Vado Confirms Signing To DJ Khaled's We The Best Imprint

posted Wednesday January 30 ,2013 at 04:20PM CST | 24 comments

Vado Confirms Signing To DJ Khaled's We The Best Imprint

Vado also discusses a possible super group with Fabolous, Lloyd Banks and Juelz Santana.

Rumors have been swirling that Vado signed to DJ Khaled's We The Best imprint since he posted and then deleted about the deal on Twitter. After later denying that the move was official, the Harlem, New York rapper has now confirmed that he has signed to the label.

During an interview with, Slime said that he chose to go with Khaled because he has a vision to take him to the top. "Shout out to Khaled, it's about to be on and crazy. Yeah. Yeah. It's going down man, it's about to be on and crazy," he said. "Everybody got the word. Khaled just reached. He's family, so we got the same vision and that's to take over and go straight to the top and stay there. He want to get me there. I'ma let him."

He also touched on his super group with Fabolous, Lloyd Banks and Juelz Santana, stating that they've discussed teaming up but that there are no concrete plans in place.

"We was talking about it. One day, me, Banks and L was talking about it. They came to my birthday party at Perfection," he said. "We was talking about it, we was like, yo, it'd be a super group! Just smash it. Me, L and Banks was on the phone together. We was with it. It was on three-way. We all was with it, we was down with it."

Vado recently explained that his former label home Interscope Records was "under construction" and that the imprint let him go without any trouble. He also dropped his new mixtape Slime Flu 3.

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Comments 24 Posts

  • Ny-Harlem
    Slime Flu i mean. That shit is fire. Hope Khaled don't change this nigga style up.
  • Harlem NY
    Yo that swine flu is fucking fire. Never was a fan and i been stop fucking with Dipset. But Vado got some heat with that Swine flu 3 shit. Very impressed by that shit. Bad move signing with DJ Khaled. Hopes it works out for the kid tho
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    damn son you could have been next in line after rocky you wont get no love from them he just want you to ghost write for ace hood and william roberts
  • Anonymous
    All those so called Producers in NY should be ashamed to have let Vado sign to those clowns downsouth.
    • Anonymous
      how so?? thats his decision, just shows his loyalty to NY...
  • datnigga
    UNIVERSAL ^^ Cash Money ^^ Young Money ^^ We The Best ^^ Vado Damn son. By the time the check gets cut all the way to might have enough money to eat some croutons.
    • datnigga
      You at the bottom of the umbrella, Vado. Signed to a nigga that's signed to another nigga who signed to that nigga's daddy, who's signed to the top dawg niggas that's really gettin the cheddar that you rappers talk about, but know you really renting them cars.
    • Louis
      You getting $9 a hour and you wanna speak about checks? negro please, shut your broke ass up!
  • Anonymous
    Damn SLIME. Should have signed to Roc Nation WTF you go downsouth to those haters?? HOV puttin together a strong line-up at RocNation, you would have been general over there, and it's home! Khaled have no gwap, he can't even pay his condo rent!! Bad Move SlIIIIIIIMME!
    • foreal
      he could've been rapping on Timbs a discount
    • BLACK
  • Anonymous
  • the grza
    career suicide
  • Anonymous
    nnooooooo man why???? why man???????????? You a talented rapper to hang with them clowns going to change!!!!! that sucks!!!
  • Anonymous
    comparing Vado to Ace Hood is stupid. Ace Hood is absolutely terrible. I'm not saying is the best but he can hold a song down on hs own and is nice on the mic. one of the best from NY in a while.
  • asher1985
    this is a great look for vado. ace hood never sells more than 100k and he's put out 3 albums under this imprint. its all about who you know not what you know. not everyone can be a general, but i think vado will be a good foot soldier
  • Anonymous
    dammnnn vado, why u gota go and sign with khaled, i hope i dont hear that motherfucker screaming all over vados songs " WE DA BEST" and all that other bullshit
  • Anonymous
    Well I'll probably never hear of this guy again.
  • t
    i just dont see this working, khaled does get people some light, but vado doesnt really need this look,all khaled will prob do is throw him on a bunch of remixes like he does ace hood, ace hood aint buzzin no more so how does he think he will shine with khaled, he got cam and that situation and that was workin fine, people know who vado is
  • Anonymous
    stupid move, and who is khaled?
    • Anonymous
      wow stupid move and u don't know khaled? idiot smh
  • Anonymous
    damn man well it was good while it lasted
  • Anonymous
    Say goodbye to your career, Vado.