Snoop Dogg & Suge Knight Reportedly Reconcile

posted Saturday February 23 ,2013 at 12:24PM CST | 23 comments

Snoop Dogg & Suge Knight Reportedly Reconcile

Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight take a photo together at a club in Los Angeles, California.

Ever since Snoop Dogg’s contentious departure from Death Row Records in the mid-‘90s, he and co-founder (and then-CEO) of Death Row Suge Knight have been at odds. Now, it seems the two have buried the hatchet.

In a surprising turn of events, Snoop Dogg posted a picture of himself posing with Knight at the AV Club in Los Angeles earlier this week.

The move is unexpected, as the fallout with Death Row lead to songs such as “Pimp Slapp’d,” a diss aimed at Suge on Snoop’s 2002 release Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss.

Below is the image, which was posted on Snoop’s Instagram page with the caption, “N d club wit Suge miss those death row days!”


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Comments 23 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Fuck Suge, that fat fuck !!
  • lol
    snoop just looks like some random dude in the backround lol
  • Tupac Shakur
    Is Snoop Doggy Dogg high in that picture?
  • Anonymous
    snoops a lil bitch
  • Jackson The Thorough Nigga
    Y'all niggas don't know shit after Sam Sneed got knocked the FUCK OUT by Pac, Suge and them goons Snoop got so shook he fled Down South to Master P's dick in New Orleans. After Pac died it was just another reason for Snoop to stay there, but nigga never really said shit to Suge. The only time he dissed him was in 2002 when Suge lost all his power and had no one supporting him
  • Fuck Long Beach
    LMAO funny how DX loves to omit the truth! Snoop got beat the fuck up a couple of days ago in Jamaica, but did HHDX talk about it??? HELL NO!!!
    • Lexxie Ryan
      HHDX isn't spending a second on that rumor bullshit because some rat ass hood folk claimed it for some camera time. People forget that Snoop aint going ANYWHERE without his security! This is the same dude who tries to bring a gun on an airplane.. bottom line, Snoop been in it for 2 decades and RARELY gets punked or stepped up to.
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule is where it's at
  • Anonymous
    All this pic is missing is Ja Rule
  • D.D.D
    Yea...I'm curious what Dr.Dre thinking about it...
  • Anonymous
    who are the 2 mafia goons next to suge? hahah
    • Anonymous
      hahaha exactly what I was thinking !!! They really got mafia goons heads ! haha
  • Anonymous
    THIS REPORT IS GIVEN ME THE CHILLS!! anyway snoop become much more important then night.
  • Anonymous
    I think they just took a picture. As foul as Suge is, I don't think he and Snoop reconciled anything.
  • what i wanna know is...
    who are the other two schmucks in the picture?
  • my album is like suge knight yall gon be scared when it come out
    snoops hairline starts on his neck............i wouldnt trust suge at all thats one grimy evil fucker bet dre stays wary of him notice snoop dont let him too close even for the picture sumthing aint right bout this
  • Eric
    I'm not sur if I would be able to kick it with some one who done me wrong. Y'all should checkout too, they usually have some good reads as well
  • backintheday
    What's next? Suge hired as a security guard to Bad Boy.... ha ha
  • Anonymous
    how can you reconcile with someone who did so much wrong to you ??!! suge is a piece of shit. so is snoop for this move
    • Anonymous
      hes so high all the time he forgot about all that hes all about love and shit now thats hes a rasta
  • cocotaso
    Both them old bastards dont belong in "the club"...
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    WTF....That's it. Deuces hiphop.