Kendrick Lamar On Being "King Of West Coast Rap," Explains Positive Perspective

posted Friday December 07 ,2012 at 08:39AM CST | 45 comments

Kendrick Lamar On Being

Kendrick Lamar talks about living up to the "King of West Coast Rap" title and explains how he changed his perspective on life once his friend was killed.

Even before releasing good kid, m.A.A.d. city, Kendrick Lamar had the West Coast torch. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre made sure he got this praise, building up to the young Compton emcee's debut. In a recent interview BET's T.J. Holmes, Lamar spoke on how he feels he's lived up to this type of acknowledgement.

When Holmes asked if he felt he's delivered with good kid, based on these expectations of being "King of West Coast Rap," Lamar was not shy with his answer.

"Definitely," he said. "I put in a lot of years doing music. I don't slight none of the acknowledgements I'm getting now because I put in that grind and that effort years before the world knew who Kendrick Lamar was." 

Lamar continued, saying that he is using this acknowledgement and recognition to put out a positive message. He also shared how he obtained a more positive perspective on life.

"One particular moment in my life changed everything to where I started thinking different. That positivity led to me doing music," he explained. "The moment was [discussed on] 'I'm Dying of Thirst']. A situation happened with one of my homeboys passing. This lady straight out asked us, 'What do you believe in? Do you believe in the higher power or are you gonna keep believing in these guns and drugs the rest of your life?' That was it." 

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Comments 45 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Game's still the King
  • 2k12
    Killer Mike - R.A.P. = Album Of The Year
  • Kondratenko
    Is he "King of the West Coast"? No, not yet. Chill tho, dude's 25 years old. He ain't where Dre, Snoop, Cube, WC, E-40, Mack, Kurupt, X, and Game are yet but he's getting there. GKMC was the best Hip-Hop album of the year and Kendrick put the West Coast back on the map much like Game did way back with The Documentary.
  • So Icy Boi!
    Kendrick Lamar is bisexual. all west coast rapper are gay. Lil B and Tygya are dope tho. swag
    • BOY
      Fuck you troll! All you're doing is discrediting Lil B on purpose so these fuck boys will think Im trolling too. KenDICK LAME-ar looks like a footlocker-working-pickle-face nigga!
    • Anonymous
      Kill yourself.
  • BOY
    KenDICK LAME-ar the KIGN of WEST COAST RAP? LMFAO! If they have the audacity to call him then Lil B the BasedGod is the GOD of the WEST COAST! KenDICK aint got shit on Lil Weezy. Weezy is the KIGN of HIP HOP. Period. I Am Not A Human Being II >>> Good Kid, M.a.a.d City
    • Anonymous
      Find the nearest bridge and jump off that muthafucka, you stupid ass bitch.
  • BP
    are you mo'fuckers serious on this "Jesus Piece > gkmc" bullshit the damn thing fuckin' dropped days ago! y'all gonna chill with that.. plus it got more features on it than a damn DJ Khaled CD. he tryna start a fraternity or somethin'
    • Anonymous
      U seriously think Kendricks album was better.....smh lyrically it is but as a whole album production, quality of music n replay value Jesus Piece was a little better.....Kendrick is cool but his delivery is wack
  • anonymous
    Lil b was named king of west coast.HHDX get your knowledge right. FFS.
  • fukkenny
    This fool is way over rated!
  • Anonymous
    "Taylor Swift being sold in stores and in cities where they never heard of Drake or Lil Wayne" What city has never heard of Wayne or Drake? You do realize the internet is everywhere.
  • Anonymous
    This comment was removed for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies........yeah right! Kendrick sucks eggs!
  • snIPez
    King of the west coast? That term is just thrown around. Dr Dre is the king of the west coast, period. This guy is a joke. I tried to like this him but he sucks. I want GANGSTER rap. Not fluffy aututuned lil wayne garbage.
  • styles g
    Props to Kdot, but he's not the only west coast artist that dropped a great album this year. Planet Asia's Black Belt Theatre and Xzibit's Napalm are both dope as f#%k!!
  • BRPOBe
    California MC's are so concerned with naming themselves "King of the West Coast" it's annoying. You should aim for higher titles. Try to be the king of USA
    • Anonymous
      Obama already took that title.
  • Truth B Told
    Maneee Kendrick Lamar is just a poor mans version of Andre 3000. this nigga copied his whole style grace & flow. even the alien voice shit for ATLiens... Shame On Yall!
  • Anonymous
    Man stop hyping this man to make him something he's not! he's a nice rapper but the hype making cats not like him that much. y'all really celebrating gold.... that just shows you where hip hop stands right now. Taylor Swift country/pop album did 1.3 mil in a week go figure. "Real" Hip Hop is dead you killed it!
      YOU IDIOT how you are going to compare Taylor Swift sales to a Hip Hop artist who is debuting an album. Taylor Swift being sold in stores and in cities where they never heard of Drake or Lil Wayne. You the type of idiot that say The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springstein, or AC/DC career is over because Taylor Swift sold 1.3 million.... Get these comic book collectors out of Hip Hop... Disgusting
  • Vern
    You dumbasses stop blaming it on the media n hype. They didnt call him no king, they just repeating what the likes of SNOOP n DRE said. And even Game to some extend i guess. Also dumbasses saying make more albums n sell this n that n then u r king.. Who the fuck bases dudes cred on sales n album anyways? which would just be numbers from mainstream sheep anyway.. Plus hes been making music.. y'all acting like GKMC is the 1st piece of music he put out..
  • Anonymous
    you aint no king and will never be a king. This is just hype from the media. Fuck media
  • Anonymous
    atleast make a plat album, then make multi plat albums. till then Game is King
  • Anonymous
    This little bisexual rapper needs to stfu!
  • Westside
    lol nobody said he was king, passing a torch doest do that he has alot to prove.. Game is King
    • Anonymous
      KDot has snatched all the respect and cred from that guy...pretty much made that guy a forgotten man...just observe when Game's album flops (even with ALLLLLLLLL of the goodness)and its really obvious that he washed...his next move is to hate on the KDot on some spiteful typical Game bi-polar shit...and he bout to marry his great
    • West
      your an idiot, JesusPiece shits all over gkmc.. you sound like a 14 year old you bitch
    • TheDUke
      GKMC shits all over game's career
    • Anonymous
      fuck no! kendrick sucks,Game is still king of the west
  • Anonymous
    Kendrick really is THAT dude. Props to the King
  • Anonymous
    if you fucks wit kendricks lyrics check this dude out real talk real life real music
  • Yo
    Yo hold on WHAT was certified Gold?! GKMC? Or Swimming Pools? Did I miss something?
    • gkmc
      The album, swimming pools went platinum
    • Anonymous
      gkmc is gold homie! He official nobody can say he flopped.
  • johnwall
    Game is... Jesus Piece is a damn classic, arguably one of the best west coast albums ever
    • Anonymous
      FOH...not even better than The Documentary, what are you twelve? Nigga got everyone in hip-hop on his album...that's called MY LAST RESORT TO KEEP MY CAREER ALIVE album dawg...
    • Anonymous
      classic album when half of it is features are from other artists? some classic
  • michael
    Game is... Jesus Piece is a damn classic, aruguably one of the best west coast albums ever
  • barry
    King of the west after 1 album ???????? LoL. Average album in my opinion. Because your affiliated with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg don't make you king of the west. It takes time and several good albums to be considered in that category.
      Very true, overrated & hyped up bs... King of the West?? If he is then that's some sad ish!
    • Anonymous
      KDot brings respect back to the west my man...hes RESPECTED. Album is not a classic but its a damn good album thats not on that typical bullshit that has been watering the west down...step out the box dawg...that nigga got the west crackin' right now...
    • rOBERT
      Maybe if you listened to his prior work before the album you will see why they crowned him
    • chillin
      He has 1 critically acclaimed album and 3 critically acclaimed mixtapes. You're aware that his last mixtape was DX's album of the year last year and was also praised by other media outlets. Dude's been dominating for awhile, in terms of putting out quality music.
  • Duckworth
    And then 2pac came in his dreams and he made section 80