Big Sean Hopes To "Teach And Leave A Legacy" With "Hall Of Fame" LP

posted Monday December 17 ,2012 at 06:30PM CST | 27 comments

Big Sean Hopes To

Big Sean discusses his aspirations for his upcoming sophomore LP "Hall of Fame."

Even though he missed the mark on a 2012 release by a small margin, Big Sean's upcoming sophomore release Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player is poised to be one of the biggest releases of 2013. Now, in a recent interview with Rap-Up, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper discusses his approach to the project.

Big Sean said that Hall of Fame will be a far more inspirational and conceptually-driven project than his debut Finally Famous: The Album. He explained that he wants to create a larger, lasting impact with the album, similar to the kinds of legacies achieved by the likes of Tupac and Kanye West.

"The vlogs I've been talking about reality and imagination, a lot of the album has that same touch, taste, and tone, just being super inspirational, super intellectual, and of course it’s still got bangers on there too,” he said. “It’s like an emotional roller coaster. You happy, hype as hell, sad as hell, real shit, motivational shit. It’s a great body of work, so I’m excited about it.”

He continued, “A lot of my songs, even with my first album, they didn’t really teach too much. It had some meaningful stuff on there, but I didn’t get a chance to teach. If you look at people like Bob Marley or even Tupac or ‘Ye and Jay, they’ve taught in their own ways. I want to make sure I teach and leave a legacy.”

Check out the full interview below.

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Comments 27 Posts

  • pun
    this kid is wack
  • Anonymous
    learn the essence of hip hop and dont let copycats like big sean spoil it
  • Anonymous
    ever rapper sucks long live the MC
  • Anonymous
    i remember hearing big sean on royce da 59s my own planet only time i ever liked him dude sucks
  • Anonymous
    you just a fuckin clown. By a gun and kill yourself, we dont need your weak music
  • Steve V
    I'm a fan Sean but honestly man what is Guap teaching people. song needs to go off the album it sucks.
    • Anonymous
      lame comment
  • npmusicman
    I hope he achieves what he's set out to do. Make music with substance and passion. I'm not a Big Sean fan, but you can't hate a man who's trying to make a difference.
  • Linen Rental
    Keep it up G. Keep it up!
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!
    i dont know whats more unsettling, the fact that big sean feels that at what 24 25yrs old he has something deep and substantial to teach or the fact that it seems as if fans are looking to be taught by rappers nowadays. Go to school to be taught something go to the record store to be entertained, dont gas these niggas p to think that their rhymes are literary achievements. Its just music and not very g.o.o.d music at that.
    • the fuck?
      some of the best albums in hiphop came from artist at that age dropping their first some research mr. small cock
    • what a faggy retort
      whats my penis size have to do with my opinion of big seans ability to teach and inspire?? I see we have one of his pupils racing to his defense. so tell me what have you learned from big sean sir??????
    • Anonymous
      Your argument is flawed and cynical to the point where it doesnt deserve to be dignified with a detailed response. some of the best artists and writers in history created their most insightful and substantial work in their early-mid twenties. The only unsettling part of this is that you grew up in an setting where people in their twenties had nothing insightful to offer about life. That also reflect the bankruptcy of your appreciate for hip hop. I'm actually starting to feel awfully bad for you as a man.
    • Randy
      lol everybody look at the cynical old head
    • im curious
      did that make you feel like a man to attempt to belittle me over the internet?
    • AZ
      Tupac was 25 when he passed and Biggie was 24, #justsayin
    • Anonymous
      Wisdom defies physical age...Look at Bob Marley he was 36 when he passed. When I was 20 I had more knowledge than most 30-40-50, etc year olds. But I'm HIGHLY skeptical about this guy's ability to do anything he's talking about. You can't tell me he's going to be a clown and then all of sudden he like a musical prophet! He's actually got some nerve putting his name in the same conversation as Marley...he deserves to be checked for that to be honest. The lack of humility already shows he doesn't have the knowledge or wisdom to create a meaningful legacy. I've been wrong before- 12 times to be exact- but rarely if ever has a rapper suprised me...and I've been hip hop for 25 years
  • Anonymous
    he doesnt know or respect the culture enough to ever leave a legacy.i doubt this guy knows who public enemy is or kool moe dee
    • Anonymous
      man how the hell do you know what he respects smh
  • Anonymous
  • GOOD Music
    "My songs didn't really teach too much"...I disagree Sean...I learned alot about weed, money and big asses from Finally
    • realniggaforreal
      I concur
    • JBoss
  • naeSgiB
    You are right about one thing Sean, I did not learn much from your first album. I wish you success and I hope you make a good sophomore album that is alot better than your debut.
    • yup
      it sounds like you want him to throw you that D!
  • Max Swagger