Betterman (Pearl Jam Remix), Wayne's World (feat. Nirvana Ciara Justin Timberlake), Fireman (Give It Away Remix), Plush Weatherman (Stone Temple Pilots Remix), Wake Up / Barry Bonds (feat. Kanye West), Bring Back That Raspy Shit (feat. Pharrell), Transform Ya (Bittersweet Symphony Remix), Fly (Sugar Ray Remix), Lollipop (Glycerine Acoustic Remix), Forever Come Around (feat. Kanye West), Speakers (feat. Akon) (Today Remix), Screwed Up Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots Remix), Comfortable #41 (Dave Matthews Band Remix), Karma Police (Radiohead Remix), Zombie Musik (Cranberries Remix), Gimme That Rude Boy (feat. Rihanna), A Milli In Bloom (Nirvana Remix), Weezy's Teen Spirit (Nirvana Remix), Killing In The Name Of (feat. Eminem) (Early Days Remix), Lil Girl Got A Gun, The Eyes of Mrs. Officer (feat. Shakira), No Rain for Shooters (Blind Melon Remix)