Kid CuDi Rants About Label Woes On Twitter

posted Tuesday January 08 ,2013 at 09:11PM CST | 65 comments

Kid CuDi Rants About Label Woes On Twitter

Kid CuDi goes off on his label for not pushing his music.

Kid CuDi is the latest Hip Hop artist to vent his frustrations with his label.

Cudder took to Twitter on Tuesday (January 8) to vent about his label - particularly about pushing his music on the radio.

First, CuDi pointed to his online presence not translating in radio spins:

CuDi then promised to give his label "problems" if it didn't step up its game:

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Comments 65 Posts

  • Indicud
    Real shit tho this niggaz new album comin out is guna be dope.
  • Anonymous
    That Day and Nite song was trash.
    • lankaistai
      i agree, i couldn't stand that song too
    • Jalen
      Even if you do not like Day N Night, there is no way you can justify Trinidad James (and many others) having their songs play on the radio and not Kid Cudi. Even if you are not a die hard kid cudi fan, there simply is no way you can say that his shit isn't good enough for radio play. Have you listened to the garbage that gets spins lately? If Kirko Bangz can get played 6 times a day, I think they can spin Cudder at least once, right?
  • Anonymous
    Universal probably remembers than last rant he went on with the WZRD album so they have him on a time out.
  • rickrossisabitch
    kid cudi was a one hit wonder . career is over . he was never really hip hop he was pop crap . his music is trash
    • lankaistai
      i kinda agree with that as well
  • yeaaahh
    Fuck the radio! They play the same 9-10 songs every hour! Like someone already said I think Day n Night was the only Cudi song I've ever heard on the radio. He's got a loyal fanbase so he'll be fine though. One of the best from the new generation.
  • Once A Fan
    Kid Cudi Sucks Anyway
    • Professor X The Overseer
      Cosign to the max
  • Htowns
    I understand cudis frustrations. I honestly havint herd a cudi song on the radio since day n night.but I think cudi doesint even need the radio to sell records. His fan base is probably the most loyal one in hiphop. Lets see if there will be plenty of Trinidad James fans 4 years from now
  • Big Pun's Ghost
    Nigga dissing Kanye???
  • jason
    talk about catchin feelings, this twitter bullshit is no good for hiphop. be mad at the internet for fuckin up yo spins. a tormented soul, you emo bitch.
  • Lawliet
    I actually understand his point and it has much to do with the systematic choosing of songs and the agenda they serve. Yes his music is good, for example sake, 4.3 million wouldn't of watched online otherwise. Cudi pleaing for his songs to get airtime is just, but the radio won't play 'What I am', the chorus promotes Marijuana - and the people who control what you listen woulnd't want you smoking that and realising how much life f*cks us every day. It's all about agenda, Cudi makes good music no doubt, he just doesn't fit what the media moguls want the mainstream to hear. Trinidad James? I won't go into much detail, but I'm sure 99% of your other rappers talk about much more about cars, clothes and not to mention money - keeping you in the endless mindframe that spending your hard earning part-time or full-time wages like a multi-millionaire is possible. I've ramble enough - just connect the dots already people, connect the damn dots.
    • Anonymous
      i agree. good points.
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      interesting interesting u say
  • Anonymous
    THANK YOU KID CUDIs label u guys are on my christmas list for nextg year
  • Soft ass niccas
    Top 10 Most Sensitive Rappers 1.Drake 2.50 Cent 3. Hoe Buddens 4. Kid Cudi 5. Wale 6. Method Man 7. Nicki Minaj 8. Meek Mill 9. The Game 10. Eminem
    • newbrood
      Where's Lupe? He's sensitive as hell.
    • Just Being Honest.
      50 Cent shouldn't be second, so many more sensitive rappers out there. Where is Lupe??
      meth tho he shouldnt be on here
    • Soft ass niccas
      ^^^ You're All I Need To Get By. That's why he's there.
    • Anonymous
      ^^ you know damn well that RZA remix to that joint was fuckin ill, and then the M-E-T-H-O-D Man never stopped rippin verses.
    • jey55
      Shyne should be right on top of that list
  • Hip Hop please
    Go cry at home, and leave that twitter sh*t alone Goddamn, talk to the people on your record label Do something, just leave that faket witter sh*t alone
  • Anonymous
    Next Cudi tweet: MY shit is more, it's more john blaze than that. I GOT john blaze shit and they not really recognizing...
    • Anonymous
      LOL For real tho, I hate when artists cry about shit like this
    • Ben Devlin
      "I'm makin' records, I ain't made no money yet, I done made- this is my fourth album yo, this my fourth album, I ain't made a dime yet! This nigga made one song, he makin' wild records! That "All Gold Everything" shit, it was aight, it was aight, youknowI'msayin, that shit was aight, it was cool..."
    • True talk
      Hahahahha. Daz some funny sh8t
    • QNdy
      I like Kid, a lot but this comment made my day =)) Kick in the door mofo
    • p
    • Anonymous
      Lol that's my fav interlude
  • Pursuit Of Happiness
    Call Drake? Bam hit. LOL jk kudi stans gona get mad. Lololol Drop another hit like Day N Nite? You have to think about the record label too. If I was a record label, I want to make profit too. I can't give money to an artist and get less what I get out of it.
  • ha
    his problem is giving a fuck about radio plays in the first place. it's all about the internet. get with the times fool
  • MightyMike27
    Did someone forget to tell Cudi that the radio doesn't play good "real" music???
    • Anonymous
      i second that, i do not even listen to the radio... on second thought if i know of a rapper constantly getting played on the radio, i am less likely to give them a chance because of all the garbage they play. (boston radio) if cudi's stuff is good then it will create a buzz and people will listen... guess his shit aint good.
    • Anonymous
      it ain't just boston bruh. radio is playing bullshit EVERYWHERE! LOL internet & satellite radio is where it's at. fuck AM-FM radio/BET/MTV/etc.
  • Anonymous
    Maybe if he made quality music people would listen to it.
    • Anonymous
      suffering from small cock syndrome I see?
  • 80sbaby
    "Fuck that mainstream shit" was what I meant to say.
    • shh
  • Anonymous
    Every rapper complains about their label when things arent going there way.
  • 80sbaby
    Man on the Moon 2 went gold with no radio play and shitty marketing. Fuck mainstream that mainstream shit, when the music is good it promotes itself
  • datnigga
    Teleport 2 Me is timeless music, where was that on the radio? And the video is even more epic, can't believe how under the radar it is. True art, not for radio anyways.