A$AP Rocky Believes He Is The Hottest MC In The Game

posted Wednesday March 06 ,2013 at 08:41AM CST | 128 comments

A$AP Rocky Believes He Is The Hottest MC In The Game

A$AP Rocky has an issue with MTV's list of "Hottest MCs in the Game." He says he should be at the top.

There has been some controversy surrounding the latest MTV list of "Hottest MCs in the Game." A$AP Rocky is not pleased with the list and says he should be ranked at the top. The list had him at number eight but he firmly believes he should be at number one and he hit up the LA Leakers to explain his take on the matter. 

"All my videos are shitting on any Hip Hop video out there. Let's be honest. The reason why everybody is wearing gold again is because of your boy. Everybody’s wearing diamonds. I’m the one who made the John Lennon shades with the glasses—everybody wearing it now, you see what’s going on now. Come on, who brought gold teeth back? Let’s be honest...Honestly, I brought it back in a dramatic way. I made braids hot. Let's get off trends." 

"I’m the first artist who grew enough balls to say, 'I listen to Geto Boys, Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, N.W.A. and Wu-Tang at the same damn time, and what?' And I’m influenced by all of them...But moving aside from the fact that I broke boundaries with not only that, but what other rapper is on the cover of Vogue?"

"Forget trends, let’s get off trends. Lets get back to the music. Who brought double time back? Who was rapping like Bone? Nobody. Who brought that flow out? I don’t even use it no more. Everybody using this. Everybody rapping like that now.

"It's frustrating when I’m number eight. Don’t put me at all. I need to be number one." 

He also acknowledged that his father died and that he has not had time to mourn his death because of his work schedule. Rocky isn't the only one upset with the list. Kanye West also had some words about it

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Comments 128 Posts

  • Dave Chappelle
    The way this homo A$AP is acting reminds me of the Dave Chappelle True Hollywood Prince episode. A$AP is Micki Free, the new "pretty fine bitch" in Prince's group LMAO. Micki Free is a dude
  • 490717
    Whats funny is all is songs is about is his gold teeth, drinkin lean and being gangsta. bout as unoriginal as you can get. someone kick his crybaby ass off and put on Big KRIT
  • Anonymous
    Rappers don't blow up, heads do.
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    Pretty sure that braids, gold teeth and gold have been around and in since before A$AP was even born... I would say some rappers have gold chains and grills older than A$AP... he is a dope rapper, but haha, come on.....
  • Brizz
    Wow didnt take long for him to get completely detached from reality hahahahah.
  • jumbajak
    How could you not roll your eyes at everything he just said? He ain't influenced a single person that I know of, musically or his fashion.
  • Anonymous
    lmao... what an ungrateful little pussy i can see another kanye west in the making... how long before this dude starts throwing bitch fits on stage?
  • Chillin
    Dude had the worst verse on 1 Train, no way he's the hottest. He is flaming though...
  • Anonymous
    Why the fuck is A$AP and Kanye mad at an MTV list of top rappers? when has MTV ever had any credentials on hip hop or music in general for that matter. All they do is take trending ass rappers off of the top radio picks
  • iyodelly iwas nusent the 10th
    dis wus da real list 4 u bitch uss niggaz out deah 10 FAT JOE 9 PUSHA T 8 ROYCE DE 59TH 7 VADO 6 LIL WAYNES 5 YUNG SCOOTER 4 T PAIN 3 LA RIED 2 ACE HOOD 1 JAY Z
    • asfdjn
      haha what a joke
    • Anonymous
      La reid aint even a rapper ahha
  • Anonymous
    haha fuck no
  • Chris Arsenio
    Did he not see kanye in "My Beautiful twisted dark fantasy" ?... H e brought back gold, in 2010...when he was on the whole purple tip....
  • I$moke Rocks
    Typical hipster taking pride and bragging about his own personal taste in music. And then, in typical hipster fashion, he tries to take credit for making John Lennon glasses cool! Pretty sure John Lennon made those glasses cool, you just noticed what he did years ago and are trying to take credit for someone else's originality. Just like Wiz is trying to do to Jimi Hendrix. SMGDH at these hipster today , lol.
  • A$$crack Rocky
    "Im the one who brought dresses back. im the one who brought shitty lyrics back!All these little kids out there want to be or be in me!"
  • Blah Blah Blah
    • Anonymous
      Lmao funny ass shit
    • HA
      Lionel Boyce, is that you?
  • NoPoint
    how has Jadakiss never been on this list?.. he will season marinate and BBQ EVERY one on this list past or Present... Fuck mtv when was the last time they even played a fuckin hiphop song? ill wait.... this list is more bullshit then kanye sayin wayne should be number one... no styles no j.cole no REAL NIGGAS... fuck this list fuck mtv and fuck the bitch ass niggas that made this list...
    • Anonymous
      Because he hasn't done anything and is highly overrated, and its mostly based off popularity which lets be real... Jada is far from it.
  • Anonymous
    Kendrick is automatically number one, he didn't just have the best rap album, he had album of the year of all genres. I'm pissed off that joey bada$$ or big krit aren't on the list these dudes including j.cole, black hippy and earl sweatshirt are the future of hip hop
    • ETK
      again people the list is about the HOTTEST in the game. H-O-T-T-E-S-T. Joey Bada$$, as talented as he is, should be nowhere near that list. Not KRIT, not J.Cole who's pushed his sophomore album back as much as lil wayne does. these niggas dope, they ain't hot. people need to make the difference..
  • Anymous
    Cover of Vogue? Ayo
  • Ja Rule
    I'm Such a lyrical wordsmith that i should have all ten slots on that list -It's Murdaaa!!!!!
  • Sonova
    Alot of yall dont know the difference between what "Hottest" means and "Best". Hottest has nothing to do with Lyrical ablilty or skills Hot is about relevance and clout. Learn what the fuck yall are arguin about before yall start gettin snippy. The question is who's HOT like who do you keep hearing about, not hot as in who made you go "OOOOOOOOOOH"
    • OK
      ur an idiot
    • Paul
      no hes right actually. "hot" is different than "dope"
    • nairobistar
      soooo co-signing this
  • BP
    you know what, usually I won't knock on a rapper for thinking highly of themselves... that's what they do. they put work in their craft, drop some shit, people bump them and they think they're God's gift to Earth. I don't blame em, it's hip-hop in a nutshell. but at least don't start poppin your mouth off like a dumb nigga here. ASAP brought half of those things back. The double time style, Kendrick got that too. it's another one of those cases where when one rapper does somethin and other people start doin it, he takes all the credit despite the fact other rappers may have been behind the resurgence too! but that one rapper thinks he influenced that nigga too! #1 MISTAKE IN THE HIP-HOP GAME >>
  • Duh
    1. Nas 2. Pharoahe Monch 3. Kool G Rap 4. Rakim 5. Ghostface Killah 6. Chali 2na 7. Redman 8. MF DOOM 9. Royce da 5'9" 10. Tech N9ne
    • Chi-Ill
      I'm sorry but when it comes to this article, your list is bullshit! Stick to the dam subject nigga!
    • Tapeworm
      we're not talking about the best we are talking about whos hot, not that i like who's hot but the dude is clearly delusional if he thinks he brought back the 90s he hasn't done shit for the era he created his own weirdo emo style of music
  • Nick
    fuck this!!!! Hottest MC in the game is Tech N9ne 100%
  • RealInjustice
    The real injustice will be if Lil Wayne is ranked above Nas. It looks like he will be and that's just a crime!
  • 1991
    they had you in the right spot bro lol
    • Anonymous
      naw i think hes hotter than big sean.
  • Anonymous
    It ain't about the videos my dude. It's your lyrical ability, and you ain't up on Joey Bada$$' level as far as newcomers go. Now some of the old folks thas still killin it like Ghostface, Cormega, Redman, Sean Price...nah son. You got a ways to go B.
    • asherdust
      Yep! Totally Agree
  • Hip Hop Apex
    1. Shyheim 2. Swifty McVey 3. Rich Boi 4. Berner 5. Mike Jones 6. Baby Boy Da Prince 7. Tony Yayo 8. Jibbs 9. Sean Kingston 10. Gudda Gudda
  • Tyrone
    Lol Rocky actually knows he's good like he very aware of his skills. He just needs to keep the pace.
  • bizzalls
    This fuckin wack ass faggot shouldn't even BE on the listen, fuckin clown ass muthafucka.