Juicy J "Stay Trippy" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

posted Wednesday August 21 ,2013 at 08:09AM CDT | 174 comments

Juicy J

UPDATE #3: Three 6 Mafia co-founder Juicy J allows fans a free, full listen of his Taylor Gang debut, "Stay Trippy."

Three 6 Mafia/Hypnotized Minds emcee/producer Juicy J has been hard at work on his first album with Taylor Gang Records for over a year. The Memphis, Tennessee musical icon and Academy Award-winner's third solo album, Stay Trippy finally has a release date.

Juicy was interviewed by Fly Times Daily, and said that his follow-up to 2009's Hustle Til I Die will release on July 2. The album is believed to be distributed by Columbia Records, where Three 6 Mafia has been signed since releasing Da Unbreakables, a decade ago.

In addition to Taylor Gang general Wiz Khalifa, HotNewHipHop.com reports that confirmed guests include Young Jeezy, Project Pat, Chris Brown, The Weeknd, and Big Sean. At present, there is no world on if Juicy's remaining Three 6 band-mate is involved as a producer or guest on Stay Trippy.

(April 29)

UPDATE: According to HipHop-N-More, Juicy J's Stay Trippy will now release on August 27. The Kemosabe/Columbia/Taylor Gang Records project will reportedly feature Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Trina, A$AP Rocky, Young Jeezy, Big Sean and Justin Timberlake. Also said to be included is Yelawolf, Pimp C, and Project Pat.

(July 15)

UPDATE #2: NahRight.com has posted what is believed to be the tracklisting to Juicy J's Taylor Gang Records debut, Stay Trippy:

1. Stop It
2. Smokin' Rollin' f. Pimp C
3. No Heart No Love f. Project Pat
4. So Much Money
5. Bounce It f. Trey Songz & Wale
6. Wax
7. Gun Plus A Mask f. Yelawolf
8. Smoke A Nigga f. Wiz Khalifa
9. Show Out f. Big Sean & Young Jeezy
10. The Woods f. Justin Timberlake
11. Money A Do It
12. Talkin' Bout f. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa
13. All I Blow Is Loud
14. Bandz A Make Her Dance f. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz
15. Scholarship f. A$AP Rocky
16. If I Ain't

The Stay Trippy Deluxe Edition release will also include

- One Thousand f. Wiz Khalifa
- Having Sex f. Trina & 2 Chainz
- One Of Those Nights f. The Weeknd

(July 22)

UPDATE #3: Juicy J has premiered his Taylor Gang Records debut, Stay Trippy, at his own TheJuicyJ.com. To access the stream, one must play a game that involves throwing money at strippers to unlock the 16 songs.

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Comments 174 Posts

    It looks like a hundred men just jizzed on this n***a (prob did too)
  • bosshogg501
    The album is hard as fuck...been bumping it for 2 weeks now.
  • fuck this kind of music.
    I cant fuck wit a brother who promote drugs and ignorant shit..this type of music really is a bad influence to the black community..straight garbage!
    • mr_perfect
      so don't listen to it or buy it.
    • Breaking News
      I got news for ya bub, the black community was in the shitter for a long time before "this kind of music" was even invented. Juicy is probably the closest thing to a father most of this lil niggas have to look up to. Shiiiiiiit.
  • Meany
    Juicy on a song with Justin Timberlake and Trey Songz is a slap in his original fans faces. And why no song with Paul? This nigga sold the fuck out.
    • lloyd
      i was thinking the same shit bruh! i mean i understand when an artist wants to broaden his horizons but making a track with niggas like Big Sean and JT and no collabs with DJ Paul or any other niggas he came up with? SMH
    • COCA
    • the_realjuicyj
      But it's a banger..slap yourself in the face
    • Anonymous
      He sold the fuck out and still sucks.
  • GBS
    No "Yet", no "Ain't No Coming Down"... What the hell, these are the best new songs of Juicy. Strictly Three 6 Mafia sound...
  • Respect the legend GUCCI MANE
    all you fuck faces complain about rappers being fake and phony. when you finally get a real rapper who doesnt rap about fantasies you still complain. You little internet nerds never husttled u never lived that street life. You dont know shit about the streets or grinding for money. All you fuckboys know is how to go on the internet and act like a bunch of nerd groupies dickriding sum unknown undergound rappers thinking your cool bumming off your parents. Show sum respect for a real nigga like GUCCI who actually shows the hardships us black people face to make it out of the hood and make a living.
  • COCA
    • Anonymous
      Worst album of the year.
    • Anonymous
      Best album
  • Anonymous
    the album is dope as fuck. the biggest issue i got with it is juicy j let gay ass chris brown rap on it. chris brown sucks as a singer, rapper, and person. pathetic. anything for sales i guess. dj paul was obviously making all the beats in three 6. after this i wanna see dj paul and juicy come back together and do some work. this is a good flavor for juicy though. a little different from the same old same old something new. he still raps about money bitches and drugs but does it over different sounding beats. good shit.
  • E.
    VADO Slime Flu 4 best album of this year hands down.
  • Anonymous
    definetly buying this album friday
    • Anonymous
      Save your money for Mastermind.
  • Anonymous
    a nice album for a change, his flow is dope 8/10 fuck haters
  • jasonnns
  • the wise
    this ALBUM WAS A COMPLETE DIssapointment ..can beleieve how much juicy j drags that bands will make her dance flow legit through the entire album..this guy really lost what he brought to the table as far a flows ...the project pat verse was unbearable..like most project pat verese these days..which is sad...an yelawolf was the only feature to really snap on the album other then A$AP rocky!....whats the deal with juicy giving his feature a lousy 30 secs anyways ..wish yelawolf hadd a longer verse..that all i listened to that song for an its the dead last 30 secs..which fucking sucks.....damn this is a huge let down ...kinda seen this coming after i seen his concert errlyer this year in boston an even that concert of all ive been to was the worst of all...
    • Kap
      You're an idiot. Album is fucking fire.
    • Anonymous
      another hating ass bitch, some people love to hate
    • ^^^
      Two butthurt Juicy J dickriders.
    • Anonymous
      ^^^: Two butthurt Juicy J dickriders. bet any money u just a brainless monkey idiot
    • COCA
    • Anonymous
      so pimp c didn't snap
  • LOL
    Anyone play the stream game on his site, where you throw cash at hos on the pole. throw cash at em before they hit the floor?
    • Anonymous
      no im not a child
  • Anonymous
    It's Illmatic 2
    • Anonymous
      Illmatic 3 Lil B's I'm Gay is Illmatic 2
    • Anonymous
      Oh yeah, how can I forget that? That album is a classic.
    • Anonymous
      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You should be a comedian.
  • Anonymous
    Just listened this album.. Only a few good songs, like 'Gun Plus A Mask' and 'Scholarship'.. It's a major disappointment.
    • Anonymous
      listen again u retard, album dope
  • Anonymous
    already got the album and every track is dope great album
  • Spligg
    Damn i wish codeine cups would've made it..love that song
    • Ryan Braun
      Codeine Cups is on the Blue Dream & Lean bonus tracks tape mane. http://www.datpiff.com/Juicy-J-Blue-Dream-Lean-Bonus-Tracks-mixtape.353588.html
  • Rudy Giulianii
    Juicy you put in tha work reep ur rewards... fux wit cha boi on a remix#getmoney/teamnosleep*traphouse
  • Justin
    Too bad Know Betta isn't on the track list...that song is nice, and I love how he sampled The Weeknd on that track.
  • drty
    Juicy should have told Wiz to split the deal with Hypnotized Minds/Taylor Gang.
  • C C Music Factory
    Take a toke, slow or you might chooooooooooke