To celebrate the release of Hieroglyphics and GOLD COIN® collaborative capsule collection, the two brands, along with Audible Treats, are excited to team up with HipHopDx to give one lucky fan the chance to win the Hieroman toy. Standing 7” tall, the limited edition vinyl toy retails for $68 and can also be purchased as a part of the entire Hieroman Capsule Collection exclusively at or

Following the release of the Hieroman toy as a teaser for the full collaboration, GOLDCOIN® and Hieroglyphics, both Bay Area powerhouses in their own right, have now released the full capsule collection, and the outcome is a jointly branded micro-product line combining the styles and backgrounds of each company.

The capsule collection consists of many pieces covering quite a wide spectrum and includes tee-shirts, a sweatshirt, laser engraved woodallions, key chains, and, of course, the much sought after Hieroman vinyl toy. All eight pieces of the collection are now available on the GOLDCOIN® and Hiero online shops. But don't expect them to be around for long; the collection and all of its accompanying pieces are limited edition.

Deadline is 2010-12-29