Lil Wayne Signs His Daughter Reginae Carter To Young Money

posted Friday February 15 ,2013 at 09:23AM CST | 99 comments

Lil Wayne Signs His Daughter Reginae Carter To Young Money

Lil Wayne makes Young Money a family affair with the signing of his 14-year-old daughter.

Lil Wayne has signed his 14-year-old daughter Reginae Carter to his Young Money imprint.

During an interview with, YM president Mack Maine said that in addition to signing PJ Morton, Torion Sellers and We The Future, the label has snatched up Reginae and expects her to be a "megastar."

"Wayne’s daughter, Reginae, is actually signed to Young Money now," he said. “Just expect greatness. She’s Toya [Wright's] daughter and Wayne’s daughter, so that’s a great combination. She’s a star, put it like that. A megastar.”

Reginae was previously a member of the OMG Girlz, a girl group put together by Tameka "Tiny" Cottle and Kiesha Miles in 2009. In November, she celebrated her 14th birthday with a skate party attended by Wayne, Lauren London and Nivea.

Her famous father is currently prepping the release of his upcoming album I Am Not a Human Being II, releasing March 26th.

Check the interview below.

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  • Anonymous
    She looks more like a man than wayne
  • Black KiiNG
    This young girl is a great talent and deserves a chance to shine. Haters need to relax and go find some money.
  • im da pappy
    Papoose said it best... "Used to be an artist, but now you an exec You signed a buncha wack artists at your desk You make sure they wack so you can sound fresh I guess they just your pawns, you playin' chess Record labels, y'all signing acts right and left He pop bottles and celebrate his success Y'all put him on the shelf but told him he was next He just a tax write-off, yall playin' chess!"
    • The Truth
      That's what happened to his lame azz and now he just a salty hater. Fat Joe beat the breaks off of that boy and ended his career lol
  • Kap Diva
    It amazes me that so many idiots are hating on this young lady, because her mother is a gold digger with no talent. Toya Johnson got lucky when Lil Wayne got her pregnant with Reginae, because she was destined to become a welfare mother of multiple kids, just like her mother. Reginae, shouldn't be blamed for her mother being a scheming hood rat.
    • Anonymous
      u r a fuckin bitch
    • Anonymous
      kap diva...i bet u wish u was toya u dum ass hatin ass ho
  • Eastcomments
    Well i do master 4 languages!!..Portuguese ,Dutch,French and CaboVerdian creole!!! Yeah I know my english grammar bad!!!To learn proper english is next on the list trust me!!!
    • Liar
      Prove it by putting your real government name and city on here. Either that or stop typing these stupid ass lies!! Your IP is in The United States.
    • Moacir
      Tu nao sabe porra nenhuma viado do caralho se fode ae seu merda
  • So Icy Boi!
    KRS-1: 1 comment Reginae Carter / Lil Wayne: 89 comments real hip hop gets more comments. swag
  • Anonymous
    These broke azz haterz are krazy and jealous of a 14 year old.
  • Eastcomments
    I think for someone like me,who never had english at school and never placed my foot in a english speaking country my grammar is way beter then allot of you!! bad!!!...hahahahaha to u too!! I live in Europe speak about 7 languishes...what about you???...I speak ur languish bet u dont speak mines or even write!! Its all love!!!...ur welcome too!!.......peace God!!!
    • Anonymous
      languages, not languishes it's great that you can speak 7 languages but maybe you should master one or two?
  • Eastcomments
    All Im saying is...she straight for the rest of her life...send her to school to become a dentist or doctor whatever!!!.give other people the chance to get money too!!! I bet theres somutch talent out there!!...who are hungry and can rap!!!!!...theres too mutch trash music out!! We dont need that!!! Ok,..let us give her a chance!!! She allready got fans!!!... hoping the music shes going to make aint gonna be sum like party and shit braggin about what she got and You Not!!!..I called this the spoiled bratt syndrome!!! Aint gonna be relevant for the community!!,...thats all Im saying!!!....peace God!!
    • Hahahah
      Open a grammar book and read. Your welcome.
    • Anonymous
      Why can't those other people just go to school to become dentists and doctors? That's the problem with people these days, everybody wants to be an entertainer or athlete, when they should be worrying about school.
    • not funny
      **You're welcome
    • Anonymous
      wow dats cool! lol
  • daddy
    Bitch is a filthy whore.
    • Anonymous
      Your mother and her mother are filthy sluts, who fuck for free.
    • Anonymous
      no lilwayne dont do dat
  • Fiend
    "So now you feel that all street family ain't yours Recieving cuts and sores because you opened your pores These niggas ride like volvos, and we ain't talkin bout these whores Give a section of the beach, nigga surfers gotta swim ashore If you need more, then take this notion with my devotion Remember jealousy is a wasted emotion."
  • Anonymous
    Ymcmb has mad haters including me but there on top in hiphop so who buys and listens to this crap?
    • Anonymous
      You mean their on top in POP hiphop fans dont buy this crap
    • Anonymous
      Young Money's time was 2008-2010, no-one cares anymore.
  • Curioussss
    Hopefully she brings the spirit of the old Wayne with her.
  • Miles
    yall forget that a lot of people that are on this site are 14-16 year old kids as well. so maybe not all of them are pedos
    • Anonymous
      that would make so much sense considering some of these comments i be reading
  • s.a
    i bet she drop an album b4 jae millz lol even if she flop she still in a good position(paid)
    • Anonymous
      You're a playa hater and need to grow up!
  • Anonymous
    now she's deff fucked for the rest of her life. havin him as a father figure already sucks enough
    • Anonymous
      She probably lives better than you ever will now
    • She has more money than your whole family lol
      I'm sure the millions of dollars she has already from her father, is more than your father, grand father, great grand father and great great grand father gave you lol...
    • Hip Hop Fan
      You idiots still think money equals happiness. I am guessing you two are either poor or just kids.
    • Anonymous
      So how do you know that she's not happy with lil wayne as her father? You don't know him personally to say that he's a bad father to her.
  • Call the cops
    There are too many child molesters on this comment thread. Stop on this 14 yr old child!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      Your father touches you at night though..
    • Call the cops
      And? That nigga gave me life, who am I to tell him no..
    • Anonymous
      ^molesters always talking about fathers lol
  • Esq.
    Keepin' it in the fam...that's whassup.