Tech N9ne Details "Meant To Happen," Reveals Projects After "Something Else"

posted Saturday July 27 ,2013 at 10:15AM CDT | 34 comments

Tech N9ne Details

Tech N9ne delves into one of the most personal songs off of his upcoming album "Something Else," and reveals his next LP and an EP.

In the days leading up to the release of his 13th studio album, Something Else, Tech N9ne has elected to decode one of the more personal tracks from the album, "Meant to Happen."

"When I hear something beautiful, I try to put that darkness on top of it," said Tech in an interview with HardKnockTV. "The contrast is just wicked to me."

Tech continued, providing an example of a story that juxtaposed both the beautiful and the wicked. "I told stories about shit that happened in my life. My mom waiting for her prom date, which was my father... He never came while she was waiting for him to come to the prom, and she had her first epileptic seziure that night."

"And I'm asking the darkness, 'Why?' And the darkness is like, 'It was all meant to happen for you to go through that shit.'"

And while Something Else has yet to even drop, that hasn't stopped Tech from thinking about his following projects.

In an interview with MTV's Hive, Tech N9ne discussed an upcoming EP and another studio album.

“November 5 I have a nine-song EP, Therapy. It’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll project,” revealed Tech.

“My next album is called Special Effects. I ain’t ever told nobody that. Soon as I get through Therapy, I’mma start getting beats.” Currently there is no date Special Effects.

Something Else hits shelves on July 30, and features Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and others.

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  • Anonymous
    devil worshipper music
    • Anonymous
      listen to devil boy why the fuck would some one want to do that and listen to klusterfuk and listen to lyrics and metaphors
    • Anonymous
      to many people scared of face paint listen to "face paint" to
    • Anonymous
      they said the beatles did to stfu
  • wallah
    album of the year cunts
  • Anonymous
    Straight Out the Gate Love 2 Dislike Me Fragile So Dope Thizzles Dwamn.... This whole album is sick!!!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous
    Tech is the shit!
  • Anonymous
    FOrget this satanic troll! ANYONE who supports this evil clown needs mental help!
    • Anonymous
      Nice joke
    • Anonymous
      u kno in uralya tech says hes a satanist meaning hes loves to do things wrong
  • Deshawn
    tech is dope. cant wait for ep and albums
  • Anonymous
    burn the world is dope good rock beat kinda think krizz kaliko fucks it up i want the opera to stop and for them just go hard as fuck....on some rock beats
  • Anonymous
    how come serj tankian's voice sound all fucked up
  • top three songs
    1. straight out the gate 2. so dope (they wanna) 3. fortune force field
  • Anonymous
    Therapy going to be dope he got rock beats on the album
  • Anonymous
    tech like the only one that could pull off rock n roll i just hope he doesnt do screamo i kno he like slipknot alot
  • Anonymous
    his albums dope
  • Anonymous
    Youngsta is just a 12 year old boy that comes on every Tech or Strange article to hate. go do your homework or something
  • sxxx9
  • J dirty
    people hating on Strange,Lol...everyone over there is dropping succesful albums.Tech aint no fuckin Devil worshiper.he said it on countless songs.U fuckin lil fruits just cant handle a dude spittin real shit,Yall are to used to that garbage ass young money/Gucci/Kanye garbage.I wouldnt even call that shit music.Brotha Lynch and tech would Ghost ur favorite rapper.Your lucky they aint on that type of shit.
    • 101
      Kanye isn't gatbage. If you think that way i recommend you listen to his earlier before you call him trash
    • sinister tech
      tech will make kneel before zod
    • youngsta
      successful how? all their albums flop harder than ginobli and fall off the charts in two weeks. drake's take care is an example of a successful album, critical praise and commercial success (double plat, something old ass tech or anyone else on strange will never accomplish). only one on strange i'll tolerate is jay rock since he also rolls with black hippy. but fuck all those other lame-o rappers on that label.
    • Kron
      LOL drake......he jus a pussy ass bitch Gay yall some
    • drake runs rap
      @Kron lol at saying fuck all the sucessfull artists you internet nerd fuckboy just know only internet nerds will support tech 9 while drake actually has an influence and impact on hiphop
    • Anonymous
      listen to devil boy
    • Kron u pump bow wow and chris brown too... cruzing in yo Honda accord..fuck u chump
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  • TECH
    Lol @ anyone still sleeping on the god, strange haters have been eating shit allllll year it's gonna be a long hot summer
    • youngsta
      lol at this old ass weirdo rapper being a "god". calm down dickrider.
    • no
      get off his nuts he preaches himself as some devil that you internet nerds with no religion praise him for
    • BafflerMeal
      @ no He's a Christian. He's never preached himself as a devil. Although you make having no religion sound like it's a bad thing.
  • TaZzZ
    AOTY... IMO his best since KOD at least, every line is perfecto
  • Anonymous
    so happy this leaked early