Ill Bill "The Grimy Awards" Album Stream

posted Monday March 04 ,2013 at 01:15PM CST | 48 comments

Ill Bill

UPDATE: Ill Bill enlists DJ Premier, El-P, Pete Rock, Lil Fame, Jedi Mind Tricks and more for his new album.

Ill Bill has revealed the cover art and tracklist for his upcoming album The Grimy Awards, releasing on February 26th.

The project, which marks his first solo LP since 2008's The Hour of Reprisal, is slated to feature guests including A-Trak, Lil Fame, El-P, Shabazz The Disciple, Meyhem Lauren, Q-Unique, O.C., Cormega, Jedi Mind Tricks and more. Production comes courtesy of Ill Bill, MoSS, Pete Rock, Psycho Les, Large Professor, DJ Premier, Ayatollah, DJ Muggs and more.

Check the official tracklist and cover art below.

1. What Does It All Mean? [prod. by Ill Bill]
2. Paul Baloff [prod. by MoSS]
3. I Don’t Know How Long It’s Gonna Last
4. Acceptance Speech (feat. A-Trak) [prod. by Junior Makhno]
5. Truth [prod. by Pete Rock]
6. Exploding Octopus [prod. by Ill Bill]
7. Forty Deuce Hebrew (feat. HR of Bad Brains) [prod. by Ill Bill]
8. How To Survive The Apocalypse [prod. by Psycho Les]
9. Vio-Lence (feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Lil Fame of M.O.P.) [prod. by DJ Skizz]
10. Acid Reflux [prod. by Large Professor]
11. L’Amour East (feat. Meyhem Lauren & Q-Unique) [prod. by Ayatollah]
12. Power (feat. OC & Cormega) [prod. by DJ Muggs]
13. When I Die (feat. Tia Thomas) [prod. by Pete Rock]
14. Severed Heads (feat & prod. by El-P)
15. 120% Darkside Justice (feat. Jedi Mind Tricks) [prod. by C-Lance]
16. Canarsie High [prod. by Large Professor]
17.  World Premier [prod. by DJ Premier]

[January 19]

UPDATE: Ill Bill has released the full stream of his new album The Grimy Awards over at Stream the project below.

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Comments 48 Posts

  • Anonox
    Ill Bill is the shit. Been hooked on his verses since Street Villains Volume 1. I'm sure this is great, but I have to wait to buy it.
  • Anonymous
    No Necro beats?
  • Anonymous
    • rmacq112
      listen to the lyrical content, I think not, dipshit
    • Edmonton Sun
      First off, another amazing album, thank you Bill!! Now to this fucking idiot.. Wow!!!!!!!!! You are as brilliant as a fucking brick!! Open your ears, Pun and Bill are both amazing, but how the fuck are you gunna say some bullshit like that?? Not much real music being made anymore... Bill is one of those few individuals doing that. I think you should go listen to some young money faggot, and leave the good music to the thorough.. Long live the Heavy Metal Kings!!
    • The Truth
      What the fuck are you talking about??? Anyone who uses "smh" in a comment can't be considered serious so I'll give you a pass on this one,kid
  • Anonymous
    ill bill is a dope lyricist, but he is a covert satanist. can't fuck with bol like that. same with Paz. it's suprising to see so many gods fuck with these snakes... hmmmm
    • Edmonton Sun
      By the looks of things, you are only good for a laugh, Bill and Vinnie spit better than 99% of any other artists left in the game, and the other 1% is down with them, lol, not to mention, Vinnie is muslim and Bill grew up listening to metal.. You don't like their music, fuck off and go find some cristian rap or some other bullshit to listen to and comment on!! And if anyone here is a snake, it's you lurking in the grass, put your head under a fucking lawn mower bitch!!
    • The Truth
      There's a reason you remain "anonymous",it's obvious you don't want people to know who you are because you obviously know dick about Ill Bill or Vinnie,go back to your Lil Wayne crap or whatever bullshit you THINK you know about real hip-hop
  • will
    Vinnie Paz!!!! Verse of the year so far??
    • rmacq112
  • r2die
    Just like the La Coka Nostra album, it only took track one for me to decide i was getting it!
  • Eastcomments
    Real Hip Hop!!!.....defnitly a classic one!!....Amazing!!...Ill Bill kills it!!!... Was waiting for this one to drop,...hope Papoose album be banging like this one too damn!!!! Ah man tracks are bangers after bangers!!!..Uncle Howie r.i.p.....peace God!!!....
  • Sonny Rene
    wow this album looks incredible. This has all the potential to become a classic. Ill Bill is one of the most underrated emcees in the game.
    • Anonymous
      Hour of Reprisal was better. Great album though.
  • darkshadow
    would been nice if he had chief keef or meek mill on there.
    • Treph4
      Die please
    • Anonymous
      Haha, have to agree with Treph4.. Now why would he put some garbage artists on an amazing and definite classic album?? Too bad common sense doesn't exist anymore, lol..
  • RC
    I can tell just by the features and the producers involved this will definitely be album of the year material!
    • Anonymous
      I checked the leaked version of this album. Boring production (I know, it doesn't make any sense when there's so many good producers listed..) and Bill just doesn't sound so good. :/ This was one of the most interesting albums for me, and it disappointed me so bad.. Buy 'The Hour Of Reprisal', it's much better.
  • Anonymous
    That cover is straight Rikers Island, son. Bust ya gunz
  • yugang08
    Yo misanthropikone, is that you (aka HE Who Hungers)?!?! what up homie, love your youtube channel. by the way, the guy you replied sounds like a damn fool and dont know what the fuck hes talking about haha
  • Brizz
    Pre-order. This will be a top 5 of 2013.
  • Roy DeMeo
    Looks promising. Still waiting for Bill to link up with A.L.C. again though. It's clear they're cool, so why it never happens (other than the La Coka album) is crazy!
  • Anonymous
    The difference between now and the 90s is that uncompromised "reality" remember terms like "keeping it real" and "represent", inevitably resulting in raw and creativity
  • ocmm
    ill bill dj khaled...who is who lol
    • Anonymous
      Do us all a favour, start by keepin those 2 names in separate conversations, next kill yourself..
  • Anonymous
    All these white underground rappers are wannabes stuck in the 90s. pete rock? Large pro? Premo, Muggs? He wants to be apart of that era so bad...Get off the 90's dick and live in the present!
    • He Who Hungers
      I rarely comment on this shit but I had to reply to this wack shit this motherfucker said. Why should Bill change his style to appease idiots like you? .....and how is it stuck in the 90s? Because he knows what beats he sounds good over? Should those producers stop producing since its 2013? Go listen to Trinidad James.
    • Anonymous
      you cant be serious! get the fuck outta here with that bullshit comment lol
    • Anonymous
      you sound fucking retarded. fyi ill bill IS from the 90s era, dumbass lol
    • Anonymous
      Misanthropikone, is that you?
    • poppa large
      Bill and sabac used to work for wild pitch and all the 90's legends respect bill
    • ky
      Misanthropik, you need to review this (i assume you already were going to)
    • Edmonton Sun
      Props to He Who Hungers, kid who made the original post needs to put a gun to his mouth like some morning tooth paste, and squeeze...... lol
  • Peep It
    Uncle Howie the god on the cover.
  • Doubl Negative
    Bill's one of the nicest dudes in the game right now, so I eagerly await his new project. Still fucked-up he's not working with his brother though. Enough with the baby pictures on the LP cover as well. Remember what Rae and Ghost had to say about Shark Niggas?
    • DrebinSlevin
      You're a little late to be givin people shit about putting baby pics as album covers.
  • shogun
    best album cover of all fucking time!
  • Anonymous
    sounds Ill!!!
  • Anonymous
    waiting on Ill BIll and Necro reunion :(
    • Anonymous
      Necro fucking sucks.
    • Anonymous
      people have always had the love it or hate it attitude towards necro's rapping so i can see and understand people having the opinion that he isnt all that good on the mic. BUT the dude is a ill ass producer. he does make dope ass beats that make you bob your head like crazy, and his production is one of the reasons why im looking forward to the kool g rap/necro collabo album actually. you gotta at least give him his props for THAT haha
    • Anonymous
      Necro is garbage. Same subject matter. His raps get worse with every record and I've heard him recycling old schemes a lot. Also, he produces the fuck out of his vocals, you can tell they're different takes smashed together. Somehow, his rhythm is gone too. He sounds drunker and drunker with every release.
  • wu4lyf
    How good does this tracklist look?? Fuck! Hopefully gonna be as great as it looks on paper!!
    • NABIZM
      fuck the cover,that tracklist and producers are gonna be bananas,too bad i don't see vinnie paz on it!!! cant wait to hear this!
    • Qubix
      You don't see Vinnie?.... track #15 features JMT, you do know that JMT consists of Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah right?
    • Edmonton Sun
      ^ Can't forget Stoupe sun, Jus was definitely a part of that, but any real JMT listener knows it was more Vinnie and Stoupe than anything..