Kriss Kross To Perform At 20th Anniversary So So Def Concert

posted Tuesday January 15 ,2013 at 11:19PM CST | 24 comments

Kriss Kross To Perform At 20th Anniversary So So Def Concert

A long-awaited Kriss Kross reunion will take place in February.

Former child Rap duo Kriss Kross is back - at least long enough to spit "wiggity-wiggity-wack" one last time.

The onetime So So Def act, consisting of Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith burst onto the scene with their smash hit "Jump," and are remembered for their baggy and backwards outfits (and perhaps the "Rugrats Rap").

According to TMZ, the duo has announced that they will be reuniting to perform at a 20th anniversary all-star concert honoring So So Def Recordings in Atlanta in February.

Along with acts like Da Brat and Xscape, Kriss Kross made waves in popular music with label head Jermaine Dupri.

Watch the "Jump" video below:

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Comments 24 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Give me that while you at it give me them jordans
  • anonymous
    These niggaz work at Burger King now
    • anonymous too
      When you clock in, and before you start making the fries, tell them I said what's up.
  • MJ4eva
    This that shit we been waiting for.
  • MC Hammer
    "long-awaited" I don't think so.
  • anon
    "I went to bed late but I didn't think late would EFFECT ME / Early came around but late wouldn't LET ME / Wake up / WAKE UP / So I could get dressed / I guess my body was mad cause they gave me no rest..."
  • Anonymous
    did anyone else ever try wearing their clothes backwards cause of these guys? doesnt work too well, bet they had tailors.
  • Anonymous
    when i read 'kriss kross will be reuniting', i thought of two young kids with their pants sagging...and then I seen the photo of the two grown ass men. dam time flys!
    • Anonymous
      I know man. What a trip. 20 flippin' years...
  • MalcolmEcks
    Long Awaited? By who? The mentally ill?
  • Anonymous
    So So Def main problem was their albums were no longer than mix tapes , maybe 50 minutes including interludes a bunch of 3 min songs
    • Anonymous
      LOL! Yeah, Da Brat's debut album was super short. JD's formular was keep it short and sweet. Besides maybe 2-4 songs on albums back then on So So Def, the rest tended to be radio hits.
  • Anonymous
    i missed da bus
  • Baaaaabay!
    Ja Rule inspired them before they was even sprung from the womb. God of Hip Hop and RnB....Babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    • def jam
      damn straight! hope rule performs or is released in time, is murda u bitches
  • So Icy Boi!
    Kriss Kross is more hip hop than YMCMB. lmao. swag
  • Anonymous
    Hell yeah, the real is back
  • T-Dogg
    Thats actually Kris Kross, right..? And yeah, it would be fun to se them live, but cant say that Im waiting for it..
  • Kane
    "A long-awaited Kriss Kross reunion will take place in February"-so there are actually people outthere waiting for this reunion-SMH
    • skrilla513
      That headline made my ass laugh!!
    • So So Blind
      I didn't like Kriss Kross when I was a kid but when I got older, I listened to them from time to time and realized that even the worst stuff from back then is better the a lot shit we have today. I would like to see this show and bring back Da Brat too is hot! They should throw Xscape up in there too.
    • You Can't Read
      If your dumb Ass payed attention you would of seen that they said those acts(da brat and xscape) would be performing along with kris kross you illiterate fuckface...
    • Anonymous
      ^^Jeez calm down fuckface. Probably just missed that bit.
    • george
      YEAH fuck you cant read it said those acts would be there too. jesus roberto christ alvarez what the fuck. if you make a mistake like that again i am going to come down there and shove your friends penis in your mouth after it was in your anus.