CPO Boss Hogg Addresses 2010 "Heart Attack," Working With Death Row Engineers

posted Monday June 03 ,2013 at 09:48PM CDT | 21 comments

CPO Boss Hogg Addresses 2010

CPO Boss Hogg clears up misconceptions about his originally-reported heart attack.

In April 2010,. CPO Boss Hogg, (aka Lil Nation), suffered what was originally reported as a heart attack. While the West Coast emcee's daughter confirmed with HipHopDX that Boss Hogg had in fact suffered from an undisclosed respiratory issue, the man himself explained the full story.

"It wasn’t a heart attack, it was partially congestive heart failure, but the doctors didn’t know what happened," explained Boss Hogg to DubCNN. "There was a host of things going, my body was, what they called weeping; a whole lot of carbon dioxide had built up in my brain and they didn’t know what that was about, but mostly it was congestive heart failure. A lot of people tend to mix up CHF with a heart attack, but they’re not the same thing. It was going to kill me just the same though! I didn’t realize it, but the doctor told me I was literally on my deathbed."

The rapper explained that the incident had more than just a physical effect on him. "That event gave me a lot of pause because I actually had dreams that I had died while I was at the hospital, and I didn’t really realize that I hadn’t died. One of the things that went through my head while I was dreaming these things is that I needed to do another album. A lot of people had been trying to get me to do one for years now."

"So my main focus has been trying to get something out, and mid last year we decided to go ahead and get something cracking," he continued. "When I was in the hospital they had a lot of tubes down my throat and nose, so when I came out of that my voice had changed and I wasn’t used to using it. It took me a minute to get my voice again on the mic, but we just finished up the album."

Boss Hogg, who was discovered by N.W.A.'s MC Ren, and has collaborated with Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Xzibit, and Kurupt, revealed that he recorded his new project with the help of former Death Row engineers.

"My brother mixed some of it, my man Dave Aron who’s done a lot of stuff for Death Row; he mixed 'Picture Me Rollin' for me and ‘Pac. Barney Rubble, who’s also done a lot of stuff for Death Row, did some mixing on it as well. So, it’s pretty much an in-house project, but it came out pretty tight," he explained.

Other contributions to the project include production from CMW's Tha Chill and E-A Ski.

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  • Lex
    Get healthy, Boss Hogg... We got love for you.
  • fuck the new school
    This guy dropped a dope album back in the day. You swag faggots.
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    • youngsta
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  • Mortis
    This guy only had one album, correct?
    • khordkutta
  • EscobarNYC
    "My bitch finna have a bastard, see. Soo I needs to hit a lick--drastically." --Picture Me Rollin.'
  • Sneak
    Always loved this guys voice. Always liked his features in those old death row days. Would love to hear more from him..
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  • HHp
    Damn Years and years I was looking for this man's music Only had songs that features him, so yeah DROP THAT ALBUM And get well soon, stay healthy.
    • Anonymous
      So you can not buy it?
  • Anonymous
    I never knew what this dude looked like for years. He had a unique voice
  • ccccx9
  • 0000z9
  • picture me rollin'
    "i'm smooth as a muthafucka, me and my nine/i'm cool as a muthafucka, i'ma get mine"
  • khordkutta
    That first CPO joint was on CONSTANT rotation, "Ballad of a Menace" is classic single, IMHO that was a classic WEST COAST album.