Nas Sued For $10 Million Over Angolan Concert Kidnapping

posted Saturday December 22 ,2012 at 10:22AM CST | 77 comments

Nas Sued For $10 Million Over Angolan Concert Kidnapping

Nas is the subject of a federal lawsuit filed Friday.

In December 2011, American concert promoter Patrick Allocco was kidnapped allegedly because Nas failed to show up for a New Year's Eve concert in Angola after getting paid.

Allocco said he was held ransom by Angolan promoters because they wanted their money back. The promoter was released in February 2012.

TMZ reports that according to a new federal lawsuit, Allocco is following up on an earlier promise and is suing Nas for $10 million, claiming that he suffered psychologically, physically, and financially over the 50 days he was held captive.

Nas spoke on the matter in March 2012, stating that he was being used as a scapegoat by the promoter, and that the concert had significant planning issues.

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Comments 77 Posts

  • LOL
    Nas ain't even worth 10 mil how in the fuck can they even sue him for that much?
  • Anonymous
    "He had albums full of good songs" Can't disagree there, but besides If I Ruled The World, most of those others weren't big commercial/club hits. That's why Jay wins cause even his soft songs get accepted.
    • Anonymous
      but all this mans albums are still platinum, hmm..
  • Five Percenter 7
    Nas still King of NYC.
  • Five Percenter 7
    fuck jay-z! i bet this is part of jay-z's dirty tricks trying destroy nas.
  • Anonymous
    "U ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHEN WE TALKING U ACT LIKE U GOT ALL THE INFO & ANSWERS SO WE ZONE U OUT" You respond to everything I type, waterboy. It's not my fault your slow, bitter, and obviously confrontational. You hide in the background waiting for 1 or 2 other waterboys to say something, then you pop out like you're the leader of the pack. You're a loser, plain and simple, and all I'm doing is calling it like it is.
  • Anonymous
    Jesus Christ, can Nasir catch a fucking break. Unbelievable! Sue the fucking dudes who held you captive, not a rap artist from another country
  • Smh
    Jay Z as a business man > Nas as a business man. Nas as a rapper (2012) > Jay-z as a rapper (2012) You got to give Jay-Z props business wise, Nas is just a wreck when it comes to money. Oh well its a backwards world I guess.
    • MightyDuck
      Are these the only two people on the Earth? The Nas, Jay Z thing is so old and your comment is so lame.
    • p
      what does this have to do with anything above?
    • BK
      only outta towners stress nas vs jay z. That beef is old nigga
    Damn son...that's really all I can say. First Kelis now this,boy we all know how she wiped the fuck outta Nas's account just recently....damn son!
  • Shone Jones
    And they wonder why have of New York doesn't trust Nas' ass. Great rapper, horrible businessman.
    • Anonymous
      Like you actually know half of NY
  • Anonymous
    Ok let's face it, nas back in the day had a few good songs, but come on dude just admit that your shit ain't saying shit. I still believe jayz is a better rapper, performer and business man than nas.
    • Anonymous
      perfetic, nas been jay favourite, And that nigga jay z follows the white teenage girl pop audience
    • Anonymous
      Ok let's face it, nas back in the day had a few good songs, but come on dude just admit that your shit ain't saying shit. I still believe jayz is a better rapper, performer and business man than nas.
    • 905
      A few good songs? What are you smoking. He had albums full of good songs. You must have never listened to a full nas album ever.
    • Anonymous
      A few good songs?!!! Try a few classic songs and albums. This guy has got to be just fucking around with us with that idiotic comment! LOL
    • p
      UR mum
  • HOVA
    Jay-Z = uncontrollable hustler's ambition, networth of 450 million, 14 Grammys, 11 number 1 albums, beautiful wife and family, countless historical verses and performances, huge influence. Nas = horrible flow, uneven discography, several failed sellout-attempts, wifed two whores, broke, pays child support for a daughter whose embarrassing him on twitter, works with Young Money after accusing them of destroying Hip Hop, stops working with his weedcarriers because he's in fear of getting destroyed on a track, goes from the africa-loving social empowerer to the violent, drug-dealing, crime-glorifying don, signed to his arch enemy to be left 4 commerical dead.
    • Anonymous
      ^^^^^^^ This guy!!! LOL When did he ever accuse Young Money of killing hip hop? Also he was Nas Escobar before the "Africa-loving social empowerer" that you are speaking of. LOL This guy is pure comedy. Please let me know when you are performing at Laugh Factory so I can get front row seats.
    • jungle
      come on man look at jay apperance he got em dick sucking lips dat nigga only got beyonce because of his money
    • hmm
      Nas = best hip hop album of time with Illmatic (universally lauded), at least 3 other 'classic' genre albums (It Was Written, Stillmatic, God's Son), actual concept albums which defied the genre (Hip Hop is Dead, Untitled), one of the best unreleased catalogues in the game, some of the most celebrated guest verses in hip hop (Live at the Barbecue, Verbal Intercourse, It's Mine, Triple Beams Dreams etc), Ether made Jay-Z cry and speechless on Hot 97, considered one of the greatest disses in hip hop history, every top producer has stated openly that they would love to work with him or have immensely enjoyed working with him (9th Wonder, DJ Premier, Large Professor, Kanye West, Alchemist, RZA, Havoc, Dr Dre, Exile, etc), has released 10 solo albums and is still considered a top 5 emcee OF ALL TIME. Jay-Z = borrowed concepts and flows and lyrics from Biggie, Jaz-O, Nas, MAYBE 3 classic genre albums at a push, relies extensively on producers overall, dissed Nas on Takeover and fucked around with Nas' partner (including boasting about leaving used condoms on the baby seat of Nas' car) when Nas was caring for cancer-stricken mother who was dying at the time, lyrically degrading as the years go by. Maybe a great businessmen but in terms of rapper, Nas easily outclasses him.
  • wu4lyf
    Guess you faggots don't know shit about accounting or finance or law or shit. Niggas I'ma tell you that a lawsuit like this can be flattened within a few hearings, final payouts for this kinda shit tend to be 5%-20% of the initial sum. Typically records labels and tour organisers hold insurance against incidents such as this as well so hypothetically even if all this happened and Nas still had to pay $10 mil...that's what, a tiny chunk out of Nas's cash (liquid money). His assets beyond just his current bank accounts comprise of a property portfolio, a huge royalty account for his back discography, probably holds stock (funds, trusts etc), a life insurance policy, vehicles, list goes on. All he needs is a good fucking accountant to keep his shit straight in regards to the federal authorities. And I think Life is God would be album of the year if you removed Swizz's shity pop ear piss Summer on Smash and replaced it with either one of the bonus tracks, Hip Hop f. Scarface, anything f. AZ, No Such Thing as a White Jesus f. Frank Ocean or that Street Shit by Swizz that he played at the LIG listening session but saved for his own album, selfish prick.
    • BLACK
    • rizzle
    • hip hop
    • Tbones
      cosignee almost all ur post wit the exception of the street shit. From the listening session and d reaction of the audience, that street shit is a certified banger. Nas deliberately left it out for watever reason. Swizz confirmed this in a Vibe interview at the espys but that it will still come out. Nas def got something up his sleeves with d track. NAS NYE???
    • wu4lyf
      I thought that Swizz kept Street Shit for his own solo's listed on the wiki page of 'Haute Living' as a recorded song. The Rap-Up confirmed it.
  • Anonymous
    This is fucking stupid. Ok it is his fault for missing the show and should have to pay for any of the financial looses from it but the fact that they say it is his fault that some Africans decided to kidnap dude is fucking absurd. People suing people so munch is showing just how materialistic our society has become and how capitalism has divided us and made us less humane and less united. This shit needs to stop.
    • ETK
      Another we are the world, yes we can, keep hope alive, don't worry about a thing ass nigga. You love comunism so much, go live in North Korea then. Tell me if you like it ;)
    • Anonymous
      yah the commis in russia, north korea, vietnam.. they are all killin it over there with no internet, civil rights or most basic freedoms we enjoy everyday :) Im thankful I live in america, that means both the good and the bad
    • Anonymous
      dudes who use smiley faces when they type are gay as fuckkk
  • JA
    *Even if
  • JA
    I find it so funny how all the comments about Nas are by a bunch of poor people who think they know what Nas is worth. Even Nas has to pay $10 million, he's still much richer than you.
  • Jus10
    Somebody need to close their legs, because things smell fishy.
    • Anonymous
      Don't talk about your mother like that.
  • Rishi
    fuck nas is worth 10mil?? the fuck
  • Anonymous
    Nas is broke and all y'all cats are rich, hmmm. Reminds me of a line in Hate Me Now...what was it again something about his house, his shoes...I forgot, someone help me here. Dumb fucks. Stick to the music.
    • Fuck Queensbridge
      I can't believe you were too dumb to look it up on Google and then quote the fucking rhyme.
    • Anonymous
      Dumb ass, I was being sarcastic, and I don't fucking need to google shit, dumbo-google that- You take the prize, idiot, see you're the reason sisters and brothers shouldn't sleep together.
    • p
      ^ lol
  • Anonymous
    "Do people account for Jordan's myriad of gambling debts and family failures while assessing his greatness as a basketball player? Is Tiger Woods stature" The difference is Woods and Jordan aren't broke. To be fair though those two have had so many more ways to make money than Nas has.
    • comachonvargas
      ^^^How the fuck are you coming to the conclusion that Nas is broke? Do you think the guy is going to file suit against a judgment-proof broke dude? The existence of a $10 million suit in and of itself is proof positive that the plaintiff believes he can get paid and that Nas has it... you can't draw the distinction based on what I said earlier because you can't definitely claim that Nas is in fact BROKE. You think a guy who can pull $300K for a single show is broke? Nas could never make another album and tour for another ten years just based on the strength of his current discography. And you think Nas has only one way of making money? Dude could do commercials for soft drinks and alcohol, do promos for sporting events [remember the ESPYs], do movies, all sorts of shit. Nas prefers to stay low key and thats the end of it. You clowns are out of your mind if you think a dude who has 8 platinum albums and 20+ million sold is hurting for cash, divorce settlement or not. Stop counting the next mans money and appreciate an artist who actually brings credibility to the whole genre. The dude epitomizes what it means to be a hip hop legend AND NO THAT DOES NOT MEAN BEING ON THE FORBES LIST FAGGOTS. 'Yeah but the difference is they aren't flat broke' get the fuck out of here. Try again