rise out of RiFF RaFF, which doesn't really make any sense." He also added that it was "productive" and that it allowed new fans to learn about RiFF. 

The original interview from Hot 97 can be viewed below, followed by the more recent response from RiFF and Diplo. 

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  • DDay
    "You're different than me, I don't understand you, I don't like what you're doing; so obviously you aren't real. Because everything that I personally consider "real" is real, and if you're not down with what I think you are WRONG. Because my opinion is FACT." ^^^ This is basically what Ego is saying. Oh I'm sorry, I meant ebro. This is exactly what's wrong with hip hop IN MY OPINION; all this negativity towards things you personally don't like. Why can't people stop thinking this way and realize that we live in a time where THERE ARE NO LIMITS. If you don't like Riff Raff, why the hell waste your time on him when there are LITERALLY OVER A MILLION OTHER RAPPERS YOU COULD BE SPENDING YOUR TIME ON. Being disrespectful, racist, rude and egotistical does not make you an OG. It makes you a piece of sh*t.
  • riff raff
    Such bullshit they just attack riff raff like that, he litterally went on air for the fans not to be attacked and told he is a joke. YOU ARE A JOKE EBRO.
  • Anonymous
    i think he just want real people to stand up in hip hop... how can someone beat the odds of their environment following someone made up...we dont want fake stories and dreams.. people like rick ross make shit that sound good and steal the real from other people
  • BennyViking
    Same shit in his brain as when he was 7..now that seems legit
  • BennyViking
    If it wernt for diplo backing him he wouldnt be fuctwith at all..he a fuckin idiot..ebro talking realtalk..he said he was a pro-baller the other month an he makes white boys look weak
  • Anonymous
    Riff Raff is straight up Federline from the Cleveland Show. Lol!
  • hilly
    great questioning from ebro...would like him to ask the same of rick ross
  • DZA
    Ebro is phony as fuck retarded ass nigga running hate on someone getting money. I don't even fuck with Riff Raff but dude came at him unneccesary and shines through like he ain't know shit bout the streets either. Fuck EBRO.
    • HNIC
      Props Ebro.....these whiteboys are just hurt that you would question this fucking caricature that calls himself riff raff......this buffoon is a walking minstrel show.
  • MLK
    We dont need theoe people in hip hop,Ebro is right,aint nothing special in this riff raff ,better holla at action bronson,cause h got lyrics ,hes dope now,riff raff will never be dope without action bronsons help
  • Anonymous
    wow thats professional journalism set a guy up when he comes to your show...riff raff should have asked ebro why he wears that thick ass beard? to cover up his double chin. im not a riff raff fan but thats was str8 pussy
  • Anonymous
    Ebro is a try hard ... He thinks he's being real but everything about him is fake. Watch jack thrillers interview with that douche and you can clearly see what I mean. Riff raff may not be anything special but Ebro had no right to tear him apart as he did. He was repetitive and purposely ignorant for the sake of his ego. I think Ebro is suffering from an identity crisis.
  • nuc
    ebro stands up for what real hiphop fans want out of this industry again. sad that ppl are knocking ebro for TRYING to keep hiphop REAL.
    • oJaro
      Ebro is a donut.
    • Anonymous
  • Harlem's Reckoning
    All this Rah Rah shit from this clown a month later when he could have nutted up and said it to Ebro's face. Can't be fucking serious.
  • Anonymous
    What a little queer this guy is, straight homo!
  • Anonymous
    RiF RAff reminds of that character ALI G....who was a parody by the way
  • sxxx9
  • HNIC
    ebro was a dick? really? all he did was questioned this whiteboy's credibility. If riff raff were to roll through any hood outside of houston, he would get slapped up for being the bitch that he is. Good job Ebro, you got all these hiphopdx whiteboys fuming.
  • 614grind
    Trinidad James needs to get interrogated next.
  • Hip Hop Activist
    Ebro acts like he is a hip hop executive that have a say on what is hip hop or not.he plays 2 chainz,nicki,souja boy,waka,gucci,lil b(wack rappers) all day long..During interviews he ask the most ridiculous and annoying questions and when he is trying to explain the questions,it becomes senseless.he is trying to be charlamgne from my own point of view,he wants to be the odd one on Hot97 and hes making cipha and Rosenberg look bad.
  • sxx004
  • xx004
  • Real Talk
    That is not hood fashion. that is Houston fashion
  • hip hop activist
    i hate ibro alot,i cant stand him,iam not a fan of riff but he likes to shit on niggas
  • Real Talk
    Ebro is an idiot. Why do you have to struggle and sell drugs to rap
    • Anonymous
      you obviously weren't payin attention
  • sxxx4
  • Tzabi
    Ebro was right in every word he said to this fucking guy. This Riff Raff bullshit is the best example about everything that is wrong with HipHop today!!!! Fucking idiot with a B.E.T tatt, com'on now!!
    • real
      Ebro is making an ass of himself
    • Huh
      Are you kidding me? His main arguement was "Riff looks fake, like he's wearing a costume, thats not real." The VERY NEXT DAY Nikki Minaj is on, wearing a fucking PIRATE costume, and he's doing nothing but kissing her ass and calling her a god. Fuck out of here.
  • 00xx4
  • Anonymous
    why was riff raff on hot97? why is HHDX reporting about this idiot?...u lot are making this clowns(2chainz, guicci mane,waka, trinidad james and so on) relevant. u know what, imma start rappin now [i cant rap for shit tho] but if u fools call these clowns rappers?, imma b a rapper to, simple,retarded, no rhyming A-B-C rap....like {i wake up in the morning n i take a shit, look up @ the ceiling and i say a-baaaybay...checking at my rolli like whaaaayayaya...swaggg....yeah yeah yeah...swaaaaaggggg}. i mean 90 videos and 1 million singles a year(i can probably do 2million singles bcos there is no creative process to my writing,i just write the first shit that pops in my head) I claim shit that i hv never done like how i was a "dealer" back in the hood {i am not from the hood},how many "bricks" i moved for the "builders" as my summer "hustle" how i dropped out of kindergarten and i was "incarcerated" & sent to the "pen"--> (detention in high school) for whistling at my teachers ass...the whole lot, i m speak with a ghetto southern urban accent, i would be so ignorant like i dont know who obama is and how i thought the USA was the only "planet" in the "world".....ooh shoot,if yall thought u liked soulja boy,waka,gucci mane, 2chainz, lil b and riff raff!!....YALL GONNA LOVE ME.
    • Anonymous
      looooool... its true though, why are they making these "rappers" relevant to hip hop? why destroy the art like this? it's almost like who ever dumbs it down the most is the most relevant hip hop artist. I'm not even from US but I might join you and act like I'm straight outta compton and ill do a 187 on you like tyga
    • BigGoose
      Each of these dudes is characters, all in one entertainment personality packages under the fuckin umbrella term of "hip hop". I thought this ish was well established, "real hip hop" is a bullshit white people set words, like "hipster" or "mainstream" the shit has NO MEANING. Go analyze these nice and decent you'll find mothafucks like Ebro's puppet ass just throw em around for commercial purposes an whathaveyou. To break it down nice and blunt, riff is relevant because he makes original music. but don't get it twisted, I doesn't really fucks with most of them musically- Soulja's aura of whackness even lost appeal to preteen hoodrats, dudes been irrelevent outside ahis little circlejerk for a century. but riff has some picasso portrait fuckin lines, czech the rg lyric pages- some shit is wild creative.
  • Anonymous
  • sxx009
  • MP
    That guy was a dick for calling out Riff Raff during an interview but Riff Raff does suck.
  • Anonymous
    sad ebro is so wack he makes riff raff's ass look like pac. nigga better take a look at benzino's career. we don't want to hear from your ass ebro
  • Anonymous
    It really is hilarious he criticizes Riff Raff when they play the same bullshit rotation months on end.
  • tre
    not even a big riff raff fan but Ebro was a dick i dont blame riff for being heated
    • Anonymous
      I was thinking the exact same
  • Anonymous
    ebro's a gay idiot
  • sgg00
  • dumb
    this jackass ebro is worried about rappers portraying hip hop as dumb and foolish....he needs to check 2 chainz, gucci, niki, minaj , snoop lion, tyga and the list goes on and on..theyre just mad hes making money doing what he loves
    • Anonymous
      maybe he needs to not get vexxed when real papoose niggas show up.
  • han
    "yo riff, why ain't you black." -EBRO