Police Impound Tyga's Lamborghini, Incident Caught On Tape

posted Sunday March 17 ,2013 at 02:42PM CDT | 77 comments

Police Impound Tyga's Lamborghini, Incident Caught On Tape

Tyga manages to avoid an arrest, but his Lamborghini goes with the police.

Tyga's white Lamborghini was impounded on Friday (March 15th) after a run-in with police.

TMZ reports that Tyga was pulled over at around 11:00 PM for an unspecified traffic violation in Hollywood, California. When police asked for a license and registration, Tyga had neither.

Luckily for the Young Money rapper, he was not arrested for the violations. However, he was issued a citation, and his vehicle was impounded. He was also given a field sobriety test, but was not charged with a DUI.

Tyga later vented on Twitter:

Watch footage of the incident below

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  • Anonymous
    What most of you don't know is that my boss, Birdman, was a mentor to Tupac. Before releasing "Hit Em Up" in it's final form, Pac actually had recorded a song called "Split Em Up", where he talked primarily about contributing to the dissolution of Biggie's marriage with Faith. However, Birman reminded Pac that talking about divorce is not gangsta, but talking about murder is. Birdman then helped Pac come up with better lyrics, which is why "Hit Em Up" is a classic diss record, just like Ether, I'm Good, Stay Schemin, Hail Mary Remix, I Smell Pussy and Back Down. What many of you also don't know is the close relationship that Afeni Shakur has with Cash Money. When I first started working as an accountant for YMCMB, Birdman showed me an email from Tupac's mom where she said that her son could finally rest in peace when Wayne put out the Carter in 2004, because he know that the rap game was safely in his comfortable hands. Birdman also showed me an email where she said that Tupac had once told her that he planned to lynching Jay-Z, not in effigy but the real Jay Z at Summer Jam, and that Kareem Biggs Burke was okay with the idea.
  • Anonymous
    GKMC is a mediocre album. Just because it is better than everything else coming out doesn't make it a classic. The rap game is trash now a days, with people like Future, Gucci, Lil Wayne and all these other lames it is easy for someone different from what is the norm be declared "hip-hop's savior." Everybody who offers an alternative to what is currently on the radio is praised as the best thing since slice bread. The problem with that is people are grading albums on a damn curve. This shit is mediocre not a classic. Yes, it is better than what is out now. But what is out now? Future, 2 Chainz, Gucci? F*ck, look at this guy's competition. It is easy to be declared the pound for pound king when you boxing guys who wouldn't even make the cut in a bar fight. SMDH. Hip Hop started in the streets and it will forever be in the streets, the fact of the matter is. Nobody in the streets is listening to kendrick, only kids from the burbs. I ain't feelin this album, i don't care how lyrical he is, it's fuckin wack in the streets. Only people in the urban community (not suburban ) should have say to what is dope hip hop and what isn't, this is NOTHING special. Kids from the suburbs tend to think just because a rapper is "lyrical" that makes them great! 2Pac , Too Short, Eazy E, and many many others weren't the most complex rappers but they are more legends, why? Because they kept it street. These underground, and lyrical cats can rhyme as many words out of the dictionary that they want and it is still wack in the streets why? Wack subject matter, wack hooks, wack beats, nobody wants to listen to any of that. People wake up, street hip hop (biggie, 2pac, big l , ross ) any rapper that reps the streets, YES even Gucci will have more respect than these lyrical cats, because hip hop IS the streets, and if the streets aren't feelin it, than it doesn't matter how versatile you are, wack is wack no matter what, this album is nothing special, and kids from the burbs need to stop givin this shit 5 star reviews!!
  • Anonymous
    You YMCMB haters are fucking idiots. Because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time with Birdman. What some of you may not know is Michael Jackson was planning on signing to YMCMB at the time of his death. He had even changed his stage name to Mic Jackin. He was planning on releasing 2 Major albums of hard hitting Trap shit, one a collaborative album with Lil Wayne titled Trap Kids. Since Michael's demise Cash Money records have actually teamed up with NASA and are creating a Global headquarters in Space and on the Moon. The reason for this is to create a new genre of hiphop called "Zero Gravity Rap". Lil Wayne was hospitalized because during his first zero gravity rap training session he rapped so hard he created a Blackhole that nearly engulfed him. The universe was not ready for his talent so it tried to take him, luckily all it got was his chain and a couple of Big Mac vouchers. All you haters are gonna be sorry soon YMCMB will be so big it will have its own gravitational pull meaning you will be drawn into it no matter what you do.
  • Rozay
    I agree, FAME is prolly my fav Jeezy song too. Other than, his album is really wack, specially compared to his old work like you said. Everything you said about the Fif/Ross beef was dead on. Its funny, when you look back at that beef, 50 was bodying him. It honestly even seemed like Ross wasnt trying cuz he wouldve handled it soooo much better. But in the end, Ross was truly victorious. Look at them now Fif teeters on irrelevancy while Ross is standing on the hip hop mountain top. Granted, Ross has had a few setbacks like the MMG tour getting canceled and now recently the attempt on his life, but hes still got the game in chokehold, specially when compared to Fif. Everybody on MMG is eating, while G-Unit is dead. So who really won? lol Yeah RichForever is a classic, prolly my fav mixtape ever, and just an amazing title/concept (hence why I renamed myself after it). I agree 20 songs was too much, but it was a mixtape after all so Id rather Ross put fillers on RF rather than GFID you take care too bro. youre dope and you know your hip hop unlike a lot of these so called rap geniuses.
  • dre cooley
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule always has his license and registration ready. Anything less would be uncivilized.
  • wow
    im tight. i got pulled over for the smae shit 3 times in my life and i got arrested EVERYTIME. i got everything legit now but as far as im concerned they did this faggot a solid..now by sayin fuck lapd to look cool for you twitter followers..you just essentially guarnteed they will fuck w you and arrest you next time..then you rly can say fuck lapd..dumb fuck
    • Anonymous
      fuck u and the police!! he said fuck lapd on twitter BIG FUCKIN DEAL!!!
  • firehawk17
    He says fuck LAPD but his shit wasn't straight.. thats his fault.. Niggas got their priorities fucked up.. they dont own those cars.. they claim to be making all this money nigga get your papers and credit straight.. first order of business then you start purchasing smh... if these labels was in the business of really making competent and responsible artist they would appoint someone..then again it really isnt there responsibility.. I do not lease cars.. if i cant buy it i dont drive it.. i make sure the basic is taken care of.. keep your L's straight niggas.. pay your tickets.. get your credit straight.. invest buy real estate..its how you create wealth.. niggas wanna floss for these bitches.. rats will always follow cheese.. secure your cheese rats will always come..keep feeding rats you will run out of cheese... keep a different pet.. put rats back in the sewers..fuck em then fuck em.. dont keep em..find a good woman.. when tyga money run out watch his bitch leave him...he couldn't get her without it..
  • Money First
    I don't know how you leave your house without your ID especially driving a car that cost a quarter of a million dollars? People we are in a 'police' state please don't ever think its easy out here!!!
  • Anonymous
    "police asked for a license and registration, Tyga had neither." "Luckily for the Young Money rapper, he was not arrested for the violations." Huh? How does that work? You can be caught driving without license and reg, and not be arrested?
    • Anonymous
      The car was a rental. He left it inside his house when they dropped it off two hours earlier.
  • fuckymcmb
  • floppydisk559
    rappers now a days, just a bunch of internet thugs on twitter, no different than the guys talking heavy game in the in the comment boards. sad times... :(
  • Anonymous
    tyga is satan, look at he.. he looks so demonic. makes me sick
  • Anonymous
    F*** LAPD? you were driving without license or registration.... what were they supposed to do? And they let you off.... moron.
  • TDAC
    tygas whack
    • yessir's mother
      turn off your damn caps lock...you and tyga couldn't even spell lamborghini.
  • Anonymous
    Black folk can't take care of their business, have your license and registration dummy!
    • West
      This lil asian bitch is a str8 up fag. He waits untill he's safe and secure so he can hide behind his keyboard and tweet bout somebody but not take the opertunity to do it face to face like. FAIL Lil bitch got off easy, If I was driving my camry in carson with no papers can guarantee that police brutality lol. Quit cryin and count ya azz lucky.
  • Anonymous
    Yeah right tweet fuck lapd but when you're in their presence you shake and cry like a ho these so-called men make me laugh so much
    No, me first!
  • dentaldamboy
    Now that Tyga doesn't have a car, he can ride me instead!
    • dentaldamboy
      I can't stop thinking about, how could you love me then leave???
  • Anonymous
    yeah "Fuck LAPD" for letting me go even though I was driving with no license or registration. This ass clown should be praising the cops for letting him go. Who the fuck is Tyga and why does he have a Lambo?!?!
    • FOREAL
      First thing i thought, how can you get mad when you dont have the proper documents. And why does he have a lambo? because he is spending his money on status symbol materials. I hope is he is investing or else he will have his stuff repo'd like Bow Wow. Should'a bought a soup'd up M3/M5
    • Anonymous
      i feel kinda bad for guys like this.... going to be so broke someday with no career. wasting all his money.
  • bdawg
    Why doesn't he just get his damn license and registration? What's the big deal? He should have been arrested the lucky fucker.
  • Anonymous
    dumbass rappers, these clowns are always driving around with no id, or if they do have it, that shit is expired. fuck you, you're not above the law.
    • c cs scxc
      Steven Segal is Thou but not richie cuz he killed bobby lupo
    • Anonymous
      Shut up B.
  • T-Raww
    #FuckLAPD all my shit dope.. lambo look like dope.. i didnt even get a dope charge
  • Anonymous
    you can tell by looking at him hes not really from compton
  • Anonymous
    everyone already knows tyga not a real nigga. lil rich kid from the valley already been exposed i don't know why hes making songs about 187 and dope. this kid is literally following in rick ross foot steps
  • Anonymous
    he shouldve said fucklapd to their face too not just twitter.. fuck tiger fake thug usin pac's name on yo punk ass album fuck you nigga rip PAC