Joey Bada$$ "Summer Knights" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Mixtape Stream

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Joey Bada$$

UPDATE #6: Joey Bada$$ releases the download link for "Summer Knights."

Today, Pro Era's Joey Bada$$ announced his next project. The Brooklyn, New York emcee is working on an EP called Summer Knights. The title takes its name from the Chuck Strangers-produced song from Joey's 2012 mixtape, 1999. The tape would later receive Mixtape Of The Year honors from HipHopDX.

The project will release on June 12. Previously, Bada$$ referred to the project as a "mixtape," which is presumably a free effort.

Summer Knights EP was initially thought to be a Pro Era group project from Joey's May 10 tweet, though in today's tweet, Bada$$ referred to it as his own.

This summer, Bada$$ will appear on Statik Selektah's Extended Play album.

(May 22)

UPDATE: Joey Bada$$ has now added that Summer Knights will be a long-format project, not an EP. The Brooklyn, New York emcee confirmed today on Twitter:

UPDATE #2: Joey Bada$$ has released the cover art to Summer Knights, which is billed under his own name:

(May 29)

UPDATE #3: Joey Bada$$ now says that the June 12 release date has been "pushed back." This morning (June 10), Joey announced the delay with Summer Knights on Twitter:

UPDATE #4: Following the announcement on June 10, Joey Bada$$ has provided fans with a new release date for his Summer Knights mixtape. According to a tweet today and confirmation from his publicist, the Pro Era front-man will release the project on July 1:

(June 12)

UPDATE #5: Joey Bada$$ has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming Summer Knights mixtape. The July 1 release from the Brooklyn rapper features production from the AlchemistStatik Selektah, Doom and Chuck Strangers, as well as guest appearances from members of the Pro Era collective, such as CJ Fly and Kirk Knight. The mixtape will also feature the recently released single “95 Til Infinity.” 

The Summer Knights tracklist is as follows:

01. Alowha (prod. Kirk Knight)

02. Hilary $wank (prod. Lee Bannon)

03. My Youth (f. Collie Buddz) (prod. Chuck Strangers)

04. Afterlife (f. Kirk Knight (prod. Chuck Strangers & Patrick Eulmi)

05. Right on Time (T’nah Apex) (prod. Kirk Knight)

06. Sweet Dreams (prod. Navie D)

07. 47goonz f. Dirty Sanchez, Nyck Caution & Rokamouth (prod. Lee Bannon)

08. Sit N’ Prey f. Dessy Hinds & T’nah Apex (prod. Navie D)

09. Word Is Bond (prod. Statik Selektah)

10. Trap Dour (prod. Alchemist)

11. Satellite f. Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight & Dessy Hinds (prod. Lee Bannon)

12. 95 Til Infinity (prod. Lee Bannon)

13. Amethyst Rockstar f. Kirk Knight (prod. DOOM)

14. Reign (prod. Chuck Strangers)

15. Sorry Bonita f. Dyemond Lewis, Chuck Strangers, Dirty Sanchez, A La Sole, Kirk Knight, Dessy Hinds & CJ Fly [prod. Oddisee)

16. #LongLiveSteelo (Bonus track) (prod. Kirk Knight)

Additional Reporting By Amir Attia

(June 28)

UPDATE #6: Joey Bada$$ released the stream and the download link for Summer Knights today (July 1). The mixtape can be downloaded at and can be streamed below.

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  • Thermoball
    11.00-18.30 M 50 m pienoiskiv??ri makuu, alkukilpailu, finaali
  • Lylek1
    Honestly the best emcee out there. No bubble gum beats, raw hip hop. The kids dope, better than J.Cole in my books!
  • beatout123
    He is getting better with time& he is so young not even 20 yet this shit is ill you have a future
  • ShaunDough
    There must be some little kids posting comments. The beats are nice. Joey's flow is always on point. The Alchemist joint, Trap Door, is crazy. That's some vintage Alchemist right there.
  • Anonymous
    I dont' see what the hype is about him... he's good but nothing special
    • Uno
      IMO i like joey but he just missing something.....i cant put my finger on it......
  • Gucci
    Guci Mane realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross
    • Anonymous
      Faggot with an ice cream/dick tatooed on his face plus doing son with the white boy who sucked his drummer on-stage, yep , he is the new 'real ' off course. Fuck outta here.
    • Bene The OG
      When did Tupac ever claim to be a gangbanger? So you dont know Gucci Mane personally but hes a real nigga in your eyes cus hes committed crimes? Your lost.
  • phuckyall
    The beats are wack?!? yall niggas buggggin.... beats and lyrics both on point..
  • xxsss9
  • zxsss9
  • Bene The OG
    MF Doom really birthed his style. listen to Joeys verse on satellite its borderline biting. His production choice isn't as bad as some of yall are making it seem though. It does start to sound a bit repetitive after a while honestly. Im surprised premo made Unorthodox kinda disappointed, I feel like premo could of done better.Overall I like joey, he has actual talent you cant deny that. But he can only drop so many tapes with this production without all his music sounding the same to me and im a big fan of the 90s era. But this production is way below illmatic, reasonable doubt and borderlines on boring at times. 95 til infinity, Trap Door, Word is Bond and Long Live Steelo earned a spot on my itunes, the other tracks I can do without.
  • matty
    beats are so lame, never heard of this guy, gave him a chance, then another and another. not one good beat on this mixtape, so im never gonna listen to this clown again. oh well, not like he was ever going to be famous anyways lol. shit beats = no album sales, if you can even get an album. talk to Nas about that shit bro.
    • Anonymous
      I love Joey, his flow, delivery and content is on point but his beat selection is just horrible, I don't know what sound they're trying to go for, it's like they're trying to sound old/classic but blend it into something fresh as well... shit is all over the place trying to be jazz and shit and I can't get a taste for whatever that shit is, which is a shame because Joey has the potential of Kendrick Lamar with his lyricism.
    • ij4
      u saying he needs some zaytoven beats beats are great underground beats. hes an underground rapper
  • ZZzzzzzZZzzzzzz...Boring
    Too slow for me, his beats are trash. He will never sell with these beats, shit is boring as hell. He might be lucky enuff to squeeze out 35k to 40k on his debut, no more. Who the hell gone give him a whopping 3 mill to sign???
    • Anonymous
      Agreed, his beats are trash.
  • Anonymous
    downloading now
  • anonymous
    the tape has dropped!!!
  • Anonymous
    Looking forward to this realease.
  • xxxs9
  • xxxs9
  • Anonymous
    Can't wait! Love Joey
  • zxsss4
  • Anonymous
    this nigga joey suck ass.
    • Victoria
      Niggaaa than why are you wasting your time commenting on this?
    • Anonymous
      Pay attention to the lyrics, Joey's got bars and he's got skills, I just think he has a horrible ear for beats that suit him. The beats are nice just not suited to him at all.
  • Anonymous
    summer knights going to be better than yeezus
    • tre
      no shit
  • Anonymous
    joe badass aint hard, last time i met him he shit his pant$$.
    • Anonymous
      when has joey ever stated that he was hard?.. you sound like a loser..
  • nick
    The eastcoast will always have the best artist when it comes to lyricists. Southern and westcoast is more about sound not to take anything away from that I just respect the northeast more because of it. Anybody can make somethin sound takes real talent to have meaning and true lyricism. These trap artists are takin's sad that even some great artists are fallin victim to the garbage 2chainz and Waka put out and work with them. It's more about money more than poetry now...there is no more poetry in hip hop any more. Like Nas said..Hip Hop is dead. BTW EVERYONE FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM!! @nick_africa
    • Anonymous
      Fuck you and your instagram. Troll that shit somewhere else.
    • Anonymous
      @nick Tupac, Wu Tang, Tyler the creator, and Earl Sweatshirt westcoast Atl had fucking Outkast
    • Anonymous
      I kinda agree with Nick. Then again I aint biased about a coast and I couldn't give two shits where an artist is from if i dig what they do, then I dig it.
  • Anonymous
    9 more days, hell yeah. 95 til infinity time
  • Anonymous
  • Excuse my French Toast
    If cheef keef aint on the album, i'm not even going to listen to it. At least put some Ja Rule, that would be dope too.
    • Real Music
      Who the fuck wants to hear cheef keef ? Fuck that lame ass clown.
    • Anonymous
      The same people who can't spell Chief correctly.
  • 000x9
  • Alvin G. Bays
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  • FREDYYY 666