Juicy J Says Miley Cyrus Is "The Best Twerker Hands Down"

posted Monday August 26 ,2013 at 12:25PM CDT | 44 comments

Juicy J Says Miley Cyrus Is

Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J also says Miley Cyrus is "a genius" and recalls when she twerked at his concert.

Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J recently commented on Miley Cyrus' twerking. 

"I saw a video and she twerked," Juicy J said yesterday (August 25) during an interview with Hot 97 at MTV's Video Music Awards. "Then when I went on stage and did my show in L.A., she came out on stage and showed me what it was. I was like, 'Wow.' Miley Cyrus is the best twerker, hands down. Don't get mad. She knows how to throw that ass. She's the best twerker hands down...She knows how to twerk that ass." 

Miley Cyrus twerked on stage at the VMAs during her performance with Robin Thicke, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar. The star has also twerked in music videos and, as Juicy J mentioned, at concerts. Cyrus' twerking at the VMAs can be seen below.

Juicy J, who recently said he would offer a $50,000 scholarship to the best twerker in a contest, also talked about his impression of Cyrus.  

"Miley is a genius," he said. "She's super talented. She's worked with Dr. Luke. She's worked with Mike Will [Made It], lots of producers. She knows what she wants and she goes to get it."  

Juicy J's new album, Stay Trippy, is scheduled to be released tomorrow (August 27). Cyrus' upcoming album, Bangerz, is set to be released October 8. Cyrus recently appeared as the star of Big Sean's video for "Fire." 

Juicy J's Hot97 interview can be seen below.

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Comments 44 Posts

  • magmatic123
    its like they playing rush and rollette cuse they trying to hard to cross over
  • justin
    He probably just said that for some publicity, since his new album is coming out.
  • Lawless
    This just has to be a conspiracy by skinny white girls to be relevant again because girls with a booty are getting the spotlight they deserve and they're upset because they work so damn hard sticking their fingers down their throats to not eat shit. SMH, This has to be eliminated.
  • tocf
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  • smh at 2days hiphop
    what happened to HipHop??
  • Anonymous
    oops requires a chick to have the main ingredient/tool etc..
  • Anonymous
    Twirking requires a chick to have the main requirement: a big booty, Myley is a no-ass-at-all.
  • sxxx4
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  • sxxx4
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  • Jahorse
    Did I just hear 2 Chainz refer to himself as highly respected and the black Micheal Jackson? What the fuck is going on here?
  • England's Kenny
    How long till she dies of a drug overdose?
    • 27 club
      you have to wait a while..
    • Anonymous
      Way the fuck after Lindsay Hohan
    • England's Kenny
      Then Justin Bieber will follow.
  • TwerkTV
    Think its a joke... https://soundcloud.com/twerktv/twerk-ft-miley-cyrus-juicy-j
  • seffew
    Miley's fucking up my 12 year old sister
    • Jahorse
      These young pop stars are fucking themselves up. Record labels should be ashamed of this bullshit. What the fuck did I just watch?
  • ETK
    miley ain't even got any ass Juicy J is too hung over them white broads, for real
    • Anonymous
      She was probably sucking his dick while he said that.
  • Anonymous
    who the hell cares??
  • drake runs rap
    juicy j is a pedo fuck nigga
    • Ja Rule Army
  • evil genius
    rick ross is the best twerker out there .........
  • imho
    LMAO juicy j thinks those sloppy wet pancake cheeks miley got is an ass HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA/ SMMFH
  • Todd P
    Miley is sexy as hell. I wish that tongue was all over my dick.
  • Anonymous
    miley getting passed around like the flu
  • Royal
    J need to gtfo. Miley got that "No Ass Disease." And I know darn well that Juicy J has had to have seen better twerking at the strip clubs at least.
    • Anonymous
  • amaterasu
    lmao this nigga trollin
  • jus10
    That's our generation! Known as the twerks or Twerkers! So proud...
  • djbvax
    Nice business move Juicy but you're from the South where twerkin' is an art form. I KNOW you have seen better. FOH with that mess. LOL
  • Anonymous
    naw theres some close up pics of her twerking at the vmas last night and her flabby ass is sticking out of her booty shorts it looks nasty
    • love that white pussy
      That ass looked good to me!
  • Anonymous
    juicy just tryna get in good wit her lil ass. come on son
  • Anonymous
    I guess Juicy likes his pancakes flat.
    • Really???
      In what other height do pancakes come tard?
  • love that white pussy
    I agree with Juicy J. Miley's by far the best twerker I've ever seen. I beat my dick to Miley's fine body every other night. I love them White girls!
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      (just asking)if miley's "fine",what word would you use to describe mariah carey?not hating,just veeeeeery vurious lmao
    • flugeroy beam
      your on dust...
    • love that white pussy
      I'd use 2 words to describe Mariah: busted and fake. She had her time, well before she got implants. Miley's primetime premium pussy (PPP). She was voted the beautiful woman in the world for a reason.
    • Jayene
      She was voted sexiest woman in the world by her 12-year old, female fanbase....