Pusha T "Wrath Of Caine" Mixtape Download & Stream

posted Monday January 28 ,2013 at 07:40PM CST | 44 comments

Pusha T

Pusha T enlists Rick Ross, French Montana, Wale, Andrea Martin and more for his new tape.

Pusha T has released his anticipated new mixtape Wrath of Caine via LiveMixtapes.com.

For the tape, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper enlists a crew of guests including Rick Ross, French Montana, Troy Ave, Wale, Kevin Gates and Andrea Martin. Production comes courtesy of Kanye West, Young Chop, Harry Fraud, The Neptunes, Jake One, !llmind, B!nk and more.

The Clipse member previously described the tape as street-oriented music intended for his longtime fans. "Wrath of Caine is basically just me catering to my core. It's all about just street Hip Hop, street music" he said. "It's just something that I like to do. It's something that I feel like has no boundaries, no parameters. I can do what I really, really want to do…[my approach to the mixtape is] not about more of a creative [decision], I just think it's about more of what I want to hear for myself and what my fans want to hear. They want to hear lyrics, they want to hear street [music]…it's just the whole street life perspective."

Stream the mixtape below, and head over to LiveMixtapes.com to download the project.



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Comments 44 Posts

  • Matthew Gregoriou
    amazing mixtapes bruv love it i will play some of these at the club i work at :)
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    • Devin
      Heard your stuff bruh. Dude's nice. You got my vote..
  • Anonymous
    this dat shit i rob niggas 2
  • Rain
    Mixtape was aight, Cyhi The Prince Mixtape that comes out tomorrow will be better!
    • Anonymous
      I agree. I expected more from Pusha but this shit is average at best. Better luck next time.
    • idk
      idk if u fuck w pusha then u know this is what he does. sure its got a throwaway on there and a wack hook by montana surrounded by his best verses on the album IMO but this is a monster mixtape sounds like an album.4/5 stars easily would of been higher had french not fucked that hook up im convinced he has down syndrom now
  • hiphop
    yoooooo i wasnt gonna comment again until i was done w the mixtape but WHAT THE FUCK is that french montana singing part?!? woooow like pusha absolutely merked that song my favorite so far then i hear fuckin french just sound so fuckin retarded on it.. thank god all he got was like 3-4 bars but wow..my bad back tot he mixtape
  • hiphop
    downloadin this bitch right about to see if pusha still got it or if kayne messed him up lol.. pushas official though
    • hiphop
      pusha still got it.. this mixtape is like an album. like the concept this shit is fuckin fire..def in the car rotation as soon as i lv to go 2 work no doubt
  • Anonymous
    this is weak i wanted to hear some shit thats like fear of god I & II
  • Anonymous
    wack ass mixtape
  • Anonymous
    Seems okay... If the album sounds like this it won't be bad in any respect. Just no Wale (he doesn't fit on this) or French Montana - just EVER.
  • J.Good
    Initial reaction is its cool. But I think Pusha is setting us up for the album. We all know he can rap and Im sure he will step it up a couple of notches for My Name Is My Name. Overall 6.5/7 out of 10. Not bad at all just not great.
  • Harlem's Reckoning
    What French Montana did for this joint is like what Swizz did for Life Is Good. Put the only black eye on the whole project.
  • The Ice Cold Phenom
    This is a very dope mixtape (and I hate mixtapes) that is surely album quality. I only pay attention to 10 artist in the rap game today (Joey Bada$$, Skyzoo, Elzhi, Rick Ross, Common, etc.) and Pusha T is one of them.
    • Zak
      Lol the fact you have Rick Ross makes your point irrelevant, and this mixtape sucks ass I expected more from Pusha
  • hmmmm
    a bit dissapointed his 'Fear of God' mixtape was better.. Back to Ace Hoods new Mixtape for me FIRE!!!!
  • cinavenom
    It's okay, some really good tracks on there and some really forgettable ones.
  • EastATL Zone6
    Its called Wrath of Caine what did you expect the subject matter to be... Oh, yall want him to be like Drake and sing... Bunch of critics! Dnt listen to it.. its that easy!
    • Anonymous
      sounds like someone cant handle criticism. youre mad because people dont like it? lol wow.
  • Anonymous
    french montana drops one of the ugliest hooks I've ever listened to..
    • Harlem's Reckoning
      That shit was a mess
      son, that was hideous. i cant believe he still tries 2 sing. i cant stop listenin 2 that song though IMO he didnt kill it enough bec it was so short of a hook bec everything about that song makes it my favorite on the mixtape..besides montana
  • Anonymous
    • smh
      malice dropped the video sayin they were bec the fbi or w.e was breathin on there neck over some charges related 2 coke i believe if i ermember correct.. i seen the vid years ago on xxl (lol) clipse r official they been nice for decade plus
  • 12
    drake is one of the best spitters of this generation, try tell me he not
  • wtf
    this shit boring as fuck. rappers need to get new topics these days. beats is boring as fuck. topics is boring as fuck. uncreative ass motherfucker
    • Anonymous
      do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
  • ....
    Aside from French's dumbass ruining "Doesn't Matter", this is good. The album is going to be pretty good if this is the shit that he left off of it.
  • Fuck Virginia
    LMAO this year nigga's gonna be 50 years old and still talking about coke. Get another subject.
  • real talk
    dope, but french montana sounds like a fucken idiot on track 3. worst chorus ever!
  • Anonymous
    meh, i never liked him after he dissed drake
    • Anonymous
      ^^ That's cause you're a homo
    • Anonymous
      You didn't like him after he dissed Drake? What are you a gay? Yo this site isn't for Ymcmb fuckboys, go kill yourself son.
    • Anonymous
      hahahaha lol homo bitch
    • this is the difference
      this guy is the difference between haters and people w humble opinions.. haters alrdy go into the article hatin the person, people w opinions go into the song thinkin itll be hot and when it sucks lets it be known...big difference but online most ppl cant tell the difference.. this is a clear case of hatin
  • 757
    B!nk & Pusha are a perfect match in the studio. I am forgiven is a dope closing track
  • asher1985
    why is livemixtapes.com always getting the shine on this website? it is also on datpiff and their downloads are waaaaay faster fyi.
    • DrebinSlevin
      LiveMixtapes always get the tapes at least 10 minutes before Datpiff
    • Anonymous
      ^^^Ooooooh a whole 10 minutes....
    • asher1985
      my comment got deleted because i mentioned datpiff? is livemixtapes owned by hiphopdx or what?
  • 757
    va dopeboys
  • 777
    Pusha T brought his A game on this one.