French Montana Says He Was Not Targeted In Shooting

posted Tuesday March 05 ,2013 at 08:43AM CST | 51 comments

French Montana Says He Was Not Targeted In Shooting

French Montana says he was not the one shooters were targeting in recent homicide.

Earlier this month, it was reported that French Montana was the target of a shooting in Philadelphia. Now, French Montana is saying that he was not the target of the shooting but that it took place near his tour bus. He also added the media has made it more serious than it was. 

"It was a serious situation," Montana recently told Angie Martinez of Hot 97. "We had a peaceful show. We was on the bus. I was listening to [Meek Mill's] mixtape. He was listening to my album. Then, we go to the front of the bus. People are just running in." 

He continued by adding that the shooting began. But he was adamant that it did not involve him.

"My bus don't have no bullet holes on it. No nothing. You know how it be. If you're with a friend that's with a friend that's with a friend that's with his mother that's with his cousin's grandmother, if something happens, it's French Montana," he explained. "If they didn't shoot at the bus, there was nothing to be worried about. I guess it wasn't for me." 

When asked about the reports, he said the media made things worse.

"The media! They can't wait to say something negative, man. They're relating Ross and me and all this," he noted. "It wasn't nothing like that. It ain't even that serious." 

Montana was referring to another shooting that took place where one of his associates, Rick Ross was targeted. 

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  • Anonymous
    "DMX. Realest dude EVER in the game" Doing crack and flushing your career doesn't make you the realest. It puts you in the same room with Tom Sizemore.
    • Anonymous
      you keep making stupid references that really show how old you are! LOL
  • Anonymous
    "50 cent put more work in the streets than anyone in mmg" Lol He was a low level peddler.
    • Anonymous
      even at that, thats still more work than anyone in MMG put in
  • Big Dan
    In the early 90s, as rap was exploding (like, poor choice of word here, I know) I think we could fairly blame the media for negative stereotyping etc. But I think we need to stop with that nonsense now. If the KKK started a newspaper, they still could not come up with enough fake negatives that could over power the nonsense that we create and bring on ourselves. There was a shooting at a French Montana show, by a black dude I am sure, Officer Ricky, was allegedly shot, two rappers, two shootings within weeks, actually haven't there been like ten related rap shootings so far this year, I understand the Montana shooting could have had nothing to do with him, but still. The media did not create the story.
  • Anonymous
    fck a french montana cuh
  • SDK
  • Ricky Rozay
    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new Biggie. BAWSE!!!!!
    • deadboy90
      DMX. Realest dude EVER in the game.
    • Anonymous
      whatever makes you feel better about listening to the fakest guys in rap but don't forget just last night you wrote "I'm a fan of the music I dont give a shit about his personal like all you bitch made faggots on this site. So unlike some bitter ass niggas on this site Im about the music not abbout some other niggas life."
    • Anonymous
      50 cent put more work in the streets than anyone in mmg...and wheres the paperwork?
    • Anonymous
      "if they was all real they all be dead now" 2pac is dead you moron! and 50 cent was nearly murdered
    • Anonymous
      even game took a few bullets so he must have been into some real shit.
    • Anonymous
      jigga is pretty real
    • Ja Rule 4 lyfe
      Fuck get real, 2013 is about the real gangsters. That is a collaboration of MMG and Murder Inc when Ja Rule gets out. Its MURDA + BAAAWSSE. My main man Ricky Rozzay has been pushing shit around miami for years. The name of the rap game is gonna change this year niggas you watch its MURDER!
    • Anonymous
      "I'm a fan of the music I dont give a shit about his personal like all you bitch made faggots on this site. How does Ross being a CO effect me. So unlike some bitter ass niggas on this site Im about the music not aobut some other niggas life." ^ this is what the troll said yesterday on The Nick Cannon article
    • Anonymous
      already been posted champ
  • CAPO
    Dont make me do it
    • one eyed willy
      i do talk tough and i do do tough things!!
  • CAPO
    ayo frenchie u kno wat it is fuck nigga ima holla atcha when i see you nigga put dat on my granmother rip VAMP#
    • Anonymous
      Stfu keyboard warrior you ain't finna do shit.
  • Anonymous
    its not that serious?
  • jay
    French Montana + Meek Mill = BFF listening to each others mixtape at the the same damn time...
  • Anonymous
    why does Karim Kharbouch wear beanies like that? I thought the point of wearing a hat like that is to cover your ears and keep your head warm? He looks like a fool wearing that shit above his ears
    • doug gabriel
      everything is foolish about this moron
  • Anonymous
    "its not even that serious" ............ someones dead dawg. thats as serious as it gets bro
    • Anonymous
    • ShellyNix
      Read the fuckin article next time. HE was talking about the Ross drive-by. He expressed his condolences to the deceased families here. SMFH. Learn TO R-E-A-D
    • Anonymous
      naw son you're the idiot. he was referring to his incident being compared to ross's saying his is not that serious
  • acidrap
    "French Montana Says He Was Not Targeted In Shooting". Too bad, although we got all summer ahead of us and niggas be wildin so its just a matter of time
  • Anonymous
    this is a disappoinment. I hope that there will be other people who gonna shoot at french montana. He is wack and dont deserve a place in rap. Because of poeple like him and 2chainz, 50 cent, game and ymcmb hiphop sucks!
    • Anonymous
      dont compare french montana to 50 cent or game, hes not anywhere near their level
  • Anonymous
    Fuck. I had my fingers crossed too.
  • micheal myersssss
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    • Anonymous
      that translates to; not a big deal, wrong tour bus... in French Montana's native tongue
  • jnhhjnjjnj
    ask joe budden who reallyy punched him in his eye witjh like 7 of his boys their lolllll sure wasent raekwonn, raekwon the fat slobbb wiggerr tangg kk klannnnn
  • Anonymous
    french montana sucked diddys dick and i'm not joking.
  • dentaldamboy
    YMCMB always stay strapped and roll with them goons. No shooters ever try to spray on my team.
    • -
      them niggas is too old they aint in the streets. old ass niggas should retire
  • Anonymous
    this niggas face is so damn ugly
  • HaHaHa
    no one give a shit about this lame enough to try and murder him!
    • Anonymous
      they already tried once, he got shot in the head, thats why hes talks like that all slow
  • ujhujnjunhjuunh
    since when is snoop dogg snoppp lionnn, i hear beezzzz cominggg lmfaooooooooooooo
  • mycheal myersss
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    • ren.gjoliku001
      lay off the pipe homie damn
  • French Montana's Shoota
    Yes you were.
    • dickface
      you r awesome
    • Anonymous