Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop" Certified Double Platinum

posted Thursday January 31 ,2013 at 10:40AM CST | 63 comments

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis'

UPDATE: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit another milestone in their burgeoning career.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' breakout single "Thrift Shop" has been certified platinum, according to RR.

The upbeat anthem marks the first platinum plaque for the Seattle, Washington pair. The duo has been on the independent grind for years, most recently releasing their joint studio debut The Heist that debuted at No. 2 with 78,000 copies sold back in October.

The video for "Thrift Shop" pushed the song into the mainstream strata. The self-helmed clip debuted on YouTube in late August, racking up more than four million views in less than a month. As of now, the clip has upwards of 42 million views and the track sits at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

[January 9]

UPDATE: Less than a month after earning platinum certification for their breakout hit "Thrift Shop," Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have hit another milestone. reports that the track, which sits atop the Hot 100 for the second consecutive week, has been certified double platinum with 2.3 million digital downloads.

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  • Rodzilla
    Macklemore has the same barber as Kim Jung Un
  • MackBeazz
    This song is on top of the charts and one of the most played songs on radio. Found out how much it's being playing on the top-40 stations.
  • Pusha Tim
    if you listen to all of his songs, then you'd realise he's a good rapper. Just listen to otherside (remix is better than original), white privelege or the town, all big
  • RF
    wow sometimes this stuff surprises me.
  • Ice
    this song is whack as fuck!
  • Anonymous
    All the people that think macklemore is "wack" would probably say the same about Eyedea, Brother Ali, P.O.S., Qwel, Mr. Lif and so forth... Why? Because it's too complex for them, they don't get it. Yeah and Macklemore's best album is "The Language of My World"
    • J
      Get that bullshit out of here!
    • Anonymous
      get the fuck outta here! im a fan of mr. lif, eyedeam brother ali and qwel....and i dont like macklemore at all! unlike qwel lif, ali and even eyedea, they arent annyoing to listen to nor are they flat-out cornballs like mack is. too complex...fuck outta here, hes shit compared to the mcs u brought up lol
  • Anonymous
  • Southern Fried
    Independent Music is alive and well. Thanks Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It goes to show it can be done without sacrificing your career and dignity. At least these guys stick to what they know about and represent who they are very well.
  • billy
    makes me want to cum in my pants!!! MACKLEMOREEEEE!!!! xoxox
  • Money First
    Wasn't up on this cat until recently but then unlike others I actually checked out his body of work and dude has some serious records and respects the culture...Thats alot more than I can say for many, many, MANY others!
  • manhole
    macklemore is appearing live at the gay pride parade here...yeah!
    • manny this a joke?
  • Anonymous
    Another win for real hip hop!
  • dentaldamboy
    Congratulations to Macklemore for selling so many singles without the backing of a major label. He proves that rap isn't dying out and can still sell. The only thing that would boost his career even further is if he decides to sign with YMCMB. Him appearing as a feature on Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being II would raise his popularity among our fans even further, and could even enable The Heist to go multiple platinum and Thrift Shop to go diamond. All it takes is the correct choice. If Macklemore acts on this, he would be one of YMCMB's leading acts and one of the greatest rappers of all time. Birdman's already discussed signing him too.
    • Anonymous
      He ain't going to Cash Money. Why would he when he's making a lot of dough independently. If he goes to Cash Money, he'll be another tax write-off like everybody else that aren't Lil Wayen, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. Quit being delusional.
    • Anonymous
      Macklemore wants to be relevant in a few years so he will not sign with YMCMB
    • Anonymous
      Obvious troll is obvious.
  • I just don't get
    I've listened to the song l can't get used to it. Not hating, just stating my opinion.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah its rather boring and the rapping isn't that good. Not sure how its double platinum but better them then Weezy x Drake x Future.
  • Anonymous
    its wont be long now until all these major label rappers are paying macklemore for verses on their albums to boost their weak sales!
  • seATLien
    Hate it or love it you gotta respect it. These cats have been on the underground and independent scene for a long time; not selling out to the music industry by signing to a major label that would change their sound to what's popular. It's nice to see the Pacific NW get some recognition. There is a handful of hip hop artist doing their thing, not selling out, doing it for the love of the art, love of the music. Black, white, Asian, Mexican, Samoan, whatever. One love! "That's why some are found floating face down in the mainstream" Outkast
  • damn
    This song is not that good...He had better songs on his album. It did sell because he's white. If a black guy made this same shit it wouldn't have even pushed 10,000 copies and he wouldnt be performing this on Ellen... Black artists have to make party/club hits to get single sales and get noticed. They can't rap about whatever they want, like this dude and sell as many singles as he did.
    • Neazy
      Pretty sure a white artist who tries to make a club song would be crucified. All races get stereotyped.
    • Jacc
      "It did sell because he's white. If a black guy made this same shit it wouldn't have even pushed 10,000 copies" True, but who cares. Anyone with half a brain knows it.
  • Anonymous
    It's a goofy song but double platinum is impressive.
  • LOL
    LOL SALUTE Macklemore all these blacks dont understand how you can be white, and be great. SMH keep doing you bro and if these nigs havnt heard of you, great, you too classy!! 1 hunnid!
    • Anonymous
      lol at you because more white kids are in here than anyone else
    • Divine Ass Nigga
      Go back to his dick, B.
  • Immortal Technique
    It's got nothing to do with luck, it just means two million people are stupid as fuck.
  • bizzalls
    Goddamn man....How the FUCK does some random ass independent artist get a platinum fuckin plaque?? HOW???? Muthafuckin artists on major labels can't even get platinum singles! What is wrong with this picture?!
    • ivy blue hov
      They white, that's why...
  • So Icy Boi!
    dis is great white hype. if weezy did this song you'd all be hating on him, yet because dis whitey did dis you all dickridin him. smh. swag
  • Anonymous
    Not my type of music but congrats to him, especially if he's Indy this dude is making a ton of money right now. I respect any man that can succeed on his own terms. And all you fools saying he's wack need to give over yourselves, not all music is suppose to be tailor suited to your specific liking. Whatever you listen to, there is somebody out there who finds your taste just as wack as you find this dude
    • Anonymous
      you gay bruh.
    • Anonymous
      you make it seem like its a crime to say he's wack When did people become so soft?
  • wouzi
    congrats son, you finally getting real indie gwap. mack just made millions of $$$ and he's very humble
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      OKaty, HA.
    • bizzalls
      Millions?? No. How do you figure that?
  • Anonymous
    whack rap
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    No disrespect and im sure some of you geeks will get offended. But who the fuck is these niggas.
    • Anonymous
      ... Google search