Kendrick Lamar Wants To Rap With Jay-Z & Nas, Says He's "On Their Toes"

posted Friday December 21 ,2012 at 02:10PM CST | 147 comments

Kendrick Lamar Wants To Rap With Jay-Z & Nas, Says He's

Kendrick Lamar says that he wouldn't be nervous in the studio with them.

Kendrick Lamar recently chopped it up with GQ magazine, discussing how his father never ended up getting his Domino's and how he would want Rihanna to play Sherane in a potential good kid, m.A.A.d city short film.

He also touched on some artists who he'd love to go toe-to-toe with lyrically, naming Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Rakim and Kurupt. He reflected on where he's at in his career, stating that he's "on their toes, for sure" and wouldn't be nervous to hit the studio with them.

"I'm on their toes, for sure," he said. "I remember when I was a young buck listening to them, I was thirteen or fourteen going back to the albums and how crazy they were. They just have a little more experience than me. I wouldn't get in the studio with them and be nervous, I'll put it to you that way. I wouldn't be nervous."

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  • chesthair
    Kendrick go hard n all but he aint all that. Would we wanna hear him with those he mentioned yes, it'll be a fresh look instead of the usual ratched shit out. Is he "on their toes" like he said? It's a matter of opinion but I say fuck no cause he aint been at it long enough to be equal. Meaning he haven't put out enough classic material to be "on their toes" feel me?
  • Anonymous
    "Nas though is another story, he's on point most of the time still today" Most of the time meaning he slips up more than he should for his degree of expertise.
    • Anonymous
      You're retarded.
  • Anonymous is technically superior to a lot of niggas out today. and i think Jay been sleeping thru verses since american gangster. no top 5 just 3 skyzoo jay-z lupe fiasco
  • Qaadiru Rashaad
    Wow!!! SMH ... Kendrick is still in pop warner Jay & Nas in the NFL still playing, MVP's etc and in the hall of fame. NO COMPARISON!!! PERIOD... Slow down & continue to evolve as an artist. He is way out of his league. To be honest Kendrick's album is good but not great. Its a break from all the trap rap, dance music and really pop stuff but its not a classic. #TRUESTORY
    • 2 CHAINZ
  • Zee
    I Agree with YERo a 100%... Also Rihanna Would Make A Fine Sherane
  • YERo
    I swear some of yall hip hop heads are bugged the fuck out, no matter what you say, if kendrick gets on a track with any of those artists, it's classic, if not a classic, it'll be lyricism on a degree half of yall niggas still trying to decipher, Look at all their track records, it speaks for them selfs, Kendrick isn't makin a bold claim at all saying he's on their toes because the new gen is fuckin' with him so hard, you can see he's not to be the one to fall off
  • Shyne
    Somebody give this nigga the "negro please" stamp you going too fast pimpin hold the fuck up you just dropped your second album ain't no way in the world you're on pair with Jay or Nas
  • Anonymous
    "And J. Cole has an album com in out in a month" Yeah, and Detox is set to drop Jan. 1st lol
  • Anonymous
    "why else would Eminem place him above himself in his own list" At one point Eminem has praised just about every rapper there is. It's called being PC. I'll go even further and say that if it wasn't for Snoop, Kurupt would be nothing.
  • Anonymous
    You say in an interview with none of the cats your talking about are within a couple hundred miles your not nervous. They arrive at the airport to get into the booth with you. your nervous.
  • VEST
    Theres still alot of jay bandwagon riders on here kendrick will rap circles around old hov jays fans live off of his money not his lyrical ability thats the scapegoat but if he didnt have 450 mill which means nothing to all his fans thats not getting none of it he would be average jay is the most overrated rapper ever he sales dreams name 1 individual on gods green earth that will become a wealthy rapper after they made 900k from selling coke supposedly and his stans say that he inspires them how?
      YEAH OAF
  • GoDonnieX
    Kendrick's technique is on point. Mad lyrical. Very talented. But you gotta have more then one masterpiece to put you in the realm of these hip hop legends. Your technique gotta be more than on point to have verse be on par with a Eminem verse... More than mad lyrical to fuck with Nas. More than super talented to be fuckin with a Jay-Z verse. He didn't even have a better verse than Tech N9ne on the song "I Love Music". Just because I think J. Cole is one of the illest don't mean I'ma say he's better than Jay-Z. .and Jay ain't even one of my favorites, real talk. 5 years, or 4 albums, or 2 classics later, Kendrick Lamar will be eligible for my top ten IF he continues to put out music as good as what's on his first. MY Top 10: Tupac DMX Lupe Fiasco Nas Eminem Joe Budden Immortal Technique Tech N9ne Kanye West BlackThought
    • BOY
      And no one gave a single fuck bout what you just said KenDICK LAME-ar DICKRIDER! Hahahah! LONG LIVE WEEZY!
    • Anonymous
      If Joe Budden is in your list over guys like Rakim and Biggie then you have no credibility. You're just a posing hip hop head.
    • Anonymous
      thats HIS top ten... not yours... different people got different tastes in music... thats not my top ten either, but all the guys on dudes list can spit... heres mine.. (no order) 1. jay 2. Nas 3. styles/jada 4. dmx 5. em 6. kanye 7. wayne 8. tip 9. immortal technique 10. big L
    • BOY
      Real TOP List! 1. Lil Wayne 2. Lil B 3. 2 Chainz 4. Mac Miller 5. Wiz Khalifa 6. Rick Ross 7. Wale 8. Waka Flocka 9. Gudda Gudda 10. KenDICK LAME-ar
    • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?
      THIS IS THE REAL LIST!!! 01 - KRS-One 02 - Ice Cube 03 - Rakim 04 - Scarface 05 - Bid Daddy Kane 06 - Melle Mel 07 - Kool Moe Dee 08 - Nas 09 - 2Pac 10 - Immortal Technique 10 - 2Pac
    • Inconito
      REAL TOP 10 (NO ORDER) -Ice Cube -Kurupt -Xzibit -2Pac -Treach -Big Daddy Kane -Tech N9ne -Jay-Z -AZ -Pharoahe Monch
    • Conch SHELL
      U niggas trippin REAL TOP 10(NO ORDER) 1. Based God 2. Lil B 3.Dirt nasty 4. Og Xl 5. Zangoon 6. Logie bear 7. Riff RAFF 8. Crabkiller 9. JB 10. Jaden SMith My list UR OPINION DONT MEAN SHIT>
    • sun_god7
      Top 10 - no order (except for 1-3) 1-Tupac 2-Rakim 3-KRS-One 4-10 Nas Jay-Z Big Daddy Kane Scarface Black Thought Mos Def Brother J (X-Clan)
  • Anonymous
    man, everyone need to get off em's dick; he fell the fuck off, kendrick would murk him easily
  • BP
    all the interviewer asked him is who would Kendrick like to work with... y'all actin like Kendrick said he's in that elite circle or some shit. niggas love to fuckin hate I swear
  • Anonymous
    Eminem,Nas,Rakim !!! joke of the year
  • Cudder
    Kendrick could murder Jay on his best day, so why don't y'all chill Nas though is another story, he's on point most of the time still today
    • Anonymous
      the youth god bless them
    • Anonymous
      you are talking real reckless man.....Hov is the God MC
    • What?
      Jay on his best day is top 5 dead or alive. Allow Kendrick to have his best day before talking crazy.
    • Anonymous
      smh.. kendrick is nice, but jay is THE dude right now... undisputed king of hip hop atm.. just like pac was.. just like big was.. it all goes in cycles... kendrick may have his time, but it DEF aint right now..
    • Cudder
      I don't disagree that Jay is one of top of all time, but right now is another story. not as fierce as he used to be, not that I blame him, he's gotten bigger than hip-hop. but right now, Kendrick got next. and if they were both in the studio, Kendrick would murk him. (on Kendrick's best day, sorry, not on Jay's. that was a typo)
    • SDK
    • Anonymous
      Jigga only got dat flow ma nig. he lyrics aint shit ma nig. Ja rule could merk his ass right up to the stomach my nig.
    • Conch SHELL
  • Anonymous
    Chill kendrick you talking to much bullshit these days just like attention whores 50 cent and game
  • Anonymous
    Kendrick, chill. You're cool, but Nas would make you look terrible (you couldn't even outshine Drake)
    • vest
      Nobody will outshine drake if the song is about a female or partying in a strip clubthats drakes lane him and kendrick are different its real life against fantasy