Shyheim Arrested Following Police Raid In Staten Island

posted Wednesday April 24 ,2013 at 11:30AM CDT | 25 comments

Shyheim Arrested Following Police Raid In Staten Island

A raid made on behalf of the Staten Island Gang Squad finds drugs and a revolver in the apartment of Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Shyheim.

A police raid in Staten Island, which took place late last week, has resulted in the arrest of rapper and Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Shyheim. reports that the Staten Island Gang Squad used a warrant to search Shyheim’s home and as a result they found a .32 caliber Serrifile Inc. Terrier One revolver, heroin, a Xanax pill, and other drug paraphernalia hidden in various places in the rapper’s apartment.

As a result of the Staten Island Gang Squad's findings, Shyheim was hit with a handful of charges during arraignment including second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Over a decade ago, Shyheim found himself in a similar situation when he served close to a year and a half in prison after being convicted of attempted robbery in 2002.

Shyheim garnered a name for himself at quite the early age with the release of his debut album AKA The Rugged Child, which dropped when the rapper was just a teen. He’s currently being held on $10,000 bail until his appearance in court next week.

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Comments 25 Posts

  • raaddrrvan was..great bein in da studio...wit you...time..aftah time...i to get off's 1 luv.. peace
  • yaDIGG
    This nigga is broke....sux 2 see such a brilliant mind fall apart like a bad wrapped burrito...
  • Anonymous
    such a shame man, he was so sick back in the days as a youngin'.. that's what that street life will do to you i guess
  • IROC
    Petty charges i hate this for Shyheim he has real talent but cant catch a break heard his new stuff sounds good i pray he get his life in order and do good things keep ya head up Rugged Child !
  • Anonymous
    this is what happen to rapper when they can sell song anymore and no want to listent to them, they turn to a life of crime watch a gang of losers
    • -
      bro you got the grammar of a 5 year old. just brutal
  • junMaf*ckn
    Hold Ya Head Shy.
  • Anonymous
    lmao, i bet he aint laughing now! gangs are for losers
    • Anonymous
      stfu vigin,loner,ass nerd haha
  • Anonymous
    Do many drugs Shyheim?
  • NYC
    He is just another waster. Only dummies throw away any talent or opportunities that come their way. Raekwon will be laughing somewhere counting his money.
  • Anonymous
    Damn, dude has aged. It's sad when shit like this happens to once promising rappers
  • Anonymous
    nigga can't get 10,000 for bail? Wu tang was for babies
  • Kev Bless
    I guess I can x out a rugged child feature in the future -___-
  • dentaldamboy
    Everything that Jay-Z raps about is based on the actual life of Shyheim. Jay never committed a crime. We don't beleive the fake stories about him trafficing coke through maryland. He didn't do any of that. When his mother and sister were starving at home, he just moped around.
    • BD
    • Anonymous
      i agree! the feds would of got his ass if he was selling dope
    • -
      dentaldam gets diddled by his dentist while he gets his cavities filled
  • Anonymous
    Heroin? Lost all respect
    • Anonymous
      your respect wasnt paying his bills anyway so i doubt he cares
  • brollya
    the word man in original gangstaz
    • Edubb
      LOL underground classic
  • Fuck Staten Island
    lol broke niggas can't sell records so they have to deal crack
    • Anonymous
      meanwhile a bunch of guys who never sold a drug in their life are on top of the game from writing songs about selling dope
    • -
      ironic eh