DNA Explains Difference Between KOTD & SMACK/URL Battles

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DNA Explains Difference Between KOTD & SMACK/URL Battles

Exclusive: DNA also provides a recap of his battles with K-Shine on SMACK/URL and The Saurus on KOTD.

It has been a busy year for Queens, New York's DNA thus far. He has already had two high-profile battles in two of the world's most recognized Battle Rap leagues. In March, DNA battled Harlem, New York's K-Shine at SMACK/URL's "Unfinished Business" event. Soon after, he wrapped up his March by taking on Monterey, California's The Saurus at King of the Dot's "Vengeance 2." Recently, DNA spoke with HipHopDX about both of these battles and explained the difference between SMACK/URL and KOTD. 

While speaking about his battle against K-Shine, DNA noted that Shine's third was so impressive, it was nearly impossible to defeat. He added that the props that were used in the battle may have helped Shine.

"My thoughts on K-Shine bringing out the props during our battle were like, 'Wow, this guy just took it to the next level with this move. How can I rebuttle it or make it seem like it didnt matter?' Honestly, it was no way to beat that round at that point. So, I have to give credit where it's due," he acknowledged.

The props that DNA is referring to appear in the recently released footage from SMACK/URL. In the battle, K-Shine ends his third round by bringing out a tri-fold poster board decorated with images and information about Deoxyribonucleic acid (D.N.A.). Shine also changed into a lab coat and wore safety goggles while using this information to diss DNA. That battle can be seen below and features an appearance from Wyclef and Lil Cease

As mentioned, this wasn't DNA's only battle in March. DNA also took a battle in Toronto, Canada against The Saurus for KOTD's "Vengeance 2" event. The battle footage for this battle has yet to be released but DNA shared that he feels he won. 

"I feel like I beat The Saurus [two rounds to one]," he told us. "I feel like, even though he predicted two lines I had in the first, I recovered from it by spitting a rebuttle and clearly took the third. The only round I feel like he won was the second and that was debatable too. I think The Saurus is an incredible battle rapper. I just feel like I had his number that night." 

After having experience in both Battle Rap leagues, DNA said there is a difference between KOTD and URL. 

"The biggest difference between URL and King of the Dot is [that] URL is more of a street crowd and King of the Dot is more of a college crowd. With that being so, it causes for the two to have two different fan bases but they're still effective in their own right." 

KOTD's Lush One recently spoke with HipHopDX about DNA's battle with The Saurus and shared that both emcees would challenge one another. Lush referred to DNA as an "incredibly dangerous spitter" and said he was "the embodiment of this new era and the prototype of the new era Battle emcee and what it takes to be a well-rounded spitter." DNA's battle against The Saurus is presently scheduled to be released on April 15 by KOTD.   

KOTD and URL also have upcoming battle events on April 20. URL has Bill Collector vs. Shotgun Suge at SOB's in New York, New York. According to Smack, other battles are still being organized for the event. A brief preview of the battle appears at the start of the K-Shine vs. DNA video above. KOTD also has an event on April 20 in the West Coast. Their event, "Alcatraz," will feature battles like Remy D vs. Pass, Dirtbag Dan vs. 100 Bulletz and Caustic vs. JC in an event that will take place in Oakland, California. An updated video flyer for the event can be viewed below.

Photography By: DGibs 

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  • David
    Rebuttle is actually spelled REBUTTAL, didn't it show a red line underneath when you were typing it lol? Smh...
  • Anonymous
    everyone of these guys sucks donkey dick! None of them can make a complete song
  • emlynneweldt
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  • Dr. Jay
    lol I liked the science lesson in the rap battle
  • Anonymous
    yeah right shine beat him 3-0. DNA is overrated.
  • braniac dumb dumbs
    DNA's first was crazy, his second was good, third was shaky and going over the beat was kind of awkward to watch but I think he had K-Shine even with the Professor Shine gimmick because that first round was a bodybag in a bodybag but he gave it away in the third. He killed Pete, btw.
    • dre
      agreed about the beat. that was awkward. you got the ppv for the the saurus match up? crazy looking forward to that one
  • apelincoln
    K won that 2 to 1. Dna had the first round
  • Django
    "The biggest difference between URL and King of the Dot is [that] URL is more of a street crowd and King of the Dot is more of a college crowd." Translation :URL is a Black crowd, King of the Dot is mostly White boys...
  • Anonymous
    what's that guys name at the beginning of the kshine dna battle? brrrat? did i spell that right?
    • dre
      no. it is smack. and it's spelled smidddack.
  • TheSaurus
    All I know is that me and Chase Moore have officially decided I won ah-ho-ho-ho, DNA may be new school, but they been making me rip it, and I been crazily gifted, since way before the era of the paleoloithics I g2g for now, me and ill as going shopping with Franco and NoCan, laterz
    • Loe Pesci
      SHUT THE FUCK UP PETER, Sorry Player.
  • HHDX stays losing
    Dumbass HHDX has a picture of FowL on the front page for this article from Eminem's EMCEE battle tournament from yeeeeeeaaaars ago. FowL and DNA do not look alike. Fuck who edit's this site? Monkeys on typewriters?
  • Shinville
    He aint eeen knowit
  • IMhO
    but kshine did snap on that human dna shit tho that was hot..not enuff 2 recover tho shines nice tho
    • dre
      what about the freeway beat thing?
  • Anonymous
    K-shine destroyed dna
  • IMhO
    dna got that one.
    • dre
      what did you think of the k-shine lab coat third verse?
  • Anonymous
    I think that a SMACK/URL battle rapper can adapt to a KDOT crowd with more ease than a KDOT battle rapper can adapt to a SMACK/URL crowd. Now I'm not saying this because I feel that KDOT battle rappers are not as good as SMACK/URL battle rappers, from what I've seen most of them KDOT dudes can spit. I just don't think that the atmosphere of KDOT has as much pressure as SMACK/URL.
    • Anonymous
      thats understandable and a statement i could agree with
    • dre
      KOTD = King of the Dot
  • Anonymous
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    • fronter
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