Busta Rhymes Says He Was Poking Fun At Diddy On "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See"

posted Friday March 08 ,2013 at 01:55PM CST | 24 comments

Busta Rhymes Says He Was Poking Fun At Diddy On

Busta Rhymes recalls how Diddy's advice prompted him to mock him on his smash 1997 single.

Throughout his career, Busta Rhymes has become known for his emphatic delivery on cuts like A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario" and "Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check." But the first record he ever cut with a calm delivery, "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See," was inspired by Q-Tip and Diddy's advice to tone it down and his reaction to their suggestion.

During an interview with Life+Times' new series "The Round Up with Shaheem Reid," Bus-A-Buss said that he poked fun at Diddy at the beginning of the record by mimicking his adlibs.

"That's how come I did the first calm voice record in my whole career. We were listening to some music and I had the beat, and I played the beat, they lost they mind over the beat. Diddy and Tip was like, 'You need to calm down on these records because bitches don't want no "Rau Rau" witchu on every record. Chicks don't want to do that. You gotta do some shit that the chicks want to do,'" he recalled. "I wanted to make fun of Diddy on the song while I was doing my calm shit. That's why if you listen on the 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See' record, you hear, '97. Hot shit. Check it out.' All of that. 'Don't stop. Can't stop.' We was mocking Diddy."

Busta Rhymes is currently prepping the release of his Cash Money Records debut, which is presently untitled and without release date.

Watch the full interview below, where he also speaks on his performance style, how he's seen the music industry evolve and more.

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Comments 24 Posts

  • Anonymous
    writing articles about songs from 97 = slow news day
    • Anonymous
      so you're saying you wouldn't read any new information about Juicy or California Love or anything before last week?
  • Gay Niggas Carry Fantasies Like Mariah
    Fuck anyone hating on Busta dude a G.O.A.T. no matter who he signs to and y'all better recognize
  • Anonymous
    eeverthing whack all u need is a dj and emcee
  • Anonymous
    poking fun? he was poking something. busta the big gay uncle of rap music. he has held countless rappers in his big burly arms. breath stankin, abusing women, saluting kids in the studio half his age. busta rhymes is 50 something and he hasn't made a good album in forever. he's a closet gay and he's getting closer to coming out to save his career. year of the dragon was the precursor to year of the faggot. retire bus you fat drunk homo.
    • DJScratch
    • Anonymous
      hate, hate, hate, hate...funny tho
  • Hip Hop please
    Busta is a dope MC Too bad he joined that Crash Test Dummy label
    • T
      emcees dont win grammys
  • Busa Bus
    He may look like a juice head gorilla now but I know deep down he's still the same dude that was tied up in straight jackets with ODB.
    • slobbythegreat
      hahaha i was just about to say he looks like a gorilla! should have signed to G-Unit! Now we got snoop lion and Gorilla Rhymes
  • Anonymous
    No title... No release date... No chance.
    • Anonymous
      Guess what though?? He already has been paid in advance for his album, just like Juvi already got paid for the future Hot Boy album.
    • bswag
      so he got paid in advance...so? that means Birdman now holds him by his balls and literally owns him. no release and Busta is shelved forever (like 50 at Interscope).
  • Anonymous
    Shout out to Shamello!
  • Spliff Star
    take your funky azz, rhyme the same word over and over, washed up butt to the MC graveyard bruh. no one cares
  • gtftgfvghhjunkml
  • Anonymous
    I forgot he was alive when he signed to Cash Money.
  • charles manson
    its like this dig wat im sayingg u gotta move bac throw em on the ground eat em alive take to the soull you digg eat em alivee
  • left eyeeee
    naughty by nature puts their hands up so does busta thats wat pigs say put ur hands up where we can see
  • Anonymous
    How the mighty have fallen.
    • illestnyc
      COSIGN. i think we have seen the best of Busta.... it saddens me but damn you know when you ar at your lowest signing with YM.
    • Anonymous
      definitely, just like drake and nicki. they're definitely at the lowest point in their careers. i'm sure they're thinking about takin your advice.
    • wolfman
      No statue stands forever. But, if you can be one of the last to fall out over TWENTY SEVEN years, how can you not pay respect to this man. To last that long in any genre is a tribute to an artist's creativity, but in hip-hop it's straight amazing.