Infamous Quotes Intro, Skillz f. Will Ferrell, Infamous Quotes: Great Skills (Interlude), This Sh*t Right Here! f. Katt Williams (Produced by Nottz), I Wanna Rock (Remix) f. Corey Carter, Up All Night f. Chaka Khan (prod by Rik Marvel), What Makes A Dope DJ (Interlude), Wave Yo Hands Remix Boogie feat. Skillz, It's Working (J.Period Intro), Quotes: What Happened to Hip Hop (Interlude), Who Gon Check Me Boo feat. Sheree Whitfield, Infamous Quotes: We Got A Problem Here (Interlude), Infamous Quotes: Always Be Closing! (Interlude), I Gotchu Freestyle (Prod by Harley), Infamous Quotes: Listen to the Lyrics! (Interlude), Break Up Freestyle, Quotes: Microphone Fiend (Interlude), Microphone (Produced by Alchemist), Hip Hop Confessions: Jazzy Jeff (Interlude), Nightmares Intro, Nightmares f. Liam Neeson & Truck North & J-Mar, Infamous Quote: Sneakin in the Movies (Interlude), So Ghetto f. Keyshia Cole, Infamous Quotes: Church (Interlude), Things Groupies Say, Disclaimer: Based on a True Story (Interlude), The Last Laugh (J.Period Didn't Do It! Remix), Props to Jazzy Jeff & J.Period (Interlude), Practice f. Bubbachuck (Produced by Jazzy Jeff), The Kickback f. Felicia 'Snoop' Pearson (Produced by Don Cannon), Quotes Outtro: His Mama Named Him Clay