Drake's Club Paradise Tour Earns The Rapper A Spot On The "Top 50 Worldwide Tours" List

posted Tuesday January 01 ,2013 at 12:30PM CST | 21 comments

Drake's Club Paradise Tour Earns The Rapper A Spot On The

Drake secures the Number 19 spot on the "Top 50 Worldwide Tours" list thanks to his Club Paradise Tour.

On top of boasting quite the roster of artists, Drake’s Club Paradise Tour has just earned itself a coveted spot on PollStarPro.com’s “Top 50 Worldwide Tours” of 2012 list. Drake clenched the Number 19 spot on the list and subsequently became the only Hip Hop artist featured on the tour roundup.

According to SOHH.com, the Young Money artist earned a cool $40 million thanks to the Club Paradise Tour which featured special appearances from the likes of J. Cole, 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, and Kendrick Lamar.

While the $40 million made during the Club Paradise Tour was enough to put Drake comfortably among the top 20 tour moneymakers, the rapper was still a ways off from Madonna, the top earner on the list, who made a hefty $296 million thanks to her tour.

Other artists featured on the “Top 50 Worldwide Tours” list include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and The Black Keys.

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  • snIPez
    Check out this, lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uKSeyYFGRo This fucking fool freestyles off his phone. Hahaha. That's all you need to know about this fucking fag.
  • DMX
    What kind of person goes to a Drake concert???
    • Anonymous
      A secure one.
  • jaymalls
    Congratz young boy... to bad you have over 20 featured artist on your tour though... thats alot of hands getting a peice of that 40 mill and thats not even including promoters, venues, insurance, promoters, transportation, BIRDMAN, etc.
    • Dave
      Birdman prob take half for real.
    • Anonymous
      Obviously Drake's the headliner and gonna get the biggest cut of the profits. What did you headline last year, your weekly trip to Kmart?
  • Anonymous
    Madonna's got grown up money
    • She not the boss
      Live Nation has her under contract, so all that tour money belongs to them. Jay Z has a similar deal with them.
  • Anonymous
    Madonna's been around since the 80's so of course she's going to be generating alot more money. $40 mill ain't bad though. Buys alot of Canada Dry.
  • Anonymous
    Do Right And Kill Everything !!!
    • damnshame
      true, but others dont know that hahaha! i bet they really think he made 40 million all by his self....
  • Anonymous
    Watch The Throne tour, anyone?
    • Jacc
      Umm, no.
  • Swag
    Dx YOU LIE!! Ja Rule had the top earning tour! Not madonna
    • Anonymous
      yeah he selling out the prison cafeteria every week nah mean>?
  • Anonymous
    you know birdman taking most of that money
    • Anonymous
      Even if he takes half that's still a good year.
  • Charles
    While he may not be your favorite rapper, you've gotta admit that Drake is one of the only rappers from his generation that's showing the potential to reach "mogul" (Hov, Diddy, etc.) status if he makes the right moves, signs the right artists... As Jay-Z put it, Drake's up next, see what he do with it.
    • Adam Hussein
      Or the next Ja Rule!
  • Anonymous
    lmao lets see whos angry about this