Game Says Dr. Dre Will "Never" Release "Detox"

posted Saturday January 19 ,2013 at 04:51PM CST | 103 comments

Game Says Dr. Dre Will

Game compares Dr. Dre's fabled "Detox" to Jesus, asking, "Will you ever get to see Jesus? It's like a hip-hop Jesus."

Dr. Dre has been taking his sweet time with his long-awaited and oft-delayed final solo album Detox, which has been in the works for over a decade. Game, who has worked with the West Coast veteran on the LP since the onset of his career, recently chopped it up with VIBE, discussing how fans may never end up hearing the project.

"Detox, it's like Jesus," he said. "Will you ever get to see Jesus? It's like a hip-hop Jesus."

Even after Dre released a few singles over the past couple of years, Game doesn't think that the rapper will ever release the album until he's truly satisfied with the final product.

"Dre's a hard guy to please," adds Game, also stating how his Beats by Dre company interferes with the album. "He's so critical... If he doesn't become 100 percent happy, then we'll probably never end up hearing Detox. I'll say never."

Watch the interview below.

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  • Lisong
    Detox will be dropped when Dr. Dre dies. That's the truth, I mean, the album is done, but, right now, it won't sell too much, so they are going to do like they did with Pac. They will let the album to drop with Dre dead, for like his "Grand Finale", and will sell like water!
  • Ivan187
    The bible says Jesus will come back to fight in Armaggedon, so we'll propably gonna hear "Detox" when the world is going to end.
  • Anonymous
    yoo people anyone knows the song?
    • Ivan187
      The Game "Dead People" produced by Dr. Dre leftover track from "The R.E.D. Album" released as ITunes Bonus Track on "Jesus Peace" (The song Game talked about in the beginning of the interview)
    i think most of the hip hop community has given up on Detox. i know i have... so when is the new Hov/Ye' album coming out?
  • Anonymous
    well Dre has a ton of material in the vault so..
  • Anonymous
    song at the end??? THX!!!
  • Starmani
    I think Dre is scared to make it, cause its been so hyped better not suck if he does make it
  • jay
    no shitt, seriously no detox im so surprised..this just in i got some breaking news.. the sun rises every day, it snows in NY every winter and the US has a black president..
  • Anonymous
    no shit sherlock
  • Killem Dafoe
    I gave up on ever hearing Detox as of 2004...
  • Detoxxx
    Detox will come the year 2099.
  • Obviously
    Game sucks the life outa industry dick...stop it.
    • Anonymous
      what did that have to do with this article at all?
  • Anonymous
    whats the name of the song at the end of the vid???
    • tnb
      dead people (produced by dr dre)
    Only way this album comes out is if Dr.Dre signs with YMCMB. I doubt he want to get outshined by Birdman, though.
    • Anonymous
      Percy Miller>Brian and Ronald Williams
  • Keith
    Game gossips like an old lady...
  • Anonymous
    Comparing an album to Jesus? Game, stop...
  • Anonymous
    NEWS FLASH: Being a perfectionist is not a cause to be lingering on the same socalled perfectic album for over a decade. It sounds rediculous using words like "perfectionist", considering the actualamount of time taken, and the media attention this man gets. I honestly think the real hip hop heads have moved past albums like The Cronnic 2001 which went overtly commercial, and sucked out every inch of soul which Dr Dre had left within him
  • Anonymous
    fuck game, he's wack
  • d-nucks
    I think dre's own legacy has him shook...he is so afraid to tarnish his legacy that he will not put an album out that might fall short of expectations. Plus he is just not hungry anymore....he got dumbass poeple payin 200 dollars for some damn head phones....SMH
    • Anonymous
      I agree. But he also may not be giving himself enough credit for what he's contributed, aside from headphones.
  • Mcfly
    Ya know...Dre changed the game not once but twice! really...there is really no ground left to conquer! there is a lot of producers out there that are good in their own, you can probably name a few. I'm just saying Dre should drop some classic shit we all know and love, just to so we can have that shit. As long as it ain't as lazy as Dead People by game.
  • TruthHurts
    what's up with rappers rocking the big frame nerd glasses nowadays? nothing wrong with glasses, but damn, when did it become a 'gangsta' fashion trend to be seen with them on? smh fashionistas should be women, not men
    • Fact
      What's wrong with the glasses? And it's not like all these rappers are gangsters anymore. Do they live in the hood? No! Do they still sell crack and go around with gangs and guns? No! Game is not really a gangster anymore, same with all these other rappers. They think they are, but they're not. If Game was a gangster he would still be living in Compton and selling crack with the bloods.
    • TruthHurts
      To wear an accessory solely for the sake of making a statement or following a trend, in my view, is super weak. It's Kanye Style. I don't care if anyone is still selling crack or whatnot, the issue to me is the fact of matter that they say they have a certain upbringing and attitude, and that gets turned on its head when they start following mass media trends and throw on the horn-rimmed glasses for the hell of it
    • Fact
      I understand what you're trying to say. But I feel that when all these rappers are growing up in the hood, they force themselves to dress in a certain way to fit in with everyone else around them. And then once they move out of the hood and starting earning good money, they can now dress how they want and buy the newest fashion trends. I also feel that once they move out of the hood their attitude changes. It's like for me once I moved away from where I am from and met new people my attitude towards them changed.
  • JACK
    lol @ the hip hop jesus. Game is trying to hard to put in his jesus piece themes
    • sls
    • Shot Lick 4 Kash Boy
      This isn't the forum for grammar police. That's a full time job here
    • @ Shot Lick
      forgot a period, bro.
  • Zee
    Dr. Dre has done too much for Hip Hop... I won't be angry if he doesn't drop Detox. Disappointed, sure but not angry at him... He gave us alot of classics and classic artist such as em,k dot, game etc... Fuck Dre haters.. He has done alot for Hip Hop
    • Anonymous
      didn't really have anything to do with kdot
    • REDTACO76
      yeah you right man. I totally agree with what youre saying cuz we wouldnt Have Em's classic LPs, Game, and good kid, m.A.A.d. city.he knows how to pick he right dudes tho
  • @vidthinker
    Focus on the music. Get your money, Game. Buzzing like a fly is kind of lame.
  • Anonymous
    at least he knows his hood rat ass is goin to Hell
  • Anonymous
    He should be asking why Jesus couldn't save Jesus Piece.
    • Anonymous
      What, why? It is a really good album (after 2 bad albums, of course..).
  • X Drop BOMBS Like Nagasaki
    How cute, Gayme cant seem to take Dr. Gays nuts out his mouff. Blud, u not a real blud, blud. Dre gay as fuck, Eminem gay as fuck, 50 gay than a muthafucker, and this faggot, ex stripper, gay too. Damn, industry dun turned faggot. Faggot ass niggas at every corner, not just exclusive to niggas, white boys, messicans, asians, this gay shit out of control. gotta love being an 80's baby, mid 80's, fuck the 90's babies. Bunch of faggots. chicks should be mad at this shit, niggas is on some dick shit, real niggas is a rarity now. Keep it WEST COAST!!! Fuck Gayme, fuck Dr. Gay, fuck Kendick Gaymar. Rep the REAL WEST, WC, Cube, Quik, Eiht, T, Daz, soopafly.
  • GOATmaybe
    You know, I feel that probably a big reason Dre won't release it is because no matter what he's done Detox is going to suck. No matter what he does, He could have the tightest production getting verses written by the greatest lyricists and have amazing songs but at this point none of that matters. The wait and the hype around Detox has made expectations so high that there flat out cannot exist an album good enough to meet them.
  • Anonymous
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  • FuckDetox
    If people are still expecting Detox to drop than you are just plain crazy. That album will never see the light of day.