JoJo Simmons Disses Juelz Santana On "Holy Water"

posted Thursday January 31 ,2013 at 02:43PM CST | 55 comments

JoJo Simmons Disses Juelz Santana On

Jo Jo Simmons responds to Juelz Santana's shot on "Soft."

Juelz Santana fired a shot at JoJo Simmons on his recent track "Soft" featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill. On the track, he spits, "Far as that dough goes? I'm Russell Simmons, you Jo Jo," a line to which JoJo has taken offense.

Young Simmons has released a response track titled "Holy Water" where he goes in on the Dipset rapper, claiming that the industry has "forgotten" about him and that his barb was disrespectful.

"Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell / Then disrespect his nephew / The industry forgot you / Fucker, you nothing special," he raps. "These niggas hate to love you / Simmons will not let you / Compare your money to my money, boy that's disrespectful."

He continues, "Why you have to call my name / Thought you retired / Boy, that little bit of fame you had / That shit had died / Tryna ride Ross' dick to get a hit, you high / Sniffin' lines in the studio, tryna come up with rhymes."

Juelz most recently released his new mixtape God Will'n, which can be downloaded and streamed here.

Listen to the full song below (via YHTN).

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Comments 55 Posts

  • BOY
    LOL Jojo your ass is IRRELEVANT. Lil Wayne is the RICHEST nigga in the rap game and hes only 30. YMCMB is an empire! LONG LIVE WEEZY!
    • Humph
      You mean Baby is rich.
  • j
    Juelz money is funny. I heard he at Def Jam begging for 5k advances for promotion. All Jo Jo has to do is say "Hey pops or uncle russ, "let me get that black card". Jo Jo's money is probably longer than Juelz and Jim Jones.
    • Pablo Escobar
      yeah JOJO has to ask his family..>Juelz got his own...big difference brah
  • kingston
    wat i dont understand is wen rappers say im rich and you broke who are they talkn bot? and every rapper talks bot smashin my girl. all this money u makin and u fukn wit my broke ass baby momz...listen to da songs peeple
    • yeye
      hahahahaha! Hilarious
  • The God
    This comment was removed for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies. These mods wanna hold me back.
  • Anonymous
    but why he trying to sound like Pusha T though ?
  • Anonymous
    he stepped his flow and lyrics up a notch wow im surprised...
  • Anonymous
    yeah its pretty good. he probably still has more money too.
  • foreal
    my boy told me about this track that JoJo coming at Juelz... my first thought was, let me hear this rap cuz i need a laugh. But i am surprised, JoJo came hard. he got a nice flow. and those those hater comments, dont hate a dude because he grew up with a better opportunity. It isnt his fault that his uncle in R. Simmons and his pop is rev run. is he supposed to say, f you pop i'ma go grow up in the hood and not ride in your Rolls Royce?
  • WackRapperKiller
    surprised this cat came out a hip hop legend's loins. smfh. check this shit out if u wanna hear somethin actually worth hearing.
  • Anonymous
    tht aint holy water its name me king
  • Anonymous
    Dope reply. Its not really about anything important but still good.
  • Anonymous
    He sound like Roscoe from
    • funny as shit
      LMAO!!! Hahahaha Im dyin over here lol
  • Anonymous
    he went off on his ass i c u jojo
  • murdock
    well jo jo of all people just crushed you smh haha
    • killa
      Yo your moms gave it up to the whole dipset squad tho.
  • killa
    Jo Jo is broke. Lool remember the ep on runs house when he got caught with weed. lil homie is SOFT . He probably never since half the things julez seen. Home boi was born with a sliver spoon in his mouth. His lil bro is more lyrical than him. All Im sayin is better rationalize his choice before start a beef with hood nigga who came from nothing.
    Im Russell, you Jo Jo... I'm 50, you Yayo... I'm Batman, you Robin... Sounds pretty correct to me...
  • Anonymous
    He Ripd His Ass......Just Sayn
  • Anonymous
    if some one used your name, metaphorically or blatantly as a punchline, maliciously as directed or intended, wouldn't you strike back in defense of the insult?
  • Anonymous
    Immature Kid, go spend your pops '86 Money, leave the MIC alone and don't get your feelings hurt because someone used your name in a metaphor. You still a youngin, stop tryin to live off stripes your POPS earned.... FAIL
  • djsteez
    Why are niggas so sensitive nowadays. "Im Russel Simmons you Jojo." How the fuck do you get offended by that shit. Rappers cant even name drop anymore. SMH.
  • Anonymous
    Jo Jo goes hard in the paint.
  • Southern Fried
    Jo Jo Simmons went hard on this track. I know 99.9 Percent gonna say he didn't affect Juelz Santana but at leaast Jo Jo responded accordingly.
  • dean rosen
    Jojo is nice. best rapper alive say word. spit that fire JoJo
  • Knowledge Man
    This is actually funny!! Got to admit like jojo or not he went in on Juelz!! Everyone need to chill cause this thing will not escalate at all. If IT were to escalate into an actual beef my money would be on the Simmons family. Believe it or not the Simmons family will take you out, dont believe it just ask yourself what happened to Pimp-c.
  • the goose
    JoJo Simmons, lol.
  • Unanimous
    Wait a minute...Juelz Santana is still rapping?
  • Anonymous
    Juelz just got ethered by a trust fund kid.
  • Fish
    The fact JoJo took offence to a line that was obviously never intended as a diss shows how insignificant and shit he is. Dickhead
    • Edubb
      Thank you for speaking the truth
    • Anonymous
      juelz santana were talkin about lol.
  • Anonymous
    lmaoooo this dude is desperately looking for attention, fuck outta here you cryin ass lame, blackout? bruh where his team at tho? nigga is mega wack
  • detroit dude
    ah this dude JoJo sound like he tryna revive tht Camp-Lo Luchini flow lmaooo.. i gotta admit tho, i expected worse lol
  • Anonymous
    isnt this the guy that cried when he go arrested
  • Gizzle
    Team blackout niggggaaaa!!!! nigga jojo bodied this track....Juelz is mad wack, step aside for a real young nigga gettin that money spitting crazy bars....young jojo is top 5 outa rappers out right now and this is by far in the top 5 disses of all blackout ...who the best weee nigga, that track is almost as good as either....young jojo got crazy bars and he got racks on racks, I'm talking packs on packs of money
    • fuck Gizzle
      ^^^ lame ass attempt at trolling
  • Anonymous
    I just cant take this dude serious. Even if his flow was tight and on point. Not feelin it
  • Mumbles
    is this for real?
  • ....
    Team Blackout.... LOL