Intro, Everything (Prod. By DK The Punisher), Ghetto Soldier Ft.Apartment 6 (Prod. By DJ Nice), Lost In Tokyo (Prod. By RZA), Tell Me Whats Good Ft. K.O. (Prod. By Mike Blud & Andrew Lloyd), Rewind That Ft. Keenan West (Prod. By Mike Blud), Fire (Prod. By Trakksound), All Me Ft. K.O. (Prod. By Mike Blud & Brainz), Lovin It (Prod. By Danny Chung), All About You Ft. LD & Jhoni (Prod. By Jimba Frosty), Dream Boy Ft.Levar Thomas (Prod. By Jimba Frosty), Can't Wait To See Ya Ft. Jhoni (Prod. By Jimba Frosty), On My Way Ft.Levar Thomas (Prod. By Andrew Lloyd), New York Shit (Prod. By Risingson), Watch Me (Prod. By Rooq)