Trav Williams - IllTravis

Trav Williams teams up with some up and coming producers to pay homage to Nas' 1994 debut album "Illmatic".

The Exodus, Meditation (prod. by G.C.), Life's The Shit f. Pee Duble (prod. by Tokyo Cigar), Mechanics (prod. by G.C.), Quarterlife Crisis (prod. by Digivillainous), Claustrophobia (prod. by JLH), Light it Up (prod. by EvolveAudio, Dedicated (prod. by DJ Qvali), Bootleg Cable (prod. by S.2), Super Ill (prod. by S.2), Walk Wit Me (prod. by Skidmatik) [Bonus], Something New (prod. by 20 Keys) [Bonus], Zoom (prod. by Keenan) [BONUS], Victory Lap (prod. by Keenan) [Bonus], Clockwork (prod. by G.C.) [Bonus], You Gets Done f. Pee Duble [Bonus], Nobody Knows Me f. K Hill (prod. by Keenan) [Bonus]


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