Sean Price Reacts To Hot 97's Program Director Ebro Darden, Says He Was Dissed

posted Monday December 10 ,2012 at 08:54AM CST | 71 comments

Sean Price Reacts To Hot 97's Program Director Ebro Darden, Says He Was Dissed

After hearing a comment about him being for "the minor leagues," Sean P responds with a few messages for Hot 97.

During a recent show, Hot 97's Program Director Ebro Darden was asked about supporting "good local underground Hip Hop." In his response, he said that the station supports artists like Sean Price and others but that "those are for the minor leagues." When Sean P got a hold of the clip, he had some words for Darden and Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg.

Later, P continued by saying he was sorry but that he doesn't care about radio.

The video Price is talking about is below.

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  • REAL6
    "First of all, who's your A&R A mountain climber who plays an electric guitar? But he don't know the meaning of dope When he's lookin for a suit and tie rap that's cleaner than a bar of soap" - The Gza
  • Anonymous
    Back in the Day you were proud that the radio didn't play your shit, that meant you were certified underground circuit, now in contemporary times, when the radio play your shit, it measn you arrived?? WTF, Fuck those cornball PAYOLA radio stations and faggot ass execs. Nobody cares about their opinion, their the reason hip hop is dead, corporate america spinnin the wheels and tellin artist's what to write about and what to sound like, shits disgusting... P!
  • Anonymous
    Rosenberg talks about "real hip hop" all the time and then dosent even get Sean P spins. Nicki Minaj is more hip hop then Peter Rosenberg
  • wishworks
    hot 97 can eat a dick, STRAIGHT PAYOLA, You mean to tell me Dedication 4,Or Any YMCM release this year, was better than Sean Price's Mike Tyson? Yall Niggas Crazy.
  • Anonymous
    The fact of the matter is, it's true... doesn't mean your not skilled.
  • JimmyJacknCoke
    Haaahha Sean P Bi Polar as fack....
  • Anonymous
    hot 97 is a joe...sean p aint played on their because he isnt a commercial rapper that raps for the money or to get as big of a fan base as h can...he is one of the most skilled rappers and does it all without selling out...also, he is the only rapper ive ever heard say that he "doesnt mind when people illegally download his music because that just means that people actually want to listen to him"
    If i was him i wouldnt want my shit playing between some weak ass shit like mmg or kanye
  • Beast 1333
    Minor Leagues? Earn your stripes? We all know the main reason they play the same 5 records all day on that bullshit station.... PAYOLA
  • Anonymous
    Sean Price plays in my whip. Hot 97 rarely gets burn so I don't know what he's talkin about
  • Mr Flamboyant
    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what RZA and GZA spoke about years ago with the A&R cornballs who want the fame and not to be in the background. Sean Price should smack the shit out of this herb when he's in sights.
  • Anonymous
    If Sean Price can sell 10k on his own independently without dickriding ass hot 97 playing his music, then what's the harm? This nigga Ebro called him out. This the same nigga that said he was gonna play Nicki Minaj even thought he was told by her not to? The radio station that is HOT 97 used to be for NY but their ratings are so bullshit at this point they have their program director coming on the air talking nonsense. Hot 97 is not the NFL of the radio. No one even listens to the just play the shit before we protest. Bitch ass niggas at HOT 97..SHIT, there's bitch ass niggas at Power 105 too but at least they give niggas looks. Rosenberg is a faggot too...confused talkative midget ass backpacker
  • FOH
    When did program directors start talking about artists on live radio? You don't see Power 105 doing it, why is Ebro doing it? This guy wants the fame and it's going to backfire when records execs start complaining about his ass. He's fame and power hungry. FOH.
  • Anonymous
    The Radio IS THE MINOR LEAGUES. FUCK HOT 97 and the Corny ass music they dickeat!!!!
  • Anonymous
    P - spit some Pyrex adamanthium bars on a Ebro - P
  • 614grind
    That wasn't a diss. That was just Ebro being the cornball exec that he is.
    • Anonymous
      That's how it'll be laughably dismissed as the dude is just innately a clown but, what he said carry's weight you know. The guy's an idiot for saying given what music they play and consider major leagues. It's mainstream.
  • marylinfelton23
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  • Six
    On the real people just go on wshh and youtube nowadays people just listen to the radio when they in the car (sometimes)
  • Anonymous
  • Radio is for old men
    Never heard of any of these dudes except for Ruck. What have these two idiots ever done except spin whatever records sell the most on iTunes. Hot 97 has been a joke since the late 90's. Fuck radio in general, why bother when you can be your own DJ in 2012 and not have to listen to ignorant 20 year olds screech over songs and in between them.
    • Anonymous
      real talk. i can't even remember the last time i listened to any radio, let alone hot97.
  • Anonymous
    These radio heads need a Brooklyn beat down ASAP!
    • MFU
  • murdock
    sean punch this guy in the fucken face please..joey badass get som brooklyn dudes to pacquaio this noodle
  • murdock
    I want to punch this guy in the face sean p been killin shit this guys a bitch.fam youre saying these south guys even though they suck but pay to play theyre major??foh youre a problem with hip hop and hot 97 aint been hot in ten years you play bullshit.
    • Anonymous
      Typical young cornball who listens & caters to the garbage that is pumped on Hot 97. Respect the roots, you ignorant young'un!
    • Anonymous
      i think you agree, he just doesnt use punctuation
  • Anonymous
    Go back into the house and stop yelling at people grandpa. No one wants to hear about the 80's.
  • John Blaze
    Oh, and guys like Red & Meth are the NBA superstars who are late in their careers and have the choice to either stay in the league and accept fewer minutes & fewer shot attempts(Jerry Stackhouse) or go overseas(indie) & continue to ball out(possibly Kobe in 3 years.). I could break the whole game down like this but end it here.....
    • t nickz
      Rap music isnt the NBA man.. this is a Bad analogy
  • John Blaze
    Even tho Ebro & Rosenberg some bitch ass niggaz, They had a point. The point got lost when Ebro said Sean Price. Sean Price, Tech N9ne, etc. is like the guys who chose to play basketball in Europe instead of the NBA, still legends, still hall of famers, they just made the decision stay where they were. Joey Bada$$ like any other new guys in rap history are like high school or college stars(Minor Leagues), your wondering if their game can transfer to the NBA or will they just go overseas(indie) to do their thing. They had the idea right, they just explained it wrong.
    • Nah..
      But that's the problem with N.Y. radio stations, they don't support the artists like Atlanta, L.A. or even florida. They always want to act like they are the gatekeepers of hip hop when they are not really supporting local artists and come up with that bullshit that they have to earn to be played and minor leagues. Did Jay Z come out straight to the big leagues? NO. Hot97 is full of themselves and Rosenberg thinks he the expert in hiphop when hip hop is the most complex art form of music.
  • Killem Dafoe
    Sean Price should've been on Wu-Block
    LMAO do people even listen to the radio anymore???
  • Twizzy
    complete bs, when NY stations dickride the music thats playing in the south, they dont check into whether that southern artist has put work in, they play it because its being played heavy in the south. Meanwhile in the south and midwest they support their local artists at radio as long as the music is good period. This new kid Trinidad James from ATL for instance is 1 mixtape deep..just 1. and getting love. and he was recently on hot 97. point proven
    • p
      so true one of the things I admire about southern hip hop
  • wu wear
    Turn off the radio
  • Anonymous
    if i was Sean Price i would've smack that bitch up...they act like they are doing a favor to hiphop when they play 2chainz,Wayne,Ross,Gucci and all that garbage all day on the radio...
  • poppa large
    sick of you conformist spineless non hip hop listening clones dissing P. Sean has one of the best albums out this year. here's the thing though: his music is not for the pretty people and the brainwashed robots, his shit is raw real rap- straight up grimy beats and skillful multi-syllable lyrics, crazy voice and hard delivery. not for pussies. 95% of the people who comment on this site dont know shit!