Beats per minute. Minutes per hour. Cents per Dollar. Introducing the BPM. The latest in addition to the FLuD Collection.

Featuring a polycarbonate strap and Hot Rubber applications, the BPM helps keep track of whatever calculable conundrums the day throws your way with a fully functional calculator nestled onto the wearer's wrist. This faux drum-machine keeps the beats to your minutes on track.

Digital calculator watch with 12 or 24 hour time, day, date and alarm features. -44mm wide polycarbonate case with a contoured molded strap. -Bright screen and calculator button backlight. Realistic laser rubber beat machine button and switch detailing.

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Part of the Beats Per Minute Video Series which showcases some of hip hop's most influential producers while celebrating the release of FLuD's BPM Watch, part of their Summer 2011 collection.

FLüD Presents: Beats Per Minute Series with Evidence from FLuD Watches on Vimeo.

Deadline is 2011-09-23