Joell Ortiz - Covers the Classics

Joell Ortiz covers classic records on his latest DJ Green Lantern hosted mixtape!

Intro, Rapper's Delight, Know the BK Ledge, Something for Hot97, Strictly the Bizness, Treat Me Right, Industry Enemy #1, Brooklyn Children's Story, I Can't Go Broke, Live At Cooper Day BBQ, Uptown Anthem, U.N.I.T.Y., T.R.O.Y., Premo Tribute, Just to Get a Rep, Mass Appeal, MCs Act Like They Don't Know, The Whut (Animal Shit), BK Gets Money, Got My Mind Made Up, Drop a Gem On Em, Intercourse, Cell Therapies, High Roller, Brooklyn Ghetto Child, What They Do (Roots Tribute), Renee's Revenge, Going to Miami, Hip Hop, 4 3 2 1, Recognize, 24 Hrs, BK Rican Ebonics


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