Alone (ft. LelaBizz) [prod. Mannequin], HELP (How Can I?) (ft. N.I.K) [prod. Clams Casino], So High (ft. Apryl Williams) [prod. J. Cardim], All About Us (ft. N.I.K) [prod. Nubbz], Superstar [prod. Radio Maschine], Feel Good (ft. Nephu) [prod. The Letter C Productions], Look At Us [prod. Charli Brown], The Happening [prod. Arsenix], Hard [prod. Louis Price], No Clothes On [prod. Black Metaphor], DWI [prod. Charli Brown], Something Bout You [prod. Clams Casino], Slowing Down? [prod. Charli Brown], How Does It Feel? (Untitled) [ft. D�(TM)Angelo], Forever (ft. N.I.K) [prod. Dre Knight], Wake Up & Go