DJ Drama Says The Lil Wayne, T.I. & Young Jeezy Trifecta "Made My Career"

posted Tuesday March 26 ,2013 at 10:01AM CDT | 24 comments

DJ Drama Says The Lil Wayne, T.I. & Young Jeezy Trifecta

Exclusive: DJ Drama spoke in South By Southwest this month. He also reveals that he's got a new facility in Mean Street Studios.

Among the earliest pioneers of free mixtapes becoming promotional tools for himself and Southern Rap acts, DJ Drama’s prior run arguably hasn’t been repeated by any competitor since the 2007 FBI crackdown on his operation. Backstage at BET & ASCAP’s South By Southwest Music Matters showcase earlier this month, Drama took a moment to extend a show of appreciation for Rap's comrades that helped take him to greater heights.

“The [T.I., Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy] trifecta made my career and helped put me in the position Im in now,” Drama told HipHopDX. “But it's been a blessing to have done a record with Outkast and mixtapes or records with almost anybody who's anybody in the Hip Hop world."

Having also hosted tapes by Little Brother and Jean Grae over the years, DJ Drama’s more recent work has leaned towards a broader reach. The latest single from his Quality Street Music compilation “So Many Girls” features Roscoe Dash, Wale and Tyga, just one selection from the album full of today’s established and still rising stars.

Drama’s Gangsta Grillz series will continue with Compton spitter Problem’s The Separation hoping to capitalize on the West’s resurgence. As for what we can look forward to next, Drama is sticking to the same script that brought him this far as a curator turned full fledged executive. He told DX “More money, more music and more movements. Mean Street Studios is a new facility we just built in Atlanta, I'm working with a lot of fresh talent and producers to keep feeding the streets.”

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  • z4xx09xzz
    • Anonymous
      no one watches these
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  • tipster
    Alot of ppl like to overlook the fact that Tip, Wayne, & Jeezy created something that will never be forgotten & go down in history as it's own sound... They are like this era's Pac, Jay, & Biggie..If u dont agree u must @ least agree with how they changed hip hop
  • DJ Bandana Black
    Lil Wayne didnt start all of those , where do yall get this info ?? lol
  • oex9z
  • 0exa4
  • 99a00jx
  • uyfyghughuohu
    grabs dj drama by his neck and hangs him in front of his house while lil kids come back from school in the rain with wild hungry dogs roaming around but some of the ppl dident see it.
  • Anonymous
    idgaf bout dj drama
  • dentaldamboy
    Lil Wayne has made lot's of careers: Drake, Nicki, Tyga, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled.
    • gerritw6
    • Anonymous
      drake and nicki yes, everyone else not so much
    • Anonymous
      Get your facts straight, condom mouth bitch. He only made two careers; Drake and Nicki Minaj. Tyga doesn't have a career. Those other guys you named, Wayne DID NOT MAKE THEIR CAREERS; they made their careers by themselves.
      Jcole was signed by Jay Z. Kendrick was a Dre artist correct? Rick Ross had airplay and songs on the charts as a solo artist before all the popular Khaled collab anthems between the 3 of them (Wayne, Khaled, Ross) Khaled, Ross and Weezy all benefited off each other with those collab tracks!
    • dentaldamboy
      Sorry dumb comment on my part. I was distracted by sucking dick
  • hank hill
    dj drama has a career?
    • Anonymous
      mixtapes, albums, radio shows. i would say the answer is obvious.
    • palyboy pryor
      Yes he doe! do you?
    • hank hill
      Nigguh puhlease! I work at Walmart!
    • blast boi
      Naw, you aint workin at Walmart. You sellin propane and propane accessories I tell you what.
    • Anonymous
      ^^^ LOL yeah that second hank hill was not thinking about that shit