Lil Wayne Tweets That He Is "Good" Following Second Seizure Incident

posted Friday March 15 ,2013 at 08:34PM CDT | 140 comments

Lil Wayne Tweets That He Is

UPDATE: Lil Wayne's Twitter account indicates that the rapper is recovering quickly.

In breaking news, for the second time this week, Lil Wayne was rushed to the hospital after suffering seizures. The Cash Money Records superstar is reportedly in critical condition at the Los Angeles, California Cedar-Sinai Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit, according to In an updated report, the site claims Wayne is being prepared for last rights, as his family is currently traveling.

TMZ gathered reports that a "high amount of codeine" was discovered in Lil Wayne's system, requiring his stomach to be flushed multiple times. Reports add that Wayne is presently in a coma, and at times, shaking uncontrollably, and "breathing through tubes."

TMZ also has exclusive photographs of the entourage of vehicles outside Cedar-Sinai.

Reports earlier this week indicated that Lil Wayne, who is currently 30 years old, was suffering from dehydration, causing him to suffer seizure-like symptoms.

UPDATE: Just over an hour after the original report from broke, Lil Wayne revealed that he's recovering and "good." The rapper took to Twitter for his first tweet in days to refute reports that his life was in danger.

This tweet happened moments after Wayne's inner-circle of Birdman and Mack Maine denied the original reports, with the latter calling the breathing tubes and choma information "false."

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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  • Pimp C
    I told that boy to stay out of L.A.
    • 40 Glocc
      Me too dawg! Me too!
  • Percy Miller last tweet 3 March
    "God bless the dead.. it's funny how they play your music, make tributes when you die and show you no love while you alive.. Cold world"
  • Hip Hop Fan
    If you are in ICU unit it is because you are doing very poorly. Also, I seriously doubt someone in the ICU unit can tweet they are okay and doing well. SMH at people believing Cash Money and those clowns saying its all a lie.
  • Elijah Muhammad's Ghost
    Can't believe my black people are actually trying to defend TMZ. Look at what the world has come to.
    • Betty Shabazz
      Didn't your scandalous azz have Malcolm X murdered??!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous
    birdman and ymcmb are playin weekend at bernies right now! they also sayin hes okay but no one will post a picture cause hes in a coma
  • Anonymous
    "even legit news gotta be kept in check and tmz are far from that" What are they reporting that's a lie? They follow these celebrities around and 99-100 times are simply reporting the truth. It may be exaggerated here and there for entertainment value, but that's the price celebrities pay for having their lives be an open book.
  • Jacc
    He was just feeling a little weezy. Calm down everybody.
  • 400000000000v
  • Cloughdad
    This is what happens when your most reliable source is TMZ.
    • Anonymous
      tmz aint lying though. they were first to report michael jackson`s death.
  • Turn your life over to Jesus
    If his mother, brother, children and baby mother's aren't tweeting , then TMZ has the story right. Only his business associates are reporting through the media, which means something is seriously wrong with Wayne.
    • Anonymous
      does wayne have a brother i though he was an only child
    • Anonymous
      Yes, his mother has another son that's about 13. He is the little dark skinned fat kid who is always with Lil Wayne.
    Don't wish death on him. wish that he WAKE UP!
  • Anonymous
    worst rapper ever weezy fag baby
  • fuck him
    I hope he dies, pleaseeee.
  • Baton Rouge Southern University Human Jukebox
    Why are those New Orleans dudes always on that Heroin and Codeine?
  • Anonymous
    Damn, he didn't die?
  • Anonymous
  • anonymous
    drugs catch up on you pretty quick eh?
  • PuCho
    I must be the only one who doesn't believe that tweet was sent by Lil Wayne himself. If he's really in the ICU, then there is no way they are having contact with him if they aren't immediate family. I think someone else is posting on his twitter account and trying to deflect attention from the severity of the situation, and trying to cover their asses in case the inevitable happens and they potentially catch a case for enabling his habit. TMZ isn't the New York Times, but they have never been wrong about celebrity death stories or stories leading up to the deaths.
    • Anonymous
      no electronics allowed in icu FACT
  • MalcolmLittle
    So...NO ONE'S gonna point out the fact this article was written on the 15th, yet the tweets are dated the 16th?? Y'all are just gonna let that fly right on past like nothin's funny about it at all huh? o_O
    • anonymous
      thats why in big bold letters underneath the original article it says UPDATE. fuckin idiot.
    • MalcolmLittle
      Well...genius...that's also why that same update you speak of says those tweets were sent out --and I quote--"Just over an hour after the original report from broke", which if you go the site, was posted at 4:39pm Pacific time...on the 15TH. Fuckin idiot.
    • anonymous
      haha look at sherlock holmes over here. lol im glad you caught that one we were all screwed who knows what coulda happened to us had we thought that the tweet was 5 hours after the article instead of 1.
    • MalcolmLittle
      -_- I see in your attempt to be clever you missed the point entirely. How the hell an article that's written on the 15th gonna include tweets that say they're posted on the 16th? Ain't just a HHDX typo either, it's on AllHipHop the same way. It don't take no Sherlock Holmes shit to see somethin ain't right with that, just a functional brain. I only checked the time on the TMZ article to make sure I wasn't talkin out my ass when I replied. Ain't about to waste no more keystrokes on the issue though cuz I don't give a damn about the man dead or alive, so it's pointless really. Ain't wishin death on him but I could honestly care less. I'm gone.
  • jase
    lil wayne need to sue the fucking shit outta TMZ. ol gossiping ass hoes.
    • Anonymous
      except everything they reported was likely true
    • Anonymous
      ^get off their dick. even legit news gotta be kept in check and tmz are far from that.
  • Chris Etrata
    I hate Lil wayne and his music but i don't wish death on anyone.
  • fukymcmb
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I don't fuck with Wayne's music, and I don't really like dude but I hope he's gonna be okay.
    • anonymous
      that's very mature of you playboi
    • Anonymous
      not really its just immature to wish death on ppl whos music you don't like.
  • Anonymous
    Well, at least he has some down bitches he can call, can't he? On the sidenote, I suspect Birdman behind the scenes - Suge put Pac in the coffin, Puffy did the same with Biggie, why Birdman would be an exception? He own every single piece of work Weezy ever made, and now that he's about to quit to play Tony Hawk full-time, he's not valuable anymore. A few years, onehunnid' previously unreleased Wayne feature-verses and like six posthumous LP later Baby will still winning! #BelieveThat!
    • Anonymous
      lmao at the tony hawk reference
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    i been going thru my itunes and i got a few decent lil wayne songs from years ago. hes hasnt had a decent song in years though.
  • Anonymous
    prayers and wishes?... anyone care this fuck boy is killin himself?... and dont get all political on me, hes a waste of time...