Bow Wow "Greenlight 5" Mixtape Download & Stream

posted Saturday March 09 ,2013 at 04:40PM CST | 54 comments

Bow Wow

UPDATE #2: Bow Wow enlists Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss and more for his new mixtape.

Bow Wow has revealed the cover art for his upcoming mixtape Greenlight 5 hosted by DJ Jus, DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar.

The "106 & Park" host took to Twitter this past weekend to announce a handful of guests that will appear on the tape. Bow Wow announced that the project will feature guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Jadakiss, Gucci Mane, Ace Hood, Busta Rhymes and Omarion.

The YMCMB rapper recently used the social network to discuss his oft-delayed Underrated LP, stating, "Shit so fucked up maaan.. I swear. Im tryna stay focused but its like at this point 'Fuck that album' & Fuck a release date. Im doin shows..."

Check the cover art below (via HHNM).


[January 21]

UPDATE: Bow Wow has released the tracklist for his upcoming mixtape Greenlight 5, releasing on his birthday, March 9th. Check the official tracklist below.


[February 15]

UPDATE #2: Bow Wow has released his new mixtape Greenlight 5. Stream the project below and head to to download the tape.

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Comments 54 Posts

  • Anonymous
  • tj london
    WOW, some fuckin haters, if u dont like the damn tape then fuck off cos im enjoying this shit !
  • Anonymous
    Rock, K.Dot, Jada, Meek and, oddly enough, Lil Wayne, do very well on their features (although none of the first three bring their A-game.
  • Anonymous
    How did he get Jay Rock, Jada or KENDRICK on this?
  • Anonymous
    I listened to it yesterday when it came out. Poor guy, he needs to give it up. And why was he trying to sound like Future on Pussy On My Mind?
  • DAD
    This ugly ass nigga is whack...stick to 106&Park
    • Jacc
      Do you find other niggas handsome then???
    • Chi-Ill
      ^^^^^^ hahahahaha
  • Anonymous
  • LOL
    LOL AT BOW WOW with jayz!!! Not even the niggers correct team members!!! Wheres YMCMB??? LOL he got roc nation on the cover, biggest fag in hip hop hands down
  • Oh Yeah
    This is gon' be ILLER-ILLER-ILLERMATIC right here!
  • Biggie
    thanks for the shout out
  • Lol
    Damn, this dudes signed to the biggest rap label in the game named CASH MONEY and they still got him uploading his shit to Datpiff.
    • Anonymous
      stop it, mad rappers do Datpiff
    • Anonymous
      every rapper uses datpiff what an asinine comment
    • Anonymous
      ymcmb sucks. GOOD MUSIC is ten times better. idiot
  • Underrated Tracklist
    1. Cub (feat. Tyga and Snoop Lion) 2. Overlooked 3. Strip (feat. Nicki Minaj) 4. Fuck Valet (feat. Chris Brown) 5. Tongue Threeway (feat. Lil Wayne and Birdman) 6. Body Fat (feat. Rick Ross) 7. Hook a Hoe (feat. 2 Chainz) 8. Wasting Talent 9. Dead Good 10. Retiring from Destryoing Hip Hop
    • Anonymous
      that was mad corny son
    • Anonymous
      its always the lamest niggas trying to be funny
  • mac
    wow its sad how everybody going in on this guy these dayz you had your shine shad MOVE ON!
    • Anonymous
      bet you be watching 106 talking about "move on"
    • ranfan
      The guy only 26 lol. He still has time to release another hit
  • Topflightrae
    Okay y'all actually took the time to listen to his music and mixtapes, the nigga has wayyyyyy more talent then he had as a kid. How can you criticize his music when mostly none of y'all don't listen to him. Bow wow colder then most niggas in the game right now. Truly #underrated
    • Anonymous
      "y'all actually took the time to listen to his music and mixtapes".. "mostly none of y'all don't listen to him".. contradictory ass nigga, and bow wow is wack, always has been..
  • truth
    Wow, its sad how Bow Wow got slaughtered on every one of the comments for this story. Yeah its time for Bow Weezy to bow out. His career as a rapper is over, being a wack host on 106 & Park with 3 other no-names pretty much insured that. And Bow Wow my pint-sized nigga, if YMCMB still haven't let you release your album after all this time, that means its not gonna happen. Move on lil nigga.
  • Anonymous
    I wouldn't even break up my weed on his cd cover. TRASH!
  • Anonymous
    who still listens to lil bow wow lol
    • Anonymous
      the same people still waiting on j kwon album
  • Anonymous
    big sean does "....speaks" bow wow wanna do "....speaks" asap make fucking problems bow wow wanna make a song called "i got problems" rick say he self made bow wow wanna say he self made this nigga is the biggest swagger jacker in hiphop right now
    • Anonymous
      thats what happens when you come up spoiled having other people write all your shit and do all the work for you. once you dont have that luxury anymore you dont know who you are so you just start emulating the niggas around you. thats why his music is a joke
  • LOL
    THIS IS GONNA BE SICK SAID NO ONE!!! fuck dis nigger swaggerjacking mufucka, hes so lame
  • Doocy
    Releasing this on March 9th is hella disrespectful to Biggie.
    • Django
      March 9th is his birthday
  • Anonymous
    this is like a parody of a tracklist by someone who is stereotyping the typical run of the mill rapper's tracklist.
    • foreal
      they forgot to add a Drake feature
  • Anonymous
    thats seriously one of the worst covers i ever seen in my whole life my down syndrome cousin could whip up something nicer in ms paint
    • Jeezus
      ROFL damn you gonna put your cousin on blast like that?!?
  • Anonymous
    the greatest rapper of all time. bow weezy!
    • Real_Talk
      your are kidding right?
  • Tired Of Baby Pictures!!!
    Why The Fuck Are These Rap Niggas Using Baby Pictures For Their Album Covers? First Illmatic, Then Ready To Die, Carter 3, Good Kid Maad City, The Grimy Awards, Now This?! No Originality Man, Fuck! If I See One More Baby Picture Used For An Album Cover, I'll Drink A Gallon Of Bleach!
    • Tired of Baby Pictures!!!
      These baby pictures are the most creative ever. They are terrific and I want eminem to use a baby picture of him.
      cosign the 1st comment. baby pictures are officially weak, in 2013! it just shows how much ahead of his time, NAS was!!! s.m.h.
  • Chris Etrata
    I know this may be somewhat irrelevant but why is Chris Brown appearing on almost every single project associated with Lil Wayne? Is he dickriding or what? The abuse to Rihanna should have convinced others not to work with him, not the other way around.
  • Anonymous
    is bow wow still relevent
  • Bow Wow
    Everyone please take me seriously. I know am a fag who makes shitty music with YMCMB. I may suck hard dick but am still good enough to be in your Ipod. I may be soft like pussy but I am featuring people like Kendric and Ace Hood on this mixtape. So please listen to me even if am a small little fag whose ex girlfriend(Ciara) left my pussy ass for 50cent.
    • KTS34
    • Real_Talk
      for being real i might download your whack ass mixtape.. i wont listen though just download the shit then delete.. to help you out with a download.. costs me nothing.. P.S having Kendrick Lamar on your tape dont make you any better dude Real_Talk [there is a difference between hating and REAL TALK]
    HAHAHAHA WHAT A FAG! Get your own ideas you douche bag stop swag jacking everyone!!!!